Jennifer Garner, actress and entrepreneur pushes her cat in a stroller

The InStyle website says that Jennifer Anne Garner is one of our world’s few pure joys. She appears to do everything right and has bags full of common sense and wisdom, plus she drinks red wine while she folds her laundry, parents beautifully and pushes her cat in a stroller. Look, if Jennifer Garner pushes her cat in a stroller it has to be okay for the rest of us to do it.

Jennifer Garner with cat stroller
Jennifer Garner with cat stroller. Photo captured by one of those Hollywood paparazzi.
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You might not have heard of this lady. I hadn’t but she is described on Wikipedia as an American actress, activist and entrepreneur. She does seem to have a lot of common sense. For example, on beauty she is quoted as saying:

Beauty comes from a life well lived. If you’ve lived well, your smile lines are in the right place, and your frown lines aren’t too bad, what more do you need?

Correct. And I hope you never have plastic surgery. I hope that you walk the walk rather than just talk the talk. It’s the cat stroller which interests me. I’ve got one myself and have used it successfully to take my cat for a walk down the tow path of the Thames towards Teddington Lock which is a particularly pleasant part of the world for a cat and his human guardian. Here is the picture…

Cat Stroller and Girlfriend

Jennifer Garner has one of those highly successful Instagram webpages with over 9 million followers. It must be exhausting for her to keep up that number of followers. To keep them entertained which is why you see her slugging back the red wine in her busy kitchen while she puts her laundry into her luxury washing machine. And my God, she has a lot of laundry. Is this the day-to-day life of an Instagram star? It looks more like a launderette to me. She’s definitely very organised though which is why she’s so successful I suspect. Notice her cat in the video:

She also has a very poor quality video which has gathered together over 1 million views of her two cats playing pat-a-cake. Or are they shaking hands? It’s cute but not particularly interesting. I’m sure that she makes lists. She needs to accomplish something every day. To do that you have to be very well organised and highly motivated.

What I like about her Instagram page is that it does not contain a lot of self-indulgent photographs of herself. Yes, there are lots of photographs of her but there are also photographs of other people and other activities. In short it is outward looking which I like. I’m going to get my stroller out and take my cat Gabby for a walk. I’ve been inspired by Jennifer Garner to do it again.

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