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Jeremy Clarkson Is Ignorant about Domestic Cats — 2 Comments

  1. poo flinger , stirrer and most likely to sample his own filth.
    You should hear my diatribe on the domestic dog.
    Cats=a relationship
    Dogs=like renting a hooker.

  2. When the idiots think they know everything about a subject, they will listen to NO conflicting opinion. It’s too bad that “reporters” and “journalists” don’t research every side of a chosen subject. I think that reporters(?) and journalists(?) today make up their own rules for writing and many are soooo not true. They will never give up their stupid, brainless ideas for anyone. even if those ideas have been proven false. That’s too bad because humans nowadays think that these reporters(?) and journalists(?) Have only to spout some idiotic and that idea is considered the truth. I have very little to no respect for today’s so called newspeople. I don’t trust anything that is said or I read unless I have checked it out, or I know it to be false.

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