Jerky Pet Treats Made with Contaminated Food Source

This is a cross-post and follow-up to the Chinese jerky treat scandal that rumbled on and on because the FDA were unable to definitively establish that this product was contaminated despite the protestations of thousands of dog owners (and some cat owners) including over 1000 dog deaths.

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I’ll keep this post very short because I have fully explained it on another page. However, a veterinary pathologist who I understand is Dr Kendal Harr has established in research that chicken jerky treats eaten by dogs over the past few months are contaminated with:

  • an insect repellant DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide), which is a rather nasty chemical that can harm people and;
  • an anti-viral drug called “amantadine”, which has side effects in people associated with the central nervous system.

I don’t know if people are aware of this or how will impact on the FDA licensing of this product. Perhaps something has happened already and I am behind the curve. If not please spread the word. I mentioned a while ago that Petco were planning to remove the product from their shelves in the not too distant future.

2 thoughts on “Jerky Pet Treats Made with Contaminated Food Source”

  1. Petco removed all China-made cat and dog treats May 21st.
    As far as I know, no other chain has done it; but, I’m reading that there is pressure on for Petsmart, Target, etc. to do likewise.

    • I thought they were planning to do it later in the year. Good to see it has been done quickly. I’d be surprised if all of them did not follow suit because this product is unsafe. They are exposed to litigation.


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