Jerusalem: woman feeding feral cats attacked by another woman and the police are disinterested

JERUSALEM – OPINION/NEWS: It seems that the war over feeding and not feeding feral cats (and TNR or killing feral cats) is the same in Jerusalem as it is in America. This is the big debate and it causes violence sometimes. The violence is always perpetrated against those who feed feral cats and not the other way round. That is quite telling, I think. Does this mean that people who dislike people feeding feral cats are more violent than those who feed the cats?

Feral cat feeder in Jerusalem attacked by woman

גלה של דומניק לאחר התקיפה | צילום: באדיבות המרואיינת. This is Dominique Fuaryea.

Dominique Fuaryea, 49, is a feral cat feeder living in Jerusalem. She works as a midwife at the Sheba Medical Centre. She had finished feeding street cats (of which there are many in Jerusalem I might add) and returning home when a neighbour who Dominique knows, asked if she was feeding cats. She said, yes, and according to The Jerusalem Post the neighbour ‘pinned her down, kicked her dog and assaulted her’.

The report suggests that the assault was carried out by a female which is novel. Typically it is men abusing women who are feeding cats.

The abuser only left after a passerby screamed at HER to stop.

Fuaryea called the police who showed signs of being disinterested because they said that it would take time to deal with her complaint despite being given all the details of the assailant that they need including full name, address and social media account.

As the French say, plus ça change, meaning nothing changes on fundamental issues one of which is that the police tend to be disinterested about events concerning cats even if it is a certain crime.

The pictures on this page are from the website which is in Hebrew and which Google translate won’t translate on the page.


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