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  1. Hi. I’m your hated enemy “The Woodsman” posting under yet another false identity. What would you like me to say to you today? Should I ‘come clean’ and admit I’m the poor guy you’ve dedicated your blog to for the past several years? Well, if I did that I’d be lying, so if you want that I’ll be unable to oblige you. But I’m sure there’s lots of other comments you like. What’s your pleasure?

    • My blog is not dedicated to stupid ole Woody. There are about ten pages on him and around 10,500 pages on the site. Hardly dedication, more amusement. You are banned of course.

  2. Right. You’re convinced that EVERYONE who disagrees with you about the domestic animals you worship are alter-egos for the SAME person, whose true identity you don’t know despite claiming for eight years that you do. And you call Woodsman delusional. Right.

    • You, as usual, have completely misconstrued and misread the situation. We know that Woodsman takes on different identities. He admits it himself. He has dozens if not hundreds of different email addresses and names as he wishes to remain anonymous and is often banned from forums and therefore reincarnates himself under a different name and persona. For this reason, people who write in the same way as Woodsman and say the same things can be construed to be Woodsman himself. It is common sense and it is natural to think like that. The problem has been created by Woodsman. You don’t get that do you?

      I certainly do not worship all domestic animals. I like domestic animals and like all animals. The word “worship” is highly inaccurate. Perhaps to you it seems I do worship animals because I fight for their welfare and I like them which indicates to me that you have a less than sympathetic attitude towards animals.

      If you met me you would see that I’m a person and rational person. I also strive to be as honest as possible. I think you completely misread the situation which is sad. You only have to read the articles on this website to be able to see that I am not a delusional person. The same goes from my comments. They must surely indicate you that I’m a normal person.

  3. Again, the FIRST TIME your ‘colleague’ “Dee” addressed me, she called me an A$$HOLE. Since I’d never SPOKEN to her before, how did I ‘disrespect’ her to elicit insult?

  4. PPPS: You said: “If you go into someoneโ€™s home you comply politely with their rules. If you visit my website you have to respect my colleagues. If they are rude to you blame Woodsman…”

    So you’re saying I have to respect your ‘colleagues’, but they don’t have to respect me if they don’t like one of MY ‘colleagues’. That hardly seems reasonable…

  5. PPS: should have summarized Crooks & Soule: they demonstrated in their study that 35 WELL-FED at-liberty house cats tortured and destroyed 840 wild mammals, 425 birds and 495 lizards in a single year. 67% of the mammals, 95% of the birds and 100% of the lizards were native, not pest species.

    And their estimate is an egregious under-count, as they themselves admit. Two other studies (one in the UK) estimated cats bring home from 25% to 50% of what they kill. So use the midpoint and do the math: 35 well-fed at-liberty “house” cats REALLY tortured and destroyed 2,240 mammals, 1,400 birds and 1,587 lizards in a SINGLE YEAR, but their owners only saw a little more than one-third of their victims.

    That’s the significance of the reference

    • Almost all studies on domestic cat hunting are suspect for various reasons one of which is that a lot of estimating is used and the sample sizes cannot be said to reflect the general population.


      Sorry but I can’t discuss this anymore because we going in circles. Others will become tired of the thread. Please stop now. We’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      Your bias is clear in your use of the word “torture”. This is a human word for humans. It has no connection to cats or wild animals of any species. Only humans torture. Look up the meaning of the word but don’t reply to this comment. I’m bored with you.

  6. As for Pakistan, why does it have the worst level of heroin addiction of any Muslim country? Why is it more rife with graft than any other Muslim (and many non-Muslim) nations? Why are Pakistanis involved in a five-sided “race-war” between Punjabi, Bengali, Urdhu, Sindhi and Pushtun-speaking Pakistanis? Why do ‘Sihipa-Sahaba’ criminals throw bombs into mosques full of Shi’a children studying Qur’an? I’m not Pakistani. Perhaps you should ask one.

    My theory is one given by a dear Sunni friend’s father who returned to his Lord in 2008: When Pakistan first achieved independence, this worthy gentleman (the Qadi of his town in India at the time) observed that if the Pakistanis took the 100 must powerful of their leaders and hanged them from the lamp-posts, their fledgling country might have had a chance to succeed.

    • I am criticising the discredited Islam faith. Most Pakistanis are Muslims and yet, in general, they treat animals appallingly. In the UK Muslims have no sensitivity towards animals. Corruption is rife in Pakistan. Terrorism and the persecution of Christians by Muslims has discredited the religion. It is a violent religion. Why you converted is beyond me. It is a naff religion. All religion is troublesome and certainly nothing to do with the truth.

      This is the end of this thread. Sorry but it is boring to visitors.

  7. And to put to rest your argument concerning ahadith (plural for ‘hadith’):

    The ahadith cat-fanatics have recently become fond of quoting were narrated by Abu Hurayrah. He spent a whole two years in the Holy Prophet’s company, and was dismissed as a liar by his contemporaries, such as Abdullah ibn Umar, for FABRICATING ahadith. My Sunni brethren don’t like to hear this, but their own scholars acknowledge it, when confronted with the ahadith which document this.

    The Most Noble Messenger Muhammad (Saala Allahu alayhi wa Ah’liihi wa Salaam) was the Prophet of Mercy. He was kind to everything, animals included. But the actions attributed to him that supposedly denote a ‘special fondness for cats’ were in fact Abu Hurayrah’s OWN actions which he falsely attributed to the Holy Prophet (SAAWAWS).

    Perhaps this will tell you why: the ‘kunyat’ (nickname) of Abu Hurayrah was given him because of his fondness for cats. He tried to make his actions seem more important and ‘admirable’ by falsely attributing them to the Messenger of Allah (SAAWAWS). In short, Abu Hurayrah was just like any modern-day cat-hoarder or ‘no-kill’ fanatic. He lied.

  8. You very nearly WORSHIP ‘the cat’ and ignore the destruction it wreaks on native faunal assemblages wherever it’s introduced and you accuse ME of ‘specieism’? And how does my criticizing centuries-dead feral Englishmen for introducing cats, rats and foxes do ANYTHING to help the native species still afflicted by them?

    Are you saying feral rats SHOULDN’T be killed on St. Paul Island to protect seabirds, feral foxes SHOULDN’T have been killed to protect Aleutian cackling geese and feral cats SHOULDN’T have been killed to keep rhinoceros iguanas from being eradicated?

    Invasive tiger mosquitoes that carry dengue fever were introduced to the US in water-filled tires from Asia. Do you argue they SHOULDN’T be killed to protect ourselves from that disease because to do so would be “specieism”?

    What is your solution, then? Keep all the endangered species in zoos and let cats have the run of the place?

    • As usual you choose to ignore the fact that humans created the feral cat. As such we have a moral duty to reduce their population humanely. You endorse killing them anyway one can causing pain. Your attitude is immoral. You profess to be religious and yet are immoral in your attitude towards outside and feral cats.

      The only moral way to gradually eradicate feral cats is through TNR. Euthanising them (using drugs controlled by veterinarians) is another way but you don’t support that. You support getting a .22 rifle and going on a feral cat shoot for the hell of it. How do I know? You support Woodsman and he does this.

      This thread is closed now. Sorry but it has become tiresome and we will never agree.

  9. So what’s the problem Michael? I gave you a link to one of my articles with my PHOTO on it to prove who I am! Are you ADDICTED to accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being Woodsman? If that’s what gives your life meaning, you’re pretty pathetic!

    • It’s okay. I get the message. You are not Woodsman. But you have similar ideas to Woodsman and you like to insult people who are genuine internet friends of mine. How do you expect me to communicate with you?

        • Well in that case don’t insult people I consider to be friends. Really you have to be stupid to expect me to communicate with you when your anger constantly boils over into insults.

          • Tell your ‘friends’ not to start discussions with me by calling me an ‘a$$hole’ if you don’t want me to insult them. You need a better class of friends.

            • If you go into someone’s home you comply politely with their rules. If you visit my website you have to respect my colleagues. If they are rude to you blame Woodsman who has a thousand aliases and who writes in a similar style to you on occasions. If you don’t blame Woodsman blame yourself for not respecting the cat. Cat lovers don’t like people writing things about the cat which maligns their public profile. Don’t blame cats for anything because humans imported the cat to the USA and irresponsible humans have caused the mass unwanted cat problem including feral cats who you appear to hate. The cat is also victim of human behaviour. That is the truth that you covet.

      • ALL you have to do to verify that I am who I say I am is follow this link:


        It’s to an editorial I wrote in the Alaska Dispatch News June 12th, 2009. My photo is at the top, so you can SEE FOR YOURSELF that I’m not “Jim”/”Woody”/”Nature Advocate”/”TNR Researcher” ..

        [This comment has been heavily amended – large sections removed – because the deleted parts were gratuitously rude] – Michael (Admin).

        This is the photo referred to:

        • Nice to see the face. Thank you. Why the strange quality? Couldn’t you produce a standard photo? What draws you to Islam? Do you hate the West?

          • That’s the one that’s attached to the editorial, so that’s the one I used. The quality is how I found it in the paper’s online archives. Only difference between me then and me now is my beard is whiter.

            What drew me to al-Islam is that it’s the Truth, not to put too fine a point on it. As one of God’s Holy Names is ‘Al-Haqq’–the Truth–it’s therefore incumbent on me to WORSHIP the Truth.

            And as al-Islam derives from the same part of the world as both the Jewish and Christian religions, and accepts much of the same body of (viable) traditions (while rejecting their falsehoods) my faith and its authentic tenants are therefore no more ‘anti-West’ than the Christian or Jewish faiths. Indeed authentic Islam accommodates all cultures–far better than the racist fallacies that both Jews and Christians (and Salafis) have incorporated into their religions.

            Of course I’m answering you civilly concerning this subject under the assumption you really don’t know, and not merely attempting to “Muslim-bait” me. If you start disparaging my faith, you’ll just have to start deleting my posts again because you won’t like my answers.

            I understand that ignorance is curable, unless it’s willful ignorance, the basic difference being you don’t know as opposed to you don’t WANT to know. I’m assuming that since you asked, you do. Try not to disappoint me.

            • Do you follow the Prophet Muhammad’s love of cats? You appear not to and if so, why do you go against the Prophet’s desires as set out in the Hadiths? Remember the cats he loved were not domestic cats as we know them but community cats.

              • I detect several erroneous assumptions behind your questions. Firstly, I don’t hate cats. The one standing on my desk hoping I’ll stop typing this, get up and give him a piece of beef jerky has lived in my home for nearly 12 years, ever since I rescued him as a tiny kitten on Popof Island, Alaska in 2004.

                But he’s never allowed outside–not only because I don’t want him killing least shrews, red-backed voles, bohemian waxwings or wood frogs, but because I don’t want black or brown bears, wolves, wolverines, fishers or eagle-owls killing him. I’ve had black bears and wolverines in my yard, and a lady jogger was mauled by a brown bear two blocks from my home in 2008. There are wolves within a 15 minute drive of my home. This may be hard to understand because you Brits have pretty much extirpated all your wildlife, so all you have LEFT is cats, dormice, sparrows and the occasional toad.

                So consider:

                I support the St. Paul Island Tribal Council’s efforts to eradicate invasive rats from their Bering Sea island–not because I hate rats, but because I want the rookeries of native seabirds that raise their broods there protected.

                A highly-regarded wildlife biologist named Robert Jones oversaw the eradication of invasive foxes from about 39 islands in Alaska’s Aleutian chain–this enabled the nearly extinct Aleutian cackling goose to rebound to where there are scores of thousands of them today. I fully agree with his action, not because I hate foxes, but because I don’t want the geese to become extinct.

                I applauded the extermination of invasive cats from Long Cay (British West Indies), not because I ‘hate’ them, but because eradicating them allowed the critically endangered Rhinoceros Iguanas the cats had extirpated from Long Cay to be re-introduced there, where they are now thriving.

                Do you get the pattern here? I’m not motivated by ‘hate’, but by concern for our unique and irreplaceable wildlife.

                I’ll discuss your misunderstandings of my faith (and of the textual authority of ahadith), in my next post. I want you to understand this one first.

                • I get the pattern. You are a engaged in speciesism in my view. You never criticise humans for causing all these problems and you never mention that human activity kills far more wildlife than cats who we create irresponsibly or bring to foreign shores. Early on thousands of years ago traders brought cats with them. Blame them. Are you saying that the domestic cat should only be in North Africa and the Fertile Crescent? Is that where they should have stayed or perhaps never domesticated?

                  As for your faith I have a page on that on cats:


                  Tell me why Pakistanis in Pakistan treat street cats abominably despite being Muslims. It is a complete sham.

                  • “Are you saying that the domestic cat should only be in North Africa and the Fertile Crescent?”

                    They don’t even belong there. Today’s domesticated cat is a man-made species created through genetic engineering–selective-breeding is a rudimentary form of genetic engineering. Just as they have driven your very own Scottish Wildcat to extinction they will also drive all the native cats in those other regions to extinction–and indeed anywhere they are allowed to roam they will drive native cat species to extinction. If not from genetic collapse, then from the myriad deadly feline specific diseases that your domestic cat is spreading to all native cat species.

                    Please sign-up for a beginner’s course in ecology and biology somewhere. Until you do you’ll forever make statements like this that only show just how truly ignorant you are. Unfortunately, your ignorance and the ignorance of everyone just like you is the number-one cause of all our native cat species that are in decline on earth today. For example: they had to dilute the genetics of the Endangered Florida Panther by importing Puma from Texas just to bolster their populations again in a last-ditch effort to save them, after many died from feline-specific diseases that were spread to them by your feral house-cats.

                    • Don’t be rude. The domestic cat was created in the places I refer to. Of the approx. 500m cats (domestic, feral and stray) on the planet only a very small percentage are selectively bred (say 0.5%). Even in the USA only around 15% are purebred cats (selectively bred). You know that and if you do not you should. Please get your facts right.

                    • *ALL* of your domesticated cat species today were cross-bred from native species, the result being man-made genetically altered species that exist NOWHERE ELSE ON EARTH TODAY IN ANY NATIVE ENVIRONMENT ANYWHERE ON EARTH–EXCEPT WHERE HUMANS HAVE ALLOWED THEIR MAN-MADE CATS TO ESCAPE AND INVADE THOSE HABITATS WHERE THEY DON’T BELONG, BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY NATIVE HABITAT *ANYWHERE* ON EARTH. *ALL* your domesticated cat species are genetically separate and apart from ALL NATIVE SPECIES TODAY.

                      (remainder deleted as it gratuitously rude – Admin)

                    • I deleted part of your comment for the reason as stated.

                      “*ALL* of your domesticated cat species today were cross-bred from native species”

                      Clarify. It does not make sense. All domestic cats come from the N African wildcat and have evolved through domesticity save for the small percentage of purebred cats.

  10. ADDENDUM: There is an extensive reference sections for medical study reports in the bibliography of the report.

  11. My most readily-available report review on this subject is likewise in PDF, but here’s the reference. You should be able to obtain it thereby:

    “Zoonotic Disease Associated with Free-Roaming Cats.”

    R. W. Gerhold and D. A. Jessup (03/16/12)

    R.W.G. is with the Dept. of Wildlife Health, Dept. of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries, the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) USA

    D.A.J. is retired from the California Dept. of Fish & Game, Santa Cruz, CA Office, USA

    Brief note, I knew the latter personally–his department helped oversee and (along with the US Dept. of the Interior) partially funded a population and distribution study I worked on that was run out of U. C. Berkeley, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology–purpose to establish a federal wildlife reserve for an endangered salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum), currently known from only two ephemeral ponds in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties, CA, USA and nowhere else in the world. The reserve was established at Ellicott Pond, Aptos, Santa Cruz county, CA, USA in, IIRC, about 1973-74.

    I have other links/references that can possibly be attached if you can advise me as to how–I only see instructions for attaching images, and I’m less than computer-proficient. But I won’t post more references until you tell me you’ve reviewed what I’ve already sent are are ready for more.

      • No you won’t. You play this same game with everyone that proves you 100% wrong. You confront them then just delete their accounts. Just like you did to Al-Hajji. You remind me of a 5-year-old using similar fingers-in-the-ears tactics while humming a tune so they don’t have to listen to a more learned parent. Your bliss of self-inflicted ignorance within which you wallow all your sorry life must be a remarkable and miraculous thing. So much so that you have no desire to ever climb out of the limitless depths of it.

        • No it is not that. I just get very bored of the same arguments and the rudeness of cat hating trolls. They are sicko individuals. We are never going to agree. Never, so why discuss things. Best go our own ways.

          • While we wait for you to completely rewrite your article on T. gondii with the truth–instead of all that banal biased tripe that you obtained from other lying and deceitful cat-lovers’ sites.

            Don’t forget to add-in the studies of how cat’s feces increase the suicide rate in women almost 2-fold, even though they’ve never suffered from any emotional or mental illnesses previously. You just lost another rescue worker to that, the one that recently killed herself gruesomely (in accordance with how T. gondii infected women kill themselves) and left more than 50 cats behind to suffer to death.

            examiner . com / article / more-than-50-cats-at-risk-of-euthanasia-following-death-of-charlotte-cat-rescuer

            • Oh dear, your hatred of the cat and people who like cats leaks out of every pore of your body. I am sick of communicating with you. I don’t want you around. The information I rely on is not from necessarily cat lovers but from science based sites or good quality sites or books. The references are on the page for you to see.

              Produce hard evidence that the rescue worker you refer to had contracted toxoplasmosis from cats and as a result killed herself.

  12. Didn’t change my opinion in the least: primary weaknesses of your argument is that you ignore the source of the pathogen. It ONLY reproduces in feline alimentary canals. In urban areas that means the source is ONE species–Felis catus. The pathogen gets into meat harvested from animals that have grazed or foraged in areas contaminated with oocyte-laden feces deposited by feral cats, or from drinking water contaminated via runoff from areas in which oocyted-laden feces were deposited by feral cats. It gets into garden soil and hence our vegetables from oocyte-laden feces deposited by feral cats. You’re right that cats kept INDOORS all their lives are probably not infected with the pathogen and represent no risk to pregnant women or unborn babies, but unrestrained OUTDOOR cats do represent an unacceptable risk, and there’s no getting around it. I submit that the lives of every outdoor cat in the United States are not worth one child’s eyesight.

    • Now tell me how many pregnant women have had problems because of toxoplasmosis (I need studies). Are u saying children have lost their eyesight because of this? If so how many and please quote science. How does the cat become infected with toxoplasmosis?

      • T. gondii causes blindness in children and adults. Once infected you can become blind anytime during your life from T. gondii, and you only need to ingest just one oocyst of the millions shed by any infected cat.

        Cats get infected with T. gondii from the feces of other cats or any animals it bites that has been previously infected by another cat’s feces. And an indoor cat is not safe from being infected. It only has to bite a mouse that got in the house, a mouse that was infected by your neighbor’s stray cat’s feces.

        All of this information is readily available on any site that discusses this issue. Why are you wasting Al-Hajji’s valuable time when you have a keyboard right at your hands and can EASILY find out all this information on your own? You seem to be able to find all the articles on every pro and anti cat issue on the internet, why can’t you finally educate yourself to the facts about Toxoplasma gondii? Do your fingers suddenly become paralyzed when you have to find information that proves you 100% wrong?

        • There are many articles on Toxoplasmosis on this site all researched by me so you are being impolite and unfair. I am deliberately challenging this person because he denigrates cats and supports the arch-troll and cat hater: Woodsman001. He needs to be challenged.

          Here’s one for you: How many children have gone blind because of toxoplasmosis? Hard evidence please, not anecdotal.

          • Why do the numbers of T. gondii blindness cases concern you? Do you honestly think that even all the lives of all the house-cats in the world are worth even ONE child going blind from their existence?


              • I see. So, you want to make the world safe for cats only, but the hell with children who want to play in their own backyard and not go blind from your cats’ feces. You should be fed a diet of cats’ feces only, until you wake-up from your sociopathic insanity.

                    • Thanks. Not upset. Just very eager to expose. He assumed a persona of a person called โ€œAl-Hajjโ€ who doesn’t exist.

                  • Hey Michael…

                    I’ve never once engaged in conversation with this “Dee” individual, yet she hurls invective at me and you support her. How does that come off as equitable or even civilized?

                    Besides, it’s very EASY to prove who I say I am. I post under my own name. Always. I’m not hiding from anyone. I live in Anchorage, AK and I’m in the Anchorage directory (without the ‘Al-Hajji’ religious honorific before my name).

                    But I’ll make it even EASIER for your friend “Dee” to see who I really am. Here are the last two articles I’ve written about feral cats in the Alaska Dispatch News (our largest local paper):



                    First was published 07/06/14, the second 10/15/15 (in honor of “feral cat day”–10/16/15)

                    So you and Dee have a choice here (or at least you do). You can delete my post and continue to rant about how I’m just another ‘alias’ for Woodsman, or you can post it, follow the links, and see that I am who I say I am.

                    I am easily located on “Google” because I’ve posted and/or published articles on a variety of subjects over the last 35 years or so. But don’t take my word for it–see for yourself.

                    Or do you find pretending to be ignorant about this matter preferable to being proved wrong about it? “Inquiring minds wanna know…”

                    • I amended your comment slightly. Dee is a fine individual. Don’t try and upset her. You have said that you are Woodsman in a past comment. Don’t you remember? You have said that support him. Don’t remember that as well?

  13. Ah, forgot to mention–I didn’t imply that “all” cat feces carry T. gondii oocytes. I referred specifically to FERAL cats (review the post in question), large percentages of which are in fact carriers of the parasite, which only reproduces in feline alimentary canals. Don’t take my word for it–consult the (US) Center for Disease Control, which recognizes feral cats as a significant zoonotic public health risk. Toxoplasmosis is the second-most frequent cause of FATAL food-borne illness in the US. I can easily provide references for that if you want ’em as well.

  14. I have a literature review that includes several references to studies supporting my view, including the ones mentioned in my previous posts. It’s a PDF file and I don’t know if I can attach it to a post in here.

    The reference, however, is from an unpublished NPRPA manuscript by S. Nemtzuv & M. Veksler. The one mentioning feral cat impact on ground-nesting birds and on reptiles is H. Mendelssohn & Y. Yom-Tov, “Plant and Animals of the Land of Israel–an Illustrated Encyclopedia 7:213-216, Ministry of Defense Publication (1987). In fact it went on to say that feral cats destroy reptiles more than other vertebrate groups, with ground-nesting birds being a close second.

    I’ll mention for the sake of honesty that I failed to note that the last two years of the NRNPA study (2000-2001) were not representative–the lower kill-counts reflected in part political pressure from “animal rights” groups that temporarily halted the study by prohibiting continued killing of the invasive animals.

    Doesn’t really change the result much, though. Even considering only the first three years (1997-1999) there was a 62% reduction in the population based on the kill-count. No TNR or other “no-kill” strategy has come anywhere near such a successful population reduction rate, not by two orders of magnitude.

    If we extrapolate what the annual reduction rate for those last two years would have been had the “no-kill” extremists not interfered, by the end of the fifth year it would actually have been LOWER than that achieved despite the interference (as should perhaps be expected), with a fifth-year count of about 57 animals, assuming a consistent annual reduction rate of 36.7%, based on the first three years’ average.

  15. Actually the agency named in my previous post legally defines feral cats as “pests”. Killing them to reduce their numbers was and is practiced in various Israeli municipalities and in most wildlife reserves, except where “animal rights” extremists have successfully lobbied against it. As recently as last November Israeli Agriculture minister Uri Ariel advocated “deporting” thousands of feral cats from Israel–i.e. dumping them on their neighbors. In that regard they come off as somewhat less than “accepting”. At least they’re consistent.

    “Community” cat is a fabrication of the “no-kill” extremists, in any event. Problem is the “community” wasn’t consulted about whether they wanted feral cats contaminating their parks, children’s play areas, school yards, gardens or pastures with parasite-laden feces, or whether they wanted their woodlands pauperized of native mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians and replaced with invasive felines. This objection applies equally to the irresponsible individuals who originally dumped their cats or the irresponsibly “humane” TNR practitioners who trapped, castrated and re-dumped them.

    As for direct scientific connection between the extirpation of the species named in my previous post and feral cat depredation, it’s in the same research review from which the NRNPA kill-counts were quoted therein, submitted by Inbal Brickner to Prof. Yoram Yom-Tov (Hebrew University at Jerusalem, February 2003). And it was but one of several studies listed in the review that demonstrated such connections between unsustainable destruction of native species and unrestrained house, barn and feral cats in several countries and continents. Care to see more?

    • I need to see the actual studies because cat haters and anti-cat people like to fabricate stuff and distort and exaggerate. Also community cats are accepted by people throughout large areas of the world. In many countries domestic cats are less common that community cats i.e. cats looked after by a range of people including shopkeepers etc.. The term is not a fabrication by extremists. Really that is a stupid and desperate suggestion. Your bias and hatred of the cat leaks out of you like a poison. There is no way you can begin a discourse on cats without this happening which make it impossible to discuss cats with you.

      “parasite-laden feces”. You are implying that all cat feces contains parasites. Prove it.

      TNR practitioners are not irresponsible. They are doing the responsible thing of trying to reduce feral cat numbers humanely. It is people like you who disseminate misleading and biased information who are irresponsible.

      No time to write more I am afraid.

  16. Y’know, I’m generally at odds with the Israelis, vehemently so, in pretty much everything, but I gotta give credit where credit is due:

    In one study by the Israeli Nature Reserve and National Parks Authority, NRNPA personnel and licensed professional hunters produced the following results in number of feral cats shot per year: 1997–1,100; 1998–849, 1999–419, 2000–94, 2001–72. That’s a 93.5% reduction in five years. It also means a 93.5% relief from the hideous destruction this noxious invasive predator inflicted on native wildlife–most ground-nesting birds like corn crakes (Crex crex) and Salwa (quail–Coturnix coturnix) and several distinctive lizard species, such as the magnificent Balkan green lizard (Lacerta trilineata) and Hardun (Laudakia stellio) have been almost completely extirpated from that country.

    • You know Israel stands out as the only country beyond Europe which has banned declawing. Also, they have a large number of community cats or what you would call feral cats. They are everywhere and they are accepted as far as I can tell. The Israelis appear to respect the cat, feral and domestic.

      Do you know of a direct, scientific connection between the negative impact the cat has had on the wild species referred to? Often the cat is blamed for the impact by other species such as rats.

  17. With respect (and not a little sympathy), I find your responses bordering on pathological. I’m sorry to state it so bluntly, but I can think of no other way to do so.

    It seems you have no desire for discussion that doesn’t:

    (1) Uncritically reinforce your views or stoke your ego, or

    (2) Challenge your views with extreme hostility, thus providing you opportunity to attack and revile the perceived object(s) of your hatred (whose identity/identities nonetheless remains in doubt)

    You countenance no middle ground. I’m sorry to say you exhibit a mindset of an ISIS extremist. Believe it or not I don’t say this with ill-will nor am I trying to disparage you. I simply can see no other explanation for your behavior, particularly since you refuse to offer one.

    I see no resolution to your conflict. You apparently don’t want one. You say this gives you purpose. If your purpose is to exist in a self-made mental and emotional Hell, then you are probably correct.

    I’ll close with the observation that there should be more to life than that. For most of impoverished, starving humanity Hell-on-earth is largely inescapable. For you it’s not, at least in terms of physical reality. Consider a new hobby.



    • Your comment is pure verbose rubbish. Boring really. It says nothing except that you like the sound of your own voice. Please no more comments. Just go away.

  18. (1) I asked what your eight years of online warfare with Woodsman have to do with Jim Stevenson. Until you prove beyond doubt they are the same person, you’re railing at shadows. That Woodsman likes to provoke you is not only irrelevant to this question, it occurs to me you spend an inordinate amount of time giving him what he likes.

    (2) I question the importance of a cat’s “public profile”. My cats don’t have one nor are they even aware of such a thing, so far as I can tell. I have a male friend and coworker who doesn’t like cats. To his chagrin my younger cat always goes up and tries to make friends with him, and he’s told me this always happens when he visits someone with a cat. The point here is my friend’s dislike of cats doesn’t hamper our friendship (not even with my cat!), so I don’t see how merely “denigrating” cats justifies carrying on eight years’ worth of hostilities against a stranger, and possibly not even the right stranger. I don’t understand your reasoning here.

    (3) It gives you purpose? How? It may very well prove that every line of invective you’ve written for nearly a decade has been wasted on the wrong person. In that case the only purpose(s) I see being fulfilled here are that you remain angry at a total stranger (and maybe the wrong one!) and strike out blindly at someone without even knowing who he really is. If you say it’s because Stevenson shot cats (I realize you haven’t said this in our exchange), the problem remains that, firstly, charges against him for that were dismissed, and secondly, he’s as likely as not completely unaware of your angry campaign against him. I don’t see any rational purpose for this.

    I hope you aren’t offended by what I have written, that has never been my intent.



    • The amount of time Woody takes up is miniscule compared to the whole. He is well-known throughout the internet. The identification of him is a part of the topic and an interesting one and it interests visitors who are nearly all cat lovers. They want to get him. I don’t really have the time or inclination to discuss this more at this time, sorry.

  19. OK, this may seem stupidly naive, but:

    (1) What does this have to do with Jim Stevenson?

    (2) How does Woodsman’s writings damage cats?

    (3) Why does fighting keep you alive, and what does age have to do with it? I’m 61, by the way.

    That’ll do for now.

    • 1. Woodsman likes to provoke and argue.
      2. He denigrates the cat and spreads false information about the cat which hurts the public profile of the cat.
      3. It gives me purpose. As for age it means I don’t give a damn.

  20. I’m not. I just wanted to make clear my intentions, so you didn’t take what I was saying badly. I really don’t live under a bridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I also meant what I said. I’m surprised you haven’t had problems with that gentleman in Texas. There have been cases where people have gotten in trouble for revealing others’ addresses, etc. to expose them to hostility from the public.

    The movie director Spike Lee did that to someone a few years ago, I don’t remember who he was after or why, but I think in that case he “exposed” the wrong person. Someone who had the same name or something. I recall he had to apologize. I don’t know if it went beyond that.

    Perhaps Stevenson is unaware of your site. Or perhaps he really is your ‘troll’. I don’t know.

    I’m somewhat ambivalent about the cat issue because I don’t know a lot about it. I have two cats, but they’ve always been house cats. It’s not safe to let them out where I live.

    I haven’t read all of the exchanges between you and other posters because, frankly, a lot of them are so hostile they give me headaches. But I admit I’m curious how, and why, you have engaged in this internet “battle” with this individual (individuals?) for so long. Perhaps at some point you’ll explain.

    Thank you.

    • I am a former solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. I worked in litigation. I don’t mind a fight. In fact it keeps me alive because I am 67. If it was legal I’d feel like placing a brown paper bag over Woodsman’s head and hitting it with an axe. He is enormously damaging to the domestic, stray and feral cat in general both in the words he writes and through his .22 rifle (if indeed he does kill cats in large numbers as he proudly claims).

  21. I am not Woodsman. Nor have I insulted or attacked you in any way. I have asked questions, and suggested, or perhaps one should say cautioned, that you may be leaving yourself open to problems if the individual in Texas isn’t Woodsman either.

    Arguing with someone on the internet is one thing. People say all manner of horrible things to one another there-on which they wouldn’t dare say face-to-face. But when you identify and target a specific individual, post his photograph and address, that’s taking it a step further and he may have recourse against you. All I’ve said.

    According to one of the articles I posted links to (with your permission), charges were dismissed against Stevenson because the trial jury deadlocked. Therefore he has been convicted of no crime.

    And yet because you think he is an anonymous internet character whom you dislike, you have maligned him, published his address and photo, etc. etc. for eight years. Quite frankly I’m surprised Stevenson hasn’t sued you for libel.

    And I reiterate I am neither Mr. Stevenson nor “Woodsman.” Nor am I fighting with you. Hopefully I have answered your question.

  22. The most recent article I found on Stevenson was from a 2012 Audubon Society page that mentioned him, but provided no new information.

    So has this individual completely dropped from public view? There seems to be nothing new on him in the last eight years. Has he ever responded to you, as Jim Stevenson?

    You have a poster who apparently goes by several “screen names” who argues with you a lot, but from what I can see on this page he denies being Jim Stevenson. On what basis do you claim that he is?

    I’m a little confused here–is this page dedicated to attacking “Woodsman”, Jim Stevenson or both? If they are one and the same, please show evidence.

    If not, I believe you leave yourself vulnerable, because you may be falsely accusing someone. If Woodsman and Mr. Stevenson are not the same person, then you seem to be accusing each of what the other is guilty. And in earlier postings you suggest you are not 100% sure they are one and the same.

    Can you please explain how, and why, you have devoted eight years to maligning someone of whose identity you are unsure, other than the fact that you like cats and he doesn’t?

    • I’d like to respond to your questions with one of my questions if I may. Are you Woodsman? I would not be surprised if you are because he takes on many guises and often pretends to be a woman. I don’t mind fighting with these trolls. At the moment a number of his cohorts or perhaps it is the same person are regularly placing comment on my website which I delete regularly. They like to insult me but I don’t mind. I only mind when they insult visitors. The fact that I’m being attacked by other trolls who are either Woodsman or who are associated with him may indicate that what I’ve said about him including where he lives has some validity.

  23. I was speaking more in terms of the individual you have identified and depicted on your page. Unless you’re 100% certain this is “Woodsman”, you could be asking for trouble.

    I’m almost certain the trial of the individual indicted for shooting cats in Texas ended in a hung jury. If so your harassing and defaming him, particularly if he isn’t this Woodsman person, might give him legal recourse against you.

    I will try to find a link to an article concerning the man who shot birds in Texas. Do you allow posting of links on your page?

    • Yes you can post links. The comment will not be published immediately because software will pick up the links and hold the comment for moderation.

  24. I’ve read most of the posts on this particular thread, and have to ask: aren’t you worried about this Jim Stevenson guy suing you?

    You tell us that internet harassment is illegal in Great Britain, but it’s hard not point out that that is mostly what you engage in on your site.

    And you admit you’re not sure this is “Woodsman”(?). If someone became inflamed enough to hurt this man, or damage his property, aren’t you worried about being responsible for inciting people against him?

    I have two cats that I love very dearly, so I’m not being hateful towards them. But I think my questions are worth your consideration.

    • Hello and thanks for commenting. Yes, I have considered what you suggest but there is no prospect of him suing me in part because I’m almost certain he is a troll and therefore I’m correct. If I’m correct in what I state that he cannot sue me in defamation. It’s a kind of a game and it’s kind of a war which I, to be honest, quite enjoy because these guys write such rubbish that it needs to be corrected and I have taken it upon myself to correct them and educate them. They are cat haters. They hurt cats deliberately. This particular troll admits to shooting cats with a .22 rifle in large numbers. I am taking a slight risk but then life is full of risks and I think this risk is worth taking having thought about it quite carefully. These trolls need to be stopped. They really do. They cause a lot of distress to some people but not to me. They enjoy causing distress to people by the way. I’m sure you know that. I would hope that you would thank me for attacking cat hating trolls.

  25. Woodsman AKA Sparky and numerous other online aliases is NOT a retired ornithologist from Galveston. You’re dealing with a professional, 24/7, likely paid trolling operation here. A team of people who troll feral and other cat threads all over the US, Canada, UK, and Australia /NZ.

    I have a very good idea who the main perpetrator is, who he works for, where he is based, and why he does this, but since it’s part of an ongoing international investigation, I can’t tell you.

    I CAN tell you that this operation has infiltrated numerous TNR discussion boards. DO NOT REVEAL THE LOCATION OF ANY FERAL COLONY ONLINE! You don’t know who your “best TNR buddy” actually is! (Woody’s own words)

    Tried and true political strategy – if the facts aren’t on your side, resort to distraction, wasting your opponent’s time, misinformation, and ad hominem attacks. Go negative and personal.

    Think for a few moments about who would be so rabidly anti-TNR that they would spend their time and money doing this. The schlemiels doing the actual trolling are likely being paid good money for their services by someone who doesn’t want TNR to become widespread. They’re fighting a losing battle, so they, as I said, resort to personal attacks.

  26. “Directions to Jim’s House,” posted on his own website; no anchored on the website, so it’s visible at all times. Cat Anarchists Unite, it’s time to humanely destroy of his kind of invasive species, the sociopathic cat murderer. They say it starts with animals, next it’s humans. I bet he has skeletons in his closets.


  27. Every good website or blog needs a troll like our buddy here. He helps add perspective, raises certain awareness, and beyond simply fanning the fire – he actually does educate a bit.

    Right, wrong or indifferent, he is a resource for the community at large.

    The only trouble I see with him, he is a man with a gun, at large.

    If the idea wasn’t likely so damned dangerous, I would propose that maybe a 100 or so cat lovers surround his home, on the public right-of-ways, and start licking their cats in front of him.

    At least enough people to maybe block the emergency medical services that attempt to respond when he has a stroke, or starts sh*tting himself to death in response.

    (oh, hey – that suggestion for using an infrared heat-lamp dialed down low for illumination with my home surveillance cameras really does do the trick, ‘Woody’. Thank you for the tip!)

    Or should I call you “One-Shot”?

    (I hear that was your wife’s nickname for you)

    poke, poke, poke.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Neat.

      Right, wrong or indifferent, he is a resource for the community at large.

      This is correct. In some respects he is useful. We need a foil sometimes to bounce off. And just sometimes, within the rants, there is something worth reading. The trouble is I delete most of his comments before anyone sees them…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      This is because they are rude and insulting.

  28. I apologize to everyone for my own rant over Jim AKA Woody.
    He claims to help run websites about TNR for the purpose of gaining information about colony locations so he can do his deeds.
    He is, completely, lying.
    I have spent a lifetime with ferals and caretakers and can say that no caretaker would ever divulge the location of a colony on any web page.

    • Poor, poor, poor, poor, ignorant, deceptive, lying, misguided, and Dee-lusional (deleted as I’m not going to have one of the regular contributors to this website slandered by a complete idiot like Jim Stevenson – Michael)

      For but a mere 2 examples from just ONE state:

      nypost D0T com SLASH 2014/06/07/no-one-is-sure-why-cats-are-vanishing-in-nyc/

      nycitylens D0T com SLASH 2014/03/the-curious-case-of-the-disappearing-cats/

      The most recent counts in that state alone are in the thousands. Word is spreading worldwide FAST on how to make them ALL disappear the RIGHT way.


      How’s that bliss of self-inflicted ignorance working out for you? Not so well, I see.


      PSA: The time is now …. Half-Past Kill-Kitty O’Clock … Do you know where your lousy piece-of-sh** invasive species vermin cat is? If not, grab a shovel, and I’ll show you where its new “loving forever home” is now.


    • Oh? Didn’t I tell you? Until you useless cat-lickers caught my attention, you were perfectly fine of getting away with your highly illegal TNR con-games. Aren’t you clad that you demanded my attention? You have NO idea of what you are up against now.

      Be afraid, be very very afraid.

    • Elisa, you can rant as long as you want against Jim Stevenson. Enjoy yourself. If he insults or slanders anybody in his comments on this page they will be deleted as is the case on a couple I’ve just done right now. Woody is allowed to comment on this page because it is about him but he is not allowed to comment on any other page unless it is polite and constructive (which never happens).

  29. I’m lost for words especially that Woody is calling us all Sociopaths and psychotics ha ha what a joke! His pathetic ramblings and his capitals in everything he writes clearly make him a complete candidate for a lobotomy! And those pictures of him! No wonder he has to shoot cats to get his kicks no sane person would give him the time of day especially a decent woman she would see straight though him for the pathetic cowardly, ugly (inside and out) murdering scum he really is.

    NO man, no REAL man would shoot cats as you do Woody God you must be insecure to let a small feline bother you.
    REAL men love animals ALL animals!!! Thats me done and Woody note the capitals you’re not a MAN and never will be you’re an innocuous coward incapable of stringing together a sentence that isn’t filled with the same boring drivel that we’ve heard time after time after time ………

    • If you want to stop the senseless torture of BILLIONS of native animals, their being starved to death, and all the other cruel deaths of defenseless and innocent native animals and all their offspring, their being gutted-alive and skinned-alive by cats; you must begin with destroying any one stray cat.

      That’s the true suffering-animal-equation: destroy any 1 outdoor invasive-species cat = save 1,000s of animals that actually belong here from being tortured to death or starved to death.

      No matter how you accomplish that. Even the short term poisoning death of just 1 cat is well worth the long term suffering of THOUSANDS of animals that will suffer to death from a cat-attack during that 1 cat’s lifetime.

      Any last REAL MAN knows this. Apparently you’ve never met any real men. Pity.

      How are those Bambi Cartoons working out for you as your only source of an education? Pretty sad, I see.

      • And this doesn’t even take into account how many BILLIONS of animals that you pay others to murder for you to then cram their tortured dead bodies into cans and bags and have a “CAT FOOD!” label slapped on them for you.

        You are aware, aren’t you, that out of ALL types of pet-owners on the face of this earth, that cat-owners are directly responsible for the suffering deaths of more animals and more species of animals than any other pet-owners on the planet. You are aware of this, aren’t you? If not having animals killed for their own consumption, then they are having animals killed and crammed into bags and cans and having a “CAT FOOD” label slapped on them for their cat’s consumption, and if they let their cats outside then they are senselessly torturing billions of native animals and countless numbers of native species to death yearly just for their cats’ play-toys. As well as the countless BILLIONS of offspring of all those animals that are either starved to death or never get born. Cat-owners are a triple-threat to all animal life on earth. How many animals are you going to have senselessly killed or tortured today for your entertainment and your “cats-make-me-feel-good” values?

        • Oh for Pities sake get a bloody grip my cats don’t even go out. And just for the record Feral cats are a man made problem. Can you send us the links to some credible research? Only the thing is you see the ravings of a lunatic aren’t and never will be taken seriously. Cheers

      • What about slowing the procreation of humans? You know that humans kill more birds indirectly and directly than another other animal. Why don’t you address that sensitive topic?

        • While it is true that overpopulation of humans is the #1 problem that we and all other species face today (humans are a classified as a “weedy species”, but they ARE NOT an “invasive species”, please educate your sorry-a**ed bible-home-schooled selves); this still doesn’t excuse all the responsible, wise, and intelligent people from stopping all the ecological disasters caused by those phenomenally stupid and criminally negligent people who should have never been born in the very first place.

          Cats are a man-made (through selective breeding) invasive species. And as such, cats being a product of man, are no less of a man-made environmental disaster than any oil-spill, radiation-fallout, chemical-spill, or other environmental disaster _caused_by_man_. Cats are not exempt from being removed from every natural environment, wherever and whenever they are found away from supervised confinement. Just as you would destroy Burmese Pythons and African Cichlids in every habitat where they exist in N. America. They started out as pets too. Many of our destructive invasive species pests started out as PETS discarded by criminally-irresponsible humans. Guess what happens to all those other non-native pets that became destructive invasive species? They are destroyed on-site by any means possible — no questions asked — none required.

          Cats are even worse than a multi-continent-sized oil-spill. They not only kill off rare marine-mammals along all coastlines (just as oil-spills do) from run-off from the land carrying cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites, they also destroy the complete food-chain in every ecosystem where cats are found. From smallest of prey that is gutted and skinned alive, wasted for cats’ tortured play-toys, up to the top predators — starved to death from cats destroying their ONLY foods. (Precisely what cats caused on my own lands not long ago.) They destroy everything that moves. They will even destroy native vegetation by destroying those animals that are pollinators or act as seed dispersers for those plants (as many rodent and bird species do) or those acting as plants’ pest-control. Cats can and will wipe out whole ecosystems — animal and plant.

          Cats need to disappear from all natural habitats PERMANENTLY, eventually, somehow. And the sooner the better. They are breeding out of control at an exponential rate. The reason for “sooner the better” is that you can only hope you can halt the problem before it is beyond the reach of any method you eventually choose. Luckily, I caught the problem in time where I live (by humanely shooting and burying every last cat I saw, hundreds, collared or not, totally LEGAL). Though I had plenty of native predators (owls, fox, hawks, etc.) available in surrounding non-cat-infested areas that eventually repopulated my lands so as to not cause any explosions of unwanted species and further imbalance. (I estimate that about 1 returning or 1 never-seen-before native species have been populating my lands PER DAY for the last 4 years since every last cat is gone. That’s a LOT of species that cats destroyed or starved-to-death during their 2 decades infestation on my lands. People who have cats around have no idea just how bereft and empty their lives have truly become.)

          It seems nobody else is faring as well. Their time is being wasted by cat-lickers stopping them from doing the right thing. Asking or listening to any deranged invasive-species advocate for advice on how to clean up the ecological disaster that they created and perpetuate is about as useful as asking your local career thieves for their advice and help to hide your valuables from their daily motives and activities. Ignore anything they might say and you too will solve the problem where you live. They ARE the problem, they cannot be part of the solution. The very moment that cat-lickers, who cause the problem, are cut from the solution-equation it instantly solves itself.

          It worked 100% where I live. I’ve not seen even ONE cat for over 4 years now. (Also totally disproving that cat-lickers’ deceptive and manipulative “vacuum effect” lie and myth.) Why do you think I now have so much time on my hands to educate others on how to solve the problem that you cat-lickers create? I’m not outside shooting your cats for you because you won’t.

          • Aha so your boasting about constantly killing cats is a load of rubbish then, you’ve just shot yourself in the foot Woody by saying you haven’t seen a cat for 4 years!
            Keep the comments coming, lots of 5 cents donated by you lately and adding up to help cats.
            Oh sweet irony ๐Ÿ™‚

            • He copies and pastes his rants because he can’t remember his lies.
              He’s told a story for years about how he fed a dead cat to a starving opossum and her babies and they all died from some mysterious disease that the cat had.
              Then, he told the same story about the starving opossum and her babies that he fed premium food to and all are thriving now because hi property is void of cats.
              I wonder if his neighbors know what a monster he is. If they don’t, I’ll bet they learn soon.

              • Where on earth did you ever get the sadly mistaken impression that any of you cat-lickers are worth more time and effort than just a single copy & paste mouse-click each time? You are sorely delusional about your self-worth — it being as near to zero as it can get.

                Even 1-click prepared replies are already too much energy and time wasted on any cat-licker.

                Just like this was a 1-click reply too. Not one of you is worth more than anyone’s time and energy than that.

                Now I just use online cat-lickers like show-‘n-tell puppets, to prove to everyone, beyond any doubt left in the known universe; that no matter how much we educate you, try to reason with you, argue with you, and even plead with you; it will NEVER stop you from perpetuating the very disaster that YOU CAUSED. It can ONLY be solved — WITHOUT YOU! You can’t be part of the solution because you ARE the problem. Destroying every last one of your free-roaming cats, no matter how anyone has to accomplish that now, is the ONLY thing that works.

                p.s. The neighbors are well aware of my shooting their cats. The sheriff told me to shoot all their cats while he stood right in front of them. You should have seen the looks on their faces. Even more funny, you should have heard them calling out the names of their cats for days as they walked up and down the roads while they heard me shooting their cats for them. They don’t let cats roam free anymore. But I had to shoot hundreds of their cats before they got smart enough to learn their well-deserved lesson.

                Boo-hoo, too bad, so sad.

                PSA: The time is now …. Half-Past Kill-Kitty O’Clock …. do you know where your piece-of-sh** vermin is?

                Love ’em or lose ’em!

                If you let your cat roam free and it gets hurt or it dies, NO MATTER HOW IT GETS HURT OR DIES, that is YOUR fault and you can be charged with all laws that clearly define animal-neglect, animal-abandonment, and animal-endangerment.

            • I got 5000 rounds of .22’s on a close-out sale long ago for only $15. That’s 3 dead cats per PENNY. (Yes, I’m that good of a shot now, cats taught me to be an expert marksman, I never wasted even one bullet yet. If it weren’t for you and your cats I would have never discovered that I had that excellent hidden skill — having never used a rifle before until I found out from the Sheriff that it was the ONLY way to deal with a cat-problem. Thanks cat-lickers for teaching me that I’m an expert marksman!)

              In my world, 5 cents means 15 dead cats. How many cats’ lives can you save for 5 cents?

              I WIN! YOU LOSE! LOL

              (p.s. The only one who is psychotically believing that I am continually shooting cats is you. I never claim that. I only claim that that’s what happens should I ever see one again someday. See cat, shoot cat. A.S.A.P. Simple as that. Problem instantly reduced to zero yet again — for 1/3rd of a cent.)

              • Woody you have totally lost the plot now, I can’t be bothered to read your long rantings, I’ve got much better things to do with my day.
                Haven’t you yet realised you are wasting your time on a cat lovers site? Also for every comment you rant, you are donating money to the creatures you despise.
                There is NO hope for you!

                • Ruth, I have allowed Woody to comment on this page but he is not allowed to comment on other pages unless they are specially about him. When I see them I delete them. I hate to say it but I have found it quite fun on occasions winding up Woody. We should call him Jim or James from now on!

              • As I’ve told you elsewhere, thanks for helping me! The longer that you and your other cat-licking net-stalking morons spread the lie that I’m your Jim, the longer it’ll take you to find out who I really am. LOL

                (hint: I help to run a few of the more-popular TNR websites online now, where we collect info from internal emails to find out how and where everyone hides their illegal cat-colonies, so we can step-up their abandoned cats’ rate of attrition, just like they want and hope for. They then get to claim that TNR actually works, and everyone else is finally rid of their disease-infested invasive-species vermin c-rats. Win Win Win! All around! LOL)

              • “As Iโ€™ve told you elsewhere, thanks for helping me! The longer that you and your other cat-licking net-stalking morons spread the lie that Iโ€™m your Jim, the longer itโ€™ll take you to find out who I really am. LOL
                (hint: I help to run a few of the more-popular TNR websites online now, where we collect info from internal emails to find out how and where everyone hides their illegal cat-colonies, so we can step-up their abandoned catsโ€™ rate of attrition, just like they want and hope for. They then get to claim that TNR actually works, and everyone else is finally rid of their disease-infested invasive-species vermin c-rats. Win Win Win! All around! LOL)”

                LIAR! Take your grandiose B.S. and cram it up your tiny urethra and inflate that, Jim-full-of-crap-bird-licker! You are who you are, and we know it.
                Just the way that sheriff you speak about, who you say tells you it is OK to shoot your neighbors’cats, and your neighbors, will know (or be reminded) who and what you are.

      • After earning my last 50 certificates in national security I needed a break. It was either the cartoons or a game of Fishdom 3.

          • I need to send you the link to my certificates. Terrrism, chemical weapons, pathogens, bombs. I put them on Google docs so a security company can be given the link and see my training.

  30. Woody’s comments are sounding more desperate every time lol He actually thinks we should believe he has killed so many cats, well if he had, there would be none left!

  31. Here’s a fun challenge for all well-seasoned investigative net-stalkers. Prove to someone, anyone, that I’m actually not Michael’s alter-ego and that I only post articles like this to throw everyone else off the trail. Articles like this attract great net-traffic, and then in turn generate wonderful revenue with which people who do these thing get to line their pockets. After-all, it would be wrong to benefit from exploiting dead or suffering cats, now wouldn’t it.

    Why else would I, er…… I mean, Michael allow posts to remain intact on how to effectively kill all free-roaming cats? (wink wink) Don’t you approve of colouring, I mean coloring a bank-account this way if it’ll save cats?

  32. Hey Michael. How much has Woody added to the charity for cats fund? He’s supporting cats with his comment. That’s SO funny!

    • The joke’s on you! I can shoot 10 times more cats per the money that Michael donates to save even one day of a cat’s life. I already did the math long ago. Michael was quite upset by it. I can post every day here 100 times a day, and he’ll still never donate enough to save even one cat for how many I can kill for just $1.00. 5000 rounds of .22s for only $15 on a close-out sale goes a LONG way to solving any cat problem that you cat-lickers stupidly perpetuate. That’s 3 dead cats PER PENNY. Save some more practice targets! How much did the last practice target cost you? LOL

        • Anyone can smell your desperation for attention from any real man even through the internet. You can cyber-stalk but you can’t find out how to fill a hummingbird feeder? Transparent desperate cat-licking c_nt much? LOL

          • I know how to fill one. I just don’t know much about behavior and want to know whether the birds would rather have one with a perch or which position the little flowers should go in. Some are pointed straight down and some are at an angle. Can’t you answer a simple question? I’ve looked online but I’d rather hear it from someone who knows birds rather than someone trying to sell a feeder.

            • I guess you can’t read. I’ve never been much of a birder. That’s what you get for allowing yourself to be manipulated by your fellow moron cat-lickers.

  33. How strange though, I’ve just been reading of Chipmunks referred to as lawn rats and lots of adverse comments about them and the damage they do to houses, and yet Woody has welcomed them back to his garden. Why kill cats and welcome chipmunks which presumably are rodents?

  34. My opinion is cemented.
    Jimmy is Woody.
    Even his words as far back as 2006 are the same.
    I think it’s amazing that Ruth AKA’s poster portrayal of Uggawoody looks exactly like him.

    • Well done Dee for unveiling Woody.
      I wish we had pictures of him in his loin cloth and carrying his club instead of seeing only his face with its cold cold eyes.
      I really think my caricatures of him were much better looking ๐Ÿ˜‰
      He calls us worse than muck for loving cats and writing about them, for sharing photos and worrying about their welfare, how ironic that he himself is obsessed with birds!
      What a pity whoever shot at him that time didn’t hit the target ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I’m loving that every comment he makes here is helping to raise money for the June donation to help a cat charity, so he isn’t entirely a waste of space, just 99% so.

  35. See the kitty looking at the camera? His name is Oozy. And he’ll bite off your toes in a heartbeat. Fingers too…

  36. Woody my father loved birds. He used to try to help them live if he found an injured one. He had photos of the birds he helped and loved in a little album. His love of birds and my love of animals and cats is the strongest thing which connected us. Birds have a special place in my heart for that reason. He knew cats were a threat to his birds but he had birdfeeders in places the cats couldnโ€™t get near them and the cats knew the no go areas. I could still hang out with the cats and he could sit with his birds 15 meters away. It happened as such a number of times. So I donโ€™t think all the hate is necessary. I couldnโ€™t possibly hate birds or bird people for that fact alone.

    But you kill cats and hate with such insanity. You deserve every bad word and thing which comes your way. You must be incredibly unhappy.

    You need to grow up and make an effort to get along and find peace with the world, including all parts of it, even the most challeging. Itโ€™s great that you love birds. So much better than so many other things. Itโ€™s just incredible where you have ended up in relation to the rest of the world. Sad really. Dissapointing no doubt for you. But your anger is disproportionate. I would suggest medication of some kind. It can be better to take something to calm you down than to not take it. So you might consider looking into that with you doctor.

    The fact that after this article you posted one of your classic diatribes for all to see as a specimen, as an example, the piece de resistance, after being outed, means you have literally not a shred of self control. You shoot cats. You are on the โ€˜danger to yourself and othersโ€™ borderline. You narrowly escaped conviction. And still you troll like a boss.

    When you die, you know what will happen. Nothing. Nothing at all. Because nobody loves you. It serves you right for engaging with so much hate. The birds donโ€™t need you, thatโ€™s for sure. You are giving them a bad name. You need to leave. Please just go, and take your cat killing .22 rifly and scope with you.

    • Well said, my father is the same a lover of the birds, didn’t change his views towards cats towards them, but would never go to such extremes that this man has gone. Its really sad that he’s continued on with this fight. All animals have a right to live freely without fear or worry.

    • One other huge error of every last one of you cat-licking morons. I’m not a birder. I destroyed all the cats on my lands to bring back the fox, opossum, raccoons, spring peepers, snakes, grouse, owls, hawks, etc., etc., etc. All the extra songbirds that eventually moved in are now just a huge bonus that I didn’t even know would live here, until I destroyed every last one of your lousy piece-of-sh** vermin cats.

      I battled a cat-infestation for 15 YEARS. During which time YOUR vermin cats destroyed nearly every last native animal on my lands — from smallest of prey up to the top predators (starved-to-death by cats destroying all their foods). ALL of the smaller defenseless animals were gutted-alive or skinned-alive JUST for their piece-of-sh** catsโ€™ play-toys. Or the native animals’ offspring all starved to death when the parents no longer returned to feed them. The problem became so bad that one animal even dragged her last 2 surviving offspring right to my door one day in the afternoon. She was so starved that she couldn’t even make milk for her cubs, taking the risk that even coming right to my door was better than starving to death. (She and her offspring survived under my care and went on to help repopulate my lands after every last cat was shot-dead and buried.)

      I sadly listened to despicable FOOLS just like you TNR cat-lickers for 15 years — which only made the problem worse and worse — until there were nothing but your disease-infested cats left on my lands. Luckily I had a wise Sheriff who finally advised that I shoot every last cat and don’t stop until every last one is gone, collared or not. (As is the legal right of every land-owner in the whole USA.) In only 2 seasons I was able to be rid of every last one — HUNDREDS of your cats shot-dead and buried.

      My wildlife has been recovering nicely for the last 4 years, better than I could have ever expected or hoped for. I get to hear owls hooting again every night, a sound I had not heard for 15 years because cats had destroyed all their food sources. One so tame it sits on a branch about 10 ft. from my door. It caught a vole I had disturbed one time walking through my yard, the owl landing nearly between my feet to capture the vole. It just looking straight-up at me all proud about its catch. I had to step over that owl to let it continue on in its proud moment. Hawks soar over my trees again. Chipmunks treat me to a chipmunk-chorus most every calm summer evening again, another sound I had not heard for 15 years. (Ever hear that sound? It sounds like a melodic wooden wind-chime coming from every direction in the forest as they call to each other, each clucking with their own unique note of their chorus before bedding-down. It’s an astounding experience to hear it just once in your life but I get to hear it most every calm warm day before sunset, sometimes in calm late mornings too before they take their noon nap.) A family of Gray Fox (one of the most beneficial native animals to grace the land) made a den near my home. I often see them bringing a clownish kit or two along with to patrol my yard for any edibles. Birds I had never seen in my life before now nest here. 2 of the species are warblers listed in the top-10-songbirds of the world. What an amazing sound to awaken to during warm months. If I wasn’t a birder before, these amazing animals are now convincing me otherwise.

      The lifelong rewards for destroying and disposing of every last one of your invasive-species vermin cats on your lands are priceless and immeasurable.

      I now feel nothing but pity for anyone who has cats around them. Their lives are dismally bereft and empty and they don’t even realize it.

      • Those animals were not starved to death. They moved if they had to. Cats only live where there are people. They don’t live out in the wild, so no bird is truly threatened by a cat if it can just leave. It’s very hard for cats to catch birds so they usually don’t.

        It’s ridiculous to hear you deny that your are a ‘birder’ as you put it. Read your last rant (thanks for that by the way, this page is really coming off as a psychology lesson) and tell me you are not a bird person again. Bollocks. You are clearly a birder through and through, and you clearly have your idea about who is invading and who isn’t – and nobody is except for cats in your world.

        The birds and animals on your land may like you. They may come close. They may land on your hand and eat from it – it’s possible they would miss you because you probably give them to eat. But they do not need you. They will be just fine without you. And birds in general will be much better off without you because you have the wrong effect on people. You are just giving ‘birders’ a terrible name and that in turn is bound to affect birds. By shooting cats, trolling, and generally being psychotically angry you have made hundreds of people reconsider cat haters and bird lovers in a new light. It is clear from what the birders do and say that there are some who a fairly bonkers. We gathered that here already, especially after your friend the crazy lady was caught poisoning cats outside somewhere in the shadows. We realised from the information they keep creating through biased extrapolations signified there was something wrong in the psyche of the bird people. But the fact that you, the most angry person on earth who says the most rude and ridiculous things and who hates and destroys so much, are a bird person is just too perfect for words. Really, it’s the greatest punchline there ever was.

        Crazy cat lady thinks nut job bird man has too many screws loose to be able to function normally anymore. Nut job bird man hates crazy cat lady and wants to kill all her cats and her too probably. Nut job bird man is a danger to himself and others and even got arrested once for shooting cats.

        Your writing is easy to spot and you have done plenty of it. Somebody should compile and archive it all for psychiatric or mental health purposes. One day when you go totally nuts and starts shooting cat ladies before turning the gun on yourself, people will be glad to have all your writings which could then be used as a warning for others. Trolls who write and show signs of your level of hate and anger would be easier to spot with you as a reference. For example if a troll was to use the word ‘moron’ several times in the same block of text then it would serve as a a warning to all that the troll may end up going crazy and shooting at people.

        If you didn’t have a gun you would be out there trapping and poisoning – that’s why you encourage others by telling them how to do it on public forums. You are very cruel and in self denial about it probably. You probably feel like a super hero out there saving the animals from the evil monster cat. When you leave, nothing will happen. The cats have learned to stay away from your land. Animals adapt and survive. You are simply teaching them what a gun is. They will be much better now at avoiding you and your ilk. The very things you hate are becoming stronger because of you, and surviving better, and the very people you hate are huge in number, massive, giant, and you are making them dislike you and you are making people think twice about birders. It’s no wonder your life is probably full of disappointment. You have failed. You have an enemy you truly hate and you have stooped as low as one can go, in anger, because of it. Sad little potty mouthed man.

        • Yes, Marc.

          Jimmy is a career serial killer of cats, without conscience. He’s so driven by his hatred and rage that he can’t even follow a comment here with anything but his copied and pasted spews that he has delivered over and over for years.

          He is so grandiose that he believes that he is above the law. Not even a life sentence would change his thinking. He would blame cats for his dilemma.

          The reality of his Galveston arrest fiasco got to him. There was outcry, and I believe that he was so afraid of being harmed that he faked an “attempted assault” to justify leaving the state with his tail between his legs. He left behind his status with the bird community, his business, and his followers. He has nothing left but his rage, which should be redirected toward himself now.

          • Exactly Marc, he will probably kill humans the way he kills cats etc. Very sad life indeed. Surely he has no conscious and very unfeeling. Sad life really.

    • This looks really cosy and a nice place to play. These days I am taking Charlie outside with me to the back garden where I sit and work on the website while he potters around sniffing everything and chewing on grass. I’m convinced that it does him a lot of good. He’s just quite nervous about the outside which in some ways is a good thing because he does not want to go anywhere other than stay within about 30 paces of the front door.

      • That’s so lovely Michael, nice to see they get to go outside and enjoy some lovely sunshine and fresh air. The grass will be great for him as its natural, lovely fresh smells. Mine is always eating grass. Its great everyone getting better weather over there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. This has literally made my entire month of June.

    Iโ€™m so glad I came online today. I will be smiling for the rest of it thatโ€™s for sure.

    Anger knows no bounds.

    And yes woody, I do think you were fiddled by a priest or something when you were a kid. I donโ€™t take any of that back.

    Best. Article. Ever.

    • I am pleased that you like it. We can thank Dee for instigating this post because she discovered a photograph of Stevenson and then I dug around a bit more.

      I think the whole thing rings true to me on the basis that he is an ornithologist which provides the motivation and the anger that he has.

      Apparently his parents were also ornithologists so he was raised with the idea. This further indicates to me that Stevenson is Woodsman.

        • That was an insult to the hundreds of children molested by priests. You think that’s funny? You think that’s worthy of a joke? You think that’s even appropriate to even say as an insult.
          Hahahaha You must have been molested as a child… Seriously?

          I know this guy might get on your nerves, but that does not mean you play on the pain of many people that were hurt by the actions of a trusted authority figure to make your point.
          As disgusting as you may find woodsman, I find that comment, and the fact that some of you found it actually funny even more disgusting.

          • I take your point. But I don’t think it is an insult to kids who have been molested. It does not feel like it.

            It is attacking priests. It supports the damage that priests have caused to many children.

            But if it upset you, I apologise. I don’t want to upset people (except Woody).

            What pedophile priests have done is shocking. The problem is the church – religion. They supported this behavior.

          • If you want disgusting you should read some of the insults Woody has written on here!
            Lighten up, we wouldn’t laugh at the victims of child abuse, it was just a light hearted tongue in cheek comment made by Marc who you don’t even know, so don’t judge him ..or us…..

  38. Jim Stevenson, a sad and lonely man who gets his physical satisfaction by getting out his gun and murdering small animals that have no defence against man made killing sticks! I had imagined Woody to be a younger man, ignorant and Neanderthal, perhaps dressed in army surplus camouflage kit, the sort you see on TV who suddenly run amok with their guns killing dozens of other people before turning it on themselves, instead he appears to be an elderly, self opinionated, not very attractive, attention seeking twitcher who somehow wriggled out of his just punishment for destroying beautiful animals, justifying his cruelty as defending beautiful birds, what irony, what stupidity. His posts are certainly “fowl” LOL!

    Come on Jimmy, calm yourself down now, all this hatred isn’t good for the blood pressure at your age, you’re past it old lad, get the pipe and slippers out now and leave the cats alone.

    • I have added some more photos and facts. If this is him and it looks like it is, his motivation is his love of birds. He believes the cat wipes out bird populations but birds are well down the list of preferred prey at about 6% of prey items. There is no evidence to support what he states.

  39. Just one sick moron who concentrates his hatred on a small defenseless animal that is no danger to him instead of on something that can really make his day and bring him down, but that is the way cowardly nutters are.

    • Destroying cats is neither hating cats nor a fear of cats. I had to LEGALLY shoot and bury literally hundreds of these invasive species vermin to stop them from gutting-alive and skinning-alive the last of the native wildlife on my lands. (true story) Apparently, gutting-alive and skinning-alive animals with your vermin INVASIVE SPECIES cats is perfectly acceptable to an animal torturing cretin like you.

      Why do mentally-unbalanced and psychotic cat-advocates always presume that if someone is removing a highly destructive, deadly disease spreading, human-engineered invasive-species from the native habitat to restore it back into natural balance that they must hate that organism? Does someone who destroys Zebra Mussels, Kudzu, African Cichlids, Burmese Pythons, Brown Tree Snakes, or any of the other myriad destructive invasive-species in the USA or elsewhere have some personal problem with that species? (Many of which are escaped PETS that don’t even spread any harmful diseases, unlike cats.) Your ignorance and blatant biases are revealed in your declaring that people who destroy cats must somehow hate or fear cats. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      It is people who let a destructive invasive-species roam free that tortures-to-death all other wildlife, wasted for their cats’ play-toys, that have zero respect for ALL life. They don’t even care about their cats dying a slow torturous death from exposure, animal attacks, diseases, starvation, dehydration, becoming road-kill, environmental poisons, etc., and if very very lucky humanely shot to death as that is the MOST humane death that any of your stray cats will ever hope to meet — you know, the way that ALL your stray cats DIE. You phenomenally ignorant and amoral cat-lickers don’t even respect your fellow human being. This speaks more than volumes about your disgusting character. People like you should be locked up in prison for life for your cruelty to all animals, cruelty to your own cats as well as all the native wildlife that you let your cats skin alive or disembowel alive for their and your entertainment. People who let cats roam free are violating every animal-abandonment, animal-neglect, animal-endangerment, and invasive-species law in existence.

      If people do hate cats today, have LEARNED to hate cats today, you have nobody but yourself and everyone just like you to blame. YOU are the reason people are now realizing that all excess cats must be destroyed on-site and on-sight. You’ve done so much to make people care about cats, haven’t you. If you want to do something about it, direct your sadly and sorely misplaced energies at those that are causing the problem, not at those who are actually solving it AND HAVE SOLVED IT 100%.

      THIS IS YOUR FAULT and THE FAULT OF EVERYONE JUST LIKE YOU. You have NOBODY but yourselves to blame.

      You can take that all the way to the very last shot-dead cat’s grave.

      • We believe in controlling the population of cats but not in the way you suggest – mass slaughter. It is inhumane and does not work. You constantly say we are psychotic but have read you own comments lately? They smell of psychosis to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sorry Woody. You are deluded.

      • Stop shouting Woody! You constantly shout with your capital letters. Just another expression of your rants. God, it must be a hell having a conversation with you as you go off at the deep end ranting and blathering in a tirade of verbal diarrhoea that spills out of you like green bile…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • He reflects the mentality of quite a few Americans, unfortunately. They like to use their rifles on something so they shoot the feral cat. I’d like a psychiatrist to analyse what he writes. He thinks we are all insane but he is blind to his own mental health problems.

  40. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Keep trying! You only have about 7 BILLION more people that you have to falsely accuse before you get it right. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    The very best part is that you always reveal yourselves to be the cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking psychotics that you truly are. I don’t even have to tell anyone that, you are more than happy to prove it to the world all by phenomenally stupid and ignorant little selves! Cat-lickers are never too bright. That’s why so many cats try to escape from their supervised confinement, outsmarting their owners. (Proving too that even their cats are smarter than you sociopathic cat-lickers.) It even proves that your cats are smart enough to know better and don’t even want to be around people as phenomenally stupid and psychotic as their owners.

    Here’s another thing that you sociopathic cat-lickers never realize: Someone who will save the life of a deadly disease-infested vermin cat over that of the life of any human is not to be trusted by any other human alive on this planet. Not even you cat-lickers can trust your fellow cat-lickers to save each others’ lives when it comes right down to it. Truth is, you’d even rather that your own family and friends die (if you have any, not likely) than any of your deadly disease-infested cats. Sociopaths and psychopaths, one and all — right to your very cores.

    • the cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking psychotics that you truly are

      Does it ever occur to you that you might be the cyber-stalking cyber-bully?!

      Someone who will save the life of a deadly disease-infested vermin cat over that of the life of any human

      Are you saying the domestic and feral cat kills humans all the time, regularly? What are you saying Woody?

      your deadly disease-infested cats

      What diseases have you had Woody? Are you well? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Do you have a disease of the brain? A little worm wriggling around your cranium perhaps?

    • I have posted some more photos and info. I think his motivation is his love of birds. He thinks cats kill lots of birds. The fact is that cats much prefer to prey on small mammals such as mice given the chance.

      He does not like nature taking its course and he forgets that people created the feral cat.

      • Actually, we don’t forget that. It’s the root of the problem. Feral cats are the cast-offs of a debased, domesticated animal selectively-bred and ruthlessly culled to attack small moving targets regardless of whether or not it’s hungry–as a means of pest control in ancient North African granaries (and possibly tombs).

        Domestication has brought about physiological and morphological changes in the animal, just as it has in dogs. That’s how over time the once-proud timber wolf was transformed into an overgrown puppy with foreshortened muzzle, smaller teeth and floppy ears. The Russians performed exactly the same transformations on Gray Foxes in just 50 years. And they also selectively bred/culled for aggressiveness, too.

        Through domestication and selective-breeding cats now come into season and breed two to three times more often, are 50-75% smaller and more tractable and dependent (i.e. less intelligent) than their wild forebears, the African and European wild cats. Their killing and feeding impulses are controlled by separate parts of their little brains.

        One can via google easily find peer-reviewed studies outlining these domestication-related morphological changes wrote by BEHAVIOR-linked selective breeding. But since that’ll involve reading something a little more difficult than cartoon-network dialogue, you may wish to take the easy route–google European wild cat images, then google images of the various (and often bizarre) breeds of domestic cats for visual comparison.

        Better do it quick. By dint of superior (human-engendered) numbers, feral cats have driven their wild forebears to the brink of extinction by displacing (i.e. killing/eating most of the available prey species) and genetically swamping them. There are only 40 left in the UK. But since they’ll never be tamed or be anyone’s ‘pets’, you infantile, maudlin feral cat fanatics don’t care about them.

        • For the life of me I don’t know why but I will respond to your comment this one time, after which I will ban you because you are a rude person and incapable of writing a polite comment.

          In your first sentence you say that the feral cat is a cast off. This is not true because the original, the very first domestic cats were semi-feral cats and there were not castoffs but they are a way of life for many semi-domestic cats in the world today. Most domestic cat in the world are semi-domesticated and what I will call community cats, sharing friendship with a community of people. In America feral cats are the product of irresponsible human cat ownership. The cause of feral cats is bad human behaviour. That is something which you conveniently choose to ignore. Why don’t you tackle that problem instead rather than blame the cat who is in fact the victim?

          You say that domestic cats are selectively bred. 90% or more of domestic cats in the USA or in the world are random bred cats and are not selectively bred by breeders or anybody else. Therefore once again you are incorrect in what you state. You say that they are “ruthlessly culled”. I have no idea what you’re talking about when you state this. It has to be completely wrong and pure mumbo-jumbo.

          Then you state that all domestic cats are selectively bred to prey on moving objects regardless of whether they are hungry or not. This is complete idiocy and more mumbo-jumbo. The domestic cat is descended from the North African wildcat and that wild cat is a good predator primarily of small rodents. The modern domestic cat inherits his behaviour from the North African wildcat. It has nothing to do with selective breeding or anything else other than what I’ve stated.

          You also once again insult people and on this occasion you insult me. That is shocking because I run the website. There are many science-based articles on this website. I’m used to reading science articles. I’m a former solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. I am educated. And I write a balanced article. All the articles that I have written are based on a balanced approach. Of course I defend the cat from attacks by the press and by people like you who simply have a highly biased view and do not wish to understand and simply wish to peddle your own point of view which indicates a complete hatred of the domestic cat. Your viewpoint is highly imbalanced and therefore carries no real value.

          Because you insult me I will ban you permanently. Don’t come back and don’t return to this site again. I don’t intend to respond to any more of your comment because it is a waste of my time except to say that in Scotland, yes, the Scottish wildcat has been decimated by irresponsible cat ownership of domestic cats of the Scottish people who let their cats roam widely and interbreed with the wildcat creating hybrids. Once again the cause of this is not the cat. These are not castoffs feral cats causing this problem but roaming domestic cats allowed out by their owners with a disregard for the purity of the genetics of the Scottish wildcat. This is a human problem. Why don’t you blame humans for once? You can’t because of your massive ego and arrogance prevents you. Now go away and never come back.

          • Right. You’re a former lawyer. They ALWAYS tell the truth. And banning me from your site merely demonstrates your cowardice and fear of fact-based argument that counters your ill-conceived position.

            I’m a fisheries biologist. I’m not afraid to debate you, and provide links to peer-reviewed scientific reports that substantiate everything I say.

            Let’s see if you’re man enough to do more than offer a flurry of panicked denial. Let’s debate this subject. Or else be revealed as a coward.

            • No, I am banning you because you are rude to my visitors and extraordinarily to me! How you expect me to publish your rants is beyond me. Are you saying all the scientific studies about cats are good and have value? I think not. I have seen many stupid and ignorant scientific studies and some which are plain biased and written by cat haters. You for one are a biased scientist when it comes to cats.

        • The price of fame! Woody has written books about birds. His obvious anger about the feral cat originates in his liking of birds. The profile is stacking up nicely. It looks correct.

            • What are you with a name like that? Some crazy hybrid Muslim/Christian? As for Woodsman you are selective in your knowledge. You only rely on information which supports your biased and distorted views. Sad really. You’ll never change.

              • I am a Shi’a Muslim and proud of it. I have an English name because my parents spoke English. One of the better translations of Qur’an was produced by a Muslim Englishman (Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall). Is it your usual practice to engage in religion-bashing when someone identified with one disagrees with you, rather than answering the actual argument? That’s real classy.

                Since you only became aware of me a little more than an hour ago, kinda presumptuous to conclude my knowledge is ‘selective’ or that ‘I’ll never change.’ But then you cat-fanatics aren’t well-known for your critical thinking skills.

        • ROFLMAO!

          Gawd, this is effin’ funny!

          Guess what Elisa? You’re going to be sad and alone your whole life!

          NO REAL MAN EVER goes near ANY c_nt of a cat-lady! Some c_nt with cats is the largest red-flag in the universe of which women to avoid. ANY man that ever contacts you will be a scammer.

          Don’t you know that?


          Thanks for the free entertainment Michael, this has been GREAT! LOL!!

          • I think its funny too Woody. I’m really happy with my life and being able to do what I want when I want. I’ve had a few men who asked why I accepted their friend request if I didn’t want a relationship. I like being a hermit ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh Woody can you recomment a hummingbird feeder. I have a few outside my office window who are sucking on honeysuckle and want to get them a feeder.

            • Should I get the commercial nectar or make my own with 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water? I want a feeder with a little perch and made where ants won’t get inside. The bird I see every evening is a dark color. I hope a feeder will attract more. There aren’t any cats outside to hurt them.

          • Woody, I’m very pleased to have entertained you. I have found it entertaining writing the page and these comments. It’s been great fun. And another page on you as well, on a subdomain to this website, just to add to the exposure. I know you’ll love it and have a great laugh.


            Enjoy and add some more of your ranting comments. They’re like wallpaper and they help the page to be found by Google because your comments add more content. Thanks a lot Woody. Have a nice day.

    • Here is some more information on you Jimmy:

      “Jim Stevenson. Jim is Director of the Galveston Ornithological Society, and a professional bird guide.

      Raised by an ornithologist, he has been birding nearly 55 years, having traveled all over the world and seen over 6000 species of birds. His graduate work was conducted on bird migration in the Gulf states, which eventually led him to reside in Galveston. Jim has had seven books published, and also publishes a nature newspaper, Gulls n Herons. His latest book is Birdlife of Galveston, available at FeatherFest.”

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