Jim Stevenson aka Woodsman?

Is this Woodsman, 60, the notorious Internet troll who rants and raves inexhaustibly about “cat-lickers” and his hatred for the feral cat because he believes that it destroys native wild life especially native species of bird?1 Apparently Jim Stevenson is an ornithologist although that’s too fancy a word for him. Let’s just say he likes birds. He appears to be a member of the Galveston Ornithological Society (I think he founded the society). Update: This is Woodsman001. For sure. He is no longer anonymous although he always tries to remain so by using proxy servers and false names. He sometimes cross dresses and pretends to be a woman 😉

In fact we are told he was raised to be a bird watcher by his parents, or one of them, perhaps his father. This means his ornithology is deeply engrained supporting the idea that he is very motivated – hence his bizarre behavior.

Example of his comments – this is a tiny section of one he made today:

Destroying cats is neither hating cats nor a fear of cats. I had to LEGALLY shoot and bury literally hundreds of these invasive species vermin to stop them from gutting-alive and skinning-alive the last of the native wildlife on my lands. (true story) Apparently, gutting alive and skinning alive animals with your vermin cats is perfectly acceptable to an animal torturing c_nt like you.

Why do mentally-unbalanced and psychotic cat-advocates……

His photograph and name came to light thanks to Dee, who spotted the name and the picture amongst comments below an article on an online newspaper.

I’m not sure why the photograph was taken. The photo shows an angry, disgruntled man, which fits the Woody profile. It may have been taken by the police in preparation for a criminal trial. Jim Stevenson shot a cat in Galveston in November 2006.

It happened on the toll bridge at San Luis Pass, Galveston County. He was arrested and a .22 caliber rifle was discovered in a white van he was driving. The rifle was fitted with a scope. This does sound like Woodsman to me because he has frequently admitted to shooting cats. He has also admitted to owning a .22 calibre rifle.

Stevenson faced a possible sentence of two years in prison for shooting this feral cat. The cat had been stalking a piping plover (a shorebird). Stevenson was tried but the jury could not make up their minds (hung jury) and he was not convicted.

This story fits in nicely with what we know of Woodsman from what he has stated himself in many comments.

Please see the comments for more photos and a flavour of Jim’s rants

On another occasion, I think it was in November 2007, Stevenson claimed that someone tried to shoot him. Stevenson says that he was spending a quiet Wednesday evening at home alone. After dark he went to his car to pick up an expensive telescope (to find out where those evil feral cats are!). As he was leaving his porch a bullet shattered the glass door where he had just been. Stevenson scrambled inside and dialled 911.

Stevenson said that he had to stay in a hotel that night for his own safety. The police dropped the investigation because, I suspect, they could not find sufficient evidence to support Stevenson’s story. Apparently their leading suspect was Stevenson himself.

It seems that Stevenson’s work includes guided tours to birding hot spots such as Costa Rica. I’m not sure but perhaps all his work involves ornithology. He appears to have lived in Galveston County but Dee informed me that he now lives around Tallahassee in Florida.

That’s it for the time being. I believe this is Woody. What do you think? Why hasn’t someone asked the police to investigate? Shouldn’t someone in the US inform the police on the basis that he harasses people on the internet? In the UK, it is a crime.

Woody may well comment. I’ll let him this time but be prepared for the usual monstrous trolling rants. Woody has therapy (he needs it).

1. Cats don’t decimate bird populations.
2. I believe feral cat populations need controlling. Any sensible person would support that but not in the way Stevenson advocates. That is my problem with him: his cat killing (illegal despite what he says) and his vile trolling.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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  • Cat killing is one of MANY ways Woody's (Jim Stevenson's) insanity asserts itself. Check the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper starting in the fall of 1995. Woody used to be a teacher at Leon High School, in Tallahassee, FL. He thinks he is above the law and exempt from normal, appropriate human interactions. His brand of personality disorder has ruined very many feline and human lives.

    • Thanks a lot for the information about the Tallahassee Democratic newspaper and the fact that he used to be a teacher.

  • You're still upset with the GREAT BIRDMAN for shooting a kitty NINE years ago that was stalking an endangered bird. Shows you how perverse the legal priorities of the Galveston DA's orifice are: It wasn't illegal to kill feral cats when the GREAT BIRDMAN committed his 'evil deed'. But it WAS illegal for that pu$$ielikker Newland to deliberately ram the back of the GREAT BIRDMAN's van! But was HE even charged with reckless driving? NOOOOOOOO!

    So again, what kinda proof you lookin' for, you prissy, sissy Brit? Your ugly cat-hoarding girlfriend is clearly convinced. What will it take to convince you?

    • LoL. I have no idea what you are talking about, sorry. And I don't have a cat-hoarding girlfriend. I don't feel that I am sissy or prissy either ;)

  • BWAAAAAAAA-hahahaha! What a bunch of sorry suckers! Sure, since you apparently need to hate someone to give the illusion of 'purpose' to your pointless, pathetic lives...what 'proof' do you desire?

    Let's see how good you are at playing 'the game'...

  • Set a bounty on feral cats--sufficiently lucrative so people will continue to hunt them until there are no more on the Hawaiian Islands. They are a destructive invasive predator.

    Hawaii should follow the example of my state--Alaska--the other 'non-contiguous' state. Alaska National Wildlife Refuge personnel under the direction of the late Bob "Sea Otter" Jones wiped out invasive red foxes on 39 Aleutian Islands that had reduced the world population of critically endangered Aleutian cackling geese down to 300 birds on Buildir Island in the Izembek Refuge (the foxes hadn't made it there yet).

    Too bad Hawaiians didn't think of that. If they had, maybe their STATE BIRD-the semi-flightless Nene' goose--could survive outside of zoos.

    Sustained eradication campaigns against invasive predators WORKS. The Israeli Natural Refuges and National Parks Authority saw 93% population reduction of feral cats in one reserve after five years of sustained hunting by NPNRA personnel and contracted professional hunters.

    The IUCN website lists 40 more examples of such successful campaigns. If these miserable haoles (that's Hawaiian for feral white people) love their invasive, disease-ridden "community" vermin more than critically endangered Hawaiian petrels, Newell's shearwaters, hawksbill turtles and monk seals, let 'em find an island of their own with NO native wildlife, pave it over with asphalt, move there and take their filthy 'pets-gone-wild' with 'em.

    • I'd prefer a bounty on all sh*tty people like you so people could legally hunt you. There are lots of people like you who fail realise that the human causes far more damage to wildlife than cats and fails to realise that humans created the feral cat and therefore has an obligation to treat the feral cat with respect and reduce numbers humanely. That thought is totally beyond you.

  • Hi. I'm your hated enemy "The Woodsman" posting under yet another false identity. What would you like me to say to you today? Should I 'come clean' and admit I'm the poor guy you've dedicated your blog to for the past several years? Well, if I did that I'd be lying, so if you want that I'll be unable to oblige you. But I'm sure there's lots of other comments you like. What's your pleasure?

    • My blog is not dedicated to stupid ole Woody. There are about ten pages on him and around 10,500 pages on the site. Hardly dedication, more amusement. You are banned of course.

  • Right. You're convinced that EVERYONE who disagrees with you about the domestic animals you worship are alter-egos for the SAME person, whose true identity you don't know despite claiming for eight years that you do. And you call Woodsman delusional. Right.

    • You, as usual, have completely misconstrued and misread the situation. We know that Woodsman takes on different identities. He admits it himself. He has dozens if not hundreds of different email addresses and names as he wishes to remain anonymous and is often banned from forums and therefore reincarnates himself under a different name and persona. For this reason, people who write in the same way as Woodsman and say the same things can be construed to be Woodsman himself. It is common sense and it is natural to think like that. The problem has been created by Woodsman. You don't get that do you?

      I certainly do not worship all domestic animals. I like domestic animals and like all animals. The word "worship" is highly inaccurate. Perhaps to you it seems I do worship animals because I fight for their welfare and I like them which indicates to me that you have a less than sympathetic attitude towards animals.

      If you met me you would see that I'm a person and rational person. I also strive to be as honest as possible. I think you completely misread the situation which is sad. You only have to read the articles on this website to be able to see that I am not a delusional person. The same goes from my comments. They must surely indicate you that I'm a normal person.

  • Again, the FIRST TIME your 'colleague' "Dee" addressed me, she called me an A$$HOLE. Since I'd never SPOKEN to her before, how did I 'disrespect' her to elicit insult?

    • You follow Woodsman and have similar attitudes towards cats and could have been him as you write in the same tiresome, dogmatic and biased manner. Your attitude is unacceptable to decent people because Woodsman advocates brutal extermination of feral cats. Dee cares for feral cats.

  • PPPS: You said: "If you go into someone’s home you comply politely with their rules. If you visit my website you have to respect my colleagues. If they are rude to you blame Woodsman..."

    So you're saying I have to respect your 'colleagues', but they don't have to respect me if they don't like one of MY 'colleagues'. That hardly seems reasonable...

  • PPS: should have summarized Crooks & Soule: they demonstrated in their study that 35 WELL-FED at-liberty house cats tortured and destroyed 840 wild mammals, 425 birds and 495 lizards in a single year. 67% of the mammals, 95% of the birds and 100% of the lizards were native, not pest species.

    And their estimate is an egregious under-count, as they themselves admit. Two other studies (one in the UK) estimated cats bring home from 25% to 50% of what they kill. So use the midpoint and do the math: 35 well-fed at-liberty "house" cats REALLY tortured and destroyed 2,240 mammals, 1,400 birds and 1,587 lizards in a SINGLE YEAR, but their owners only saw a little more than one-third of their victims.

    That's the significance of the reference

    • Almost all studies on domestic cat hunting are suspect for various reasons one of which is that a lot of estimating is used and the sample sizes cannot be said to reflect the general population.


      Sorry but I can't discuss this anymore because we going in circles. Others will become tired of the thread. Please stop now. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

      Your bias is clear in your use of the word "torture". This is a human word for humans. It has no connection to cats or wild animals of any species. Only humans torture. Look up the meaning of the word but don't reply to this comment. I'm bored with you.

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