JK Rowling buying domestic cats

The recent civil court case between JK Rowling and her former personal assistant has revealed, through the judge’s 23,000 word judgement, some interesting information about the author’s purchase of two kittens.

JK Rowling and Bronte
JK Rowling and Bronte
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JK Rowling successfully sued Mr Donaldson for breach of contract and obtained a judgement for compensation of about £19,000 which represents the money allegedly stolen by the assistant through her fraudulent misrepresentation.

That’s the background but during Mr Donaldson’s employment she was asked by JK Rowling to spend £850 to buy two kittens. As it happens, Donaldson bought the kittens and spent another £400 claiming that it too had been used to purchase the cats. This was an example of how she allegedly misrepresented her spending.

An interesting aspect of this is that JK Rowling bought two kittens and she let her assistant buy them.

I have to read between the lines because I am unable to glean more detailed information. However, taking the information on face value it seems that JK Rowling did not select the cats, firstly, and secondly, they were bought from what must have been a cat breeder. Both aspects of the purchase are not ideal, in my critical view.

To be absolutely accurate, the report in The Times newspaper says that in evidence Rowling agreed that Ms Donaldson had been told that she could spend £850 to buy two kittens. It doesn’t say who the kittens were for but it does imply that the money belonged to JK Rowling. Perhaps she was buying the kittens as a gift for somebody else.

Rowling has a staff of seven so perhaps she was buying the kittens for one of her staff. As I understand it, Rowling is a dog person in any case and therefore I don’t think she would have bought the kittens for herself.

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