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Joan Jett: When I’m away I FaceTime my two cats

Joan Jett is an American rock singer, composer, musician and an occasional actress. She is best known for being the frontwoman of her band Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. She also founded and performed with the Runaways which was a hard-core band.

Joan Jett and what I believe is her tabby cat. Photo: Pinterest.

Ambition to be rocker

Her clear vision was to have a girl rock ‘n’ roll band singing about sex and rock ‘n’ roll. She wanted to be like the boys and she had a mind of her own. She grew up as a tomboy and rejected society’s demands which said that she couldn’t play a guitar and be in a band because she was a girl. She says that girls were meant to play the violin and cello but she wanted to be in a band like the Rolling Stones.

Loves cats

Well, for me, the interesting aspect of her life and behaviour is that she says that when she is away she FaceTimes her two cats. Now, I don’t know how you do that unless there is somebody at the other end of the phone holding the phone up pointing at her to cats, which must be what happens.

The important aspect of this is that Joan Jett obviously looks after two cats and she must love her cats. On that basis alone I really like her although I don’t know her music.

When she was in London, UK in the 70s performing with the Runaways she spent a couple of weeks on a houseboat on the Thames with Sid and Nancy of the Sex Pistols. She said that what you’d expect to happen, happened: crazy.

Apparently there is a film about her in the cinemas nationwide in the UK right now called Bad Reputation (source: The Guardian).

Last known photo of Freddie Mercury was with his cat Oscar

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