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Joe Exotic of Netflix’s Tiger King documentary reported to be suffering from Covid-19

The world has heard about Joe Exotic, 57, not because he had the largest private zoo on the planet for many years but because of his feud with Big Cat Rescue’s Carole Baskin which ended when Mr Exotic was convicted of conspiring to murder her (murder for hire and animal abuse). Mr Exotic is now serving a 22 year prison sentence.

Joe Exotic mugshot. Photo: public domain.

If you are unaware of Joe Exotic’s exploits please watch the Netflix documentary series called Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness which has done viral. However, if you do watch it please read Carole’s rebuttals as she claims the film has sensationalised her story and tainted it with lies and salacious fictions.

Anyway I digress. If you are one of those who supports Carole Baskin (I do) and BCR while strongly disliking Joe Exotic because of his exploitation of big cats you might agree that karma has befallen him. While in prison he has reportedly contracted the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. reports that he has been moved to an isolation unit at a Federal Medical Centre in Fort Worth from Oklahoma’s Grade County Jail earlier this week.

Other inmates have tested positive. Jails can be incubators of the disease for obvious reasons which is concerning for governments. reported it because Joe is gay. His partner is Dillon Passage who has not spoken to Exotic since he was transferred to the medical center.

Joe Exotic has two other names:

  • Joseph Maldonado-Passage
  • Joe Schreibvogel (birth name)
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