Joe Exotic was terrified of big cats and wickedly cruel says film producer

The producer of the Netflix “Tiger King” documentary has made sensational accusations about Joe Exotic saying he was terrified of big cats and wickedly cruel reports

Joe Exotic. Screenshot. Accused of being scared of big cats and unbelievably cruel.

The producer, Rick Kirkham, of the highly successful Netflix documentary series, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has made sensational accusations about the behaviour of Joe Exotic who is one of the featured individuals in the documentary. Mr Exotic is known as a major private zoo owner in America and a convicted attempted murderer serving 22 years in jail.

Joe Exotic has been highly critical of Carole Baskin and somebody who is little better than him. The Netflix documentary has also painted Carole Baskin in an unhelpful light. In truth Baskin is surrounded by seedy individuals who own zoos and exploit cats.

Rick Kirkham has said that Joe Exotic is shown in the film with two tigers. The white tiger is blind and the other one is tranquillised. He says that it is idiotic to think how he’s become famous as the ‘Tiger King’ when he so terrified of big cats.

Kirkham recounted an horrific story in which Joe Exotic was unbelievably cruel. Mr Exotic had given assurances to a tearful woman that he would look after her horse and give the horse a good life on his property.

Before the woman could get out of his zoo he told a co-worker, Rick, to come over with his camera to film what he was about to do. He said, “Come on, you’re gonna love this Rick”. Joe Exotic then walked up to the horse, pulled out a revolver from his holster and shot the horse dead in the trailer. He then cut up the horse with a chainsaw and fed the body parts to his tigers. Kirkham also claimed that Joe killed the old tigers and feed them to the other tigers. Mr Exotic had a problem with affording the feed for his 200 big cats and 1,400 other animals. It looks like he saw an opportunity to get his hands on free, raw meat.

Kirkham also said that Exotic told him that he’d make him very rich if he killed Carole Baskin for him. These stories were not recounted in the documentary. Kirkham said he has nigthmares from his time with Exotic.

Well, I’ve described what Kirkham has said as ‘accusations’ to play safe. I cannot verify them but perhaps people who knew how Joe Exotic behaved at his private zoo may come forward and leave a comment. I always felt that he was cruel and that he hated Carole Baskin because she criticised him for his exploitative behaviour with respect to big cats. I speculated that he killed big cats because he bred them to create cubs which he took off their mothers before they were weaned and used them in in photo sessions. When the cubs grew up he had no place for them in his organisation and therefore, I speculated that, he killed them and now Kirkham seems to be confirming that. It seems to be the norm for these people as Doc Antle has been accused of the same thing.

If Kirkham’s allegations are true then Joe Exotic is a complete fraud (which in truth we knew already) and a very cruel person who had ended up where he needed to end up: behind bars for a very long time.

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