Joey and Willie

by Dorothy
(Central Coast, California)

These are two feral cats adopted by my friend Gigi. Her first two, Frank Sinatra and Nunu weren’t truly feral. Willie and Joey were. They came bounding down Gigi’s hill one day, together as kittens, and they’ve been there ever since. Willie got his name because to this day he gets the “Willies” when you get too close, but after 2 years, Joey will let Gigi stroke and hug him.

Willie and Joey feral cat brothers
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Willie and Joey feral cat brothers

Their full names are Joey Bishop and Willie Nelson. Even as kittens they were very frightened of humans, but they instinctively knew where the food was. After skulking around for months, Frank Sinatra took the kittens into his capable tutelage, and fathered them into becoming part of the whole family. Gigi never saw the mother cat, or any other kittens. These seem to be the only ones who survived. They are living the good life now on the Gigi plantation, with two dogs and two other cats. What a life it is. There is fresh catnip growing in the garden, lots of shade in the summer, and lots of warmth in the atrium in the winter. While most of the animals join Gigi in her bed at night, Willie still prefers to be the voyeur from the safe view of the skylight (see picture below). That is close enough, thank you.

Frank (see below) tries to convince Joey that it is much nicer to be IN the house all of the time, as in this little demonstration of comfort and joy:

Frank feral cat

But alas, Joey likes to keep his distance. But he loves his brother, and he loves his fellow house animals. But just don’t try to pet him.

I don’t know how there could be any feral cats, especially with people like Gigi, Bob, Ruth, Barbara and their crew around.


Joey and Willie to Feral cats

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Joey and Willie

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Mar 14, 2010 Great job
by: Finn Frode, denmark

Hi Dorothy. Your friend Gigi is doing a great job caring for these cats. I’m sure old blue eyed Frank has been a great help too as a surrogate uncle. Hopefully Joey will become less shy over time, but even as it is he is much better off than as a homeless. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Mar 13, 2010 Gigi’s kitties
by: Tracey

Hi Dorothy

Gigi’s cats are just adorable!

How lovely that they are contented and safe. Joey and Wille just seem to adore each other!

You make it so appararent that Gigi’s home is a loving haven. It warms my heart to see how much she adores them and lets them be their natural selves, not suffocating their personalities and natural behaviour like some that post on PoC

Thank goodness those boys found her and not a declawer.

They are truly adorable, thank you!

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