Jokey television advert includes cat kicking incident

In 2010 a UK betting business, Paddy Power, made a distasteful television advert which shows blindfolded footballers playing football. One of them viciously kicks a black-and-white who had wandered onto the playing field. The cat ends up in a tree. It’s done very flippantly and as joke. However, in light of the well-known criminal behavior of a number of youths who posted cat kicking on Facebook this advert is in poor taste. It has received a high number of complaints from the public which is unsurprising.

The Paddy Power Blind Football Advert was the most complained about advert in 2010 apparently. That said, the comments on YouTube indicate that viewers find the advert funny. Even cat owners find it funny. I am surprised.

In my view, the creators of these adverts need to exhibit better taste. They need to respect the cat and animals generally. This sort advert was quite likely to encourage some idiots to do the same thing. It may well be behind the crimial behavior I refer to. However, there is no evidence of that. I discussed one of the incidents on this page. It is simply stupid to joke about cat abuse.

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