@Jollymaii, real name Jolly Hoang, thinks her kitten has died suddenly (video)

@Jollymaii, real name Jolly Hoang, a TikTok user, has had a sudden success with over 32 million views on one of her videos in less than a day as reported by Newsweek. You can see why because in the video she picks up her kitten (black smoke coat?) who is fast asleep. She thought that she was “pranking” him but at the end of the video she confesses that her kitten was pranking her (in faking being dead).

I thought my kitten was dead for a moment
I thought my kitten was dead for a moment. Screenshot.
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Her kitten was so deep in sleep that he refused to wake up even when she shook him gently while showing great concern on her face. It took a long time for him to wake up and in this timeframe, she became really concerned, she said.

TikTok has a really interesting facility. You can use text when making the video and it converts that text into a voice-over. The voice-over in this instance said, “I started to get really scared”. Another of her cats enters the frame while she gently encourages her kitten to wake up saying to him, “Wake up”. To no avail, however, until after quite a long time he does indeed wake up and you can see the relief on her face.

Comment: this is simply a case of a young cat or kitten becoming very tired as they will because they can be very active in play. And sometimes you see kittens falling asleep when sitting. They doze off very quickly and collapse or topple over in front of your eyes. The same can happen with puppies. They don’t so much as settle down to sleep as just zonk out in an instant.


My heart stopped for ages …

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Domestic cats are polyphasic sleepers which means that they sleep at various times throughout the day unlike humans who compartmentalise their sleeping and activity behaviours. This is the origin of the phrase ‘cat nap’. There is still this myth that domestic cats sleep for many hours throughout the day but it simply isn’t true. They snooze and are ever alert during a large portion of the time that they appear to be sleeping. In other words, they are resting with their eyes closed. It’s probably because they have all the time in the world to kill as they are fed by their human caretakers.

Kittens and youngsters sometimes fall into a very deep sleep very quickly but are slow to wake up. It makes for an excellent little video partly because in appears to be entirely genuine judging by the expressions on her face. Another factor is that kittens can die suddenly “sudden death syndrome”. Hoang may have read about this.

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