Jonathan Van Ness hurts after his cat was killed falling from window

Jonathan Van Ness and Bug The 2nd

Jonathan Van Ness and Bug The 2nd. Photo: Instagram account.

Jonathan Van Ness is a celebrity in modern parlance. He is an American hairdresser, broadcaster and television personality and clearly he likes cats which means I like him! However, we have a report in online news media that he is “hurting so bad” after the death of his cat. He called his cat “Bug The 2nd”.

Huffington Post tells us that his cat fell out of a window and died.

“At some point last night while I slept my baby Bug fell from an open window and passed away. I am hurting so bad today I can’t put it into words, for anyone else experiencing grief and loss, I’m with you.”

The above is an extract from his post on Instagram underneath a picture of himself and his beloved cat. He has 4.1 million followers and this particular post garnered over 28,000 comments which is extraordinary. It shows the empathy that people have with him in his grief. They really understand how he feels as I do.

“Not sure how I’m going to make this loss mean something more but in the meantime, please make a donation to an animal shelter near you.”

Jonathan adopted two cats last October: Liza and Bug The 2nd. His first Bug had died. Jonathan is also the guardian to another cat whose name is Harry Larry.

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Jonathan can currently be seen in the fourth series of a Netflix series called Queer Eye.

Comment: It would be nice to know a bit more about the circumstances. It is unusual for a cat to fall from a window and die. It does happen though and more so in hot weather. It’s a reminder that domestic cats are not infallible in their judgement about foot placement and jumping when in high places.

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