Josef in the English Snow

Josef in the English Snow

by Jozef (cat)

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Come on up !

January 2010: OK so we have a lot of snow and more keeps on coming but it's no excuse for our Walter to stay indoors when he's got no nursing duties now. See, I even got up on the wash house roof where we like to sun ourselves in the nice weather.

cat in the snow
Jozef in the snow - photo Ruth

Mind you I had a bit of a panic about getting back down as the runway and the platforms were thick snow and coming back down looked much dicier than going up!

I wasn't showing off going up, I just wanted to show our lad I could do it. Our late Uncle John built it all for us when there was 4 of us and sometimes we sat on one level each.

cat in the snow
Jozef in the snow - photo Ruth

Our girlz were good sports, I bet they'd have gone up with me. Anyway I called upon one of our "servants" (a poor human!) and she cleared a way through the snow for me and as you can see I'm safely down and back inside and writing my memoirs.

Jozef (a hardy and brave North England cat)

Hi Jozef... I hope you don't mind but I changed the title because "wuss" is not well known in the USA or hardly known! As far as I know. A lot of visitors are from the US. Note: "Wuss" means weak, soppy, silly, without courage, in England. Walter was a wuzz.

Great photos. I would love you to send me some by email so I can put them on page a bit bigger. Please send to:

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Josef in the English Snow

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Jan 11, 2010 The biggest cat run ever!
by: Dorothy

Hey Jozef, you look so happy and interested in all that white stuff out there. Now that Barb is healthy, it is a good time to go exploring. You have a wonderful life! Bless your beautiful heart.


Jan 11, 2010 To Coco
by: Jozef

Hi, nice to meet you Coco. Its worth going out in the snow to get all the attention and cuddles on your return and the fire on to sit by.
Yes our pets are very quick on the uptake, mine always say to me and our Walter 'Boyz, you don't need words, one look says it all'
It sounds to me as if you have as happy a life as we have. Good on you young man,keep Kay firmly under your paw and one day you might even get that salmon lol

Jan 11, 2010 Who will heed Anonymous?
by: Barbara

Anonymous, you'll have to do better than that, without enough courage of your convictions to even identify yourself you come on here and try to give instructions to someone who has shared her life with cats for many years. Do you think cat owners in England are stupid and haven't heard of vaccinations and flea and worm prevention? Do you not think we know if the area we live in is safe for cats or not? Cats need fresh air and sunshine the same as you and I do, they are not meant to be caged animals, if you live in an unsuitable area for cats to express their natural behaviour then you shouldn't have cats. Do your cat a favour and let him or her have a taste of freedom - in other words -Let the cats OUT!

Barbara avatar

Jan 11, 2010 Snow and Me
by: Coco the Hershey Kitty

Kudos to you Josef for your bravery, We had some of that funny cold white stuff here in Washington, USA and I have to admit I was not a thrilled young kitty,( my first winter season you know ) I even complained so much that my pet ( human ) finally got out my old litter box and filled it for me as I just could not have that white cold stuff on my velvety chocolate paws. My don't our pets learn fast if we are loud enough and pushy. Now if only I could train her to feed me the fresh salmon she's cooking for dinner tonight. Regards your friend Coco aka the Hershey Kitty and my pet human Kay

Jan 11, 2010 Hi Gerry
by: Jozef

Yes I feel very sorry for those poor American cats who not only are in prison for life,but a lot of them have their toe ends hacked off too because their people love their furniture more than their cats.
How blessed are we to live in England ! But then of course your people and my people wouldn't have anything cruel done to us wherever in the world we lived. We got neutered which wasn't a bundle of laughs but the mammies explained it was for our own good and for our health, so we accepted that and our lad and me are now 8 years old and always as happy as sandboyz.We miss our grandma Ebony of course who lived to 17 and loved being outdoors too.
The cats next door to us were in misery, frustrated cos they couldn't come out as there are 15 of them. Ronnie kept trying to escape.So the mammies built them a run.They are ever so happy now and Ronnie loves it, it doesn't take much to make us cats happy,does it ? Some USA people say cats don't want to go out, that's enough to make a cat laugh isn't it ? Some people do all sorts of cruel things to cats who try to escape, like hitting them, squirting stuff at them, locking them in cages and even using shock collars !Why if they live in dangerous places,they don't just make an outdoor enclosure for ones like us who enjoy going out,I don't know.
Oh well, off for a wander around our lovely garden with safe high places to sit,I can usually see Phoebe and Cole further along in their garden and the ones next door out in their run on their cat perches.
Here's to happiness for ALL cats!!

Jan 11, 2010 Jozef Snow Cat
by: Everycat

Dear Jozef, it's great to see you out enjoying the snow. I am the only cat here who enjoys the snow. The other two won't go out unless they have to, for a tiddle. They are like your bro' Walter. Your humans are well trained, nice work there Jozef.

We cats who are lucky to live in rabies free and major predator free countries are blessed. Our natural behaviour can be indulged freely and we can come and go as we please. How happy we are.

How happy we are that we don't live in a country where apes are permitted to hack off our toe ends 'cos they value their stupid furniture more than a whole and happy cat.

One day the poor imprisoned cats of America will at least have the freedom to keep their paws whole and carry out essential natural behaviours such as scratching. Declawing will be banned and Americans will have to learn how to live with the whole cat.

The Small Black Lion

Jan 11, 2010 To anonymous
by: Ruth

Do you think anyone would take notice of someone hiding behind anonymous ??
I am proud to be one of Jozef's caretakers so I speak on his behalf. We live in a cat friendly place and our cats are vaccinated,regularly wormed,and done with flea prevention.I don't know or care where you live but we do not have predators in the UK.
We have had cats for 35 years, they live/have lived long fullfilled happy lives as is the right of ALL cats.
See the pictures ? A HAPPY cat !!!!!! Would you have him crying pitifully to go out ? Getting bladder complaints through not wanting to use a litter tray ? If we didn't live in a place where cats couldn't have the freedom they deserve then we wouldn't have cats, it's as simple as that, we love cats but it's very selfish to deny them their rights !
Most people in the UK let their cats have their freedom,yes sometimes bad things happen but so do they to people and especially to children,are they to be kept indoors too ? It's called life !!
People have taken almost everything from cats, they are NOT fluffy toys to sit on windowsills, they are living feeling beings with the right to live the life intended for them.To roll in the grass, sit in the sun and chase mice and birds.
Turn your misguided attention to something useful such as helping to ban the declawing of cats ! Or maybe you believe in that do you, so the crippled cats have to be life prisoners, for no crime !

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

by: Anonymous

Every time your cat goes outside their is a threat of him getting hurt. Please keep him indoors, worms, cars, predators, fiv, felv, and many other bad things. Keep the cats inside.

Jan 10, 2010 Jozef
by: Michael

Hi Ruth, love the new photos.

I am sorry I misspelled Jozef's name when making the title! It is due to pressure of work.

Anyway, I hope Jozef won't mind. It is the kind of name that could be said either way and cats are more tolerant than us when it comes to names.

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Jan 10, 2010 Thank you
by: Jozef

No I didn't mind you changing my title. But our lad calls me worse than a wuss quite a few times, especially early on a morning when I sit by the fire after our 'ablution trip' cos I tell you, it's very cold out there at 6am but we English boyz won't use litter trays if we can possibly avoid it.
BTW you might wonder why my name is spelled with a Z ! well it's because lots of people make the mistake of sounding the S in Joseph as a soft S, instead of a Z sound.So in their wisdom the mammies put a Z then they thought an F at the end would make it a complete original new name.
Our Walter is named after the street he came from,his people were so glad to be rid of him they moved incase he went back.The mammies said even though he was the naughtiest kitten ever they would never take him back to such a dirty horrible house.
I will send more photos later.

Jan 09, 2010 Josef in the English Snow.
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Having lived for approx 6 months in South Shields in 1985/86 during peak "British winter" this photograph brings memories of that era.I hardly remember ever seeing a cat on the streets of South shields during the heavy snowfall winter and now thanks to the "Internet" beginning to understand the living conditions of pets and their owners in Cold Country's.In Mumbai, i face the reverse problem of excessive hot climates and hence its difficult to maintain "Traditional Persian Cats" in their natural beautiful "Coat Conditions" that are depicted in cats from "Cold Climates".
Rudolph avatar

Jan 09, 2010 Josef
by: Jan Plant

What a brave beauty you are.Looks dreadfully cold though.Am glad to see you are brave and getting out in it! Brrr! Your slaves are good hearted souls to brave such weather as well!

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