Judge awards Norwegian Forest Cat the best of its breed at cat show and 3rd best overall

This is a nice video of a cat show judge assessing a Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) on the judge’s table with an audience of visitors listening. In effect, he lectures the visitors as to the major points of interest in the cat before him; a ginger tabby-and-white. There is a large scratching post to the judge’s right for a cat to scratch if they so desire. I guess this is to make the experience as natural as possible for the cat as overall the experience can be stressful for them. You know: the noise, the strange place and the strange people can all add up to anxiety although the show cats must get used to it. The owners keep them in large cages with all mod cons and a blanket over the whole thing to minimise the impact of the show hall commotion.


And I think it is a good video because for purebred cat afficionados it highlights some of the major aspects of the Norwegian Forest Cat that judges are looking for. What always comes up, time and time again, is the NFC breed standard for the muzzle and face. It has to be an ‘equilateral triangle’ which is a triangle of equal length on all three sides. What this in essence means is that the muzzle should be quite pointed and certainly so in comparison to the square muzzle of the Maine Coon. The Maine Coon muzzle is quite heavy and certainly far squarer than the more delicate and elegant muzzle of the Norwegian Forest Cat.

You can see the judge using his hands to emphasis this in the video. And of course, the judge talks about the length of the body in comparison to the very short and cobby i.e. stocky body of the Persian or the Himalayan (pointed Persian). The cat was the best NFC that the judge has seen at that cat show and the third best cat overall, as I understand his last words in the video.

The video comes from TikTok and was made by bengal_lily.

Below are some more pages on the NFC.

2 thoughts on “Judge awards Norwegian Forest Cat the best of its breed at cat show and 3rd best overall”

  1. Looks just like my Christopher Robin almost identical but his legs just a tiny bit shorter. I don’t know where he came from he just showed up one day on my porch, he was about 4 months old. Another one dumped in the country here.


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