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Judge wants to reduce animal abuse felony to misdemeanor — 3 Comments

  1. You bet your sweet a** I signed that petition!!!! Suppose it was child abuse. . . would working at a children’s home make this *man* (I use the term VERY loosely) any less of a child abuser??? HELL NO!!! Then it should not be any different for the anipals. It is a felony, and should remain as such. We anipal lovers worked hard to get this changed to felony status in the states — we can’t let one *idiot* judge ruin what we have worked so hard to change. That judge has apparently never had pets in her life. She obviously has no compassion when it comes to the anipals — shame. . . .

    • Diane, I am of the same opinion and have signed the petition too. Animal abuse has to be stopped with harsh penalties.

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