Judgement Day For Declawing Vets

Judgement day is coming soon! Another of a growing number of non declawing vets is prepared to take a stand:

‘PAW PROJECT – it’s a growing thing! Dr. Stephanie Globerman is the new Director of Paw Project-Georgia, the most recent chapter in the Paw Project movement! We are proud to have them on our team of passionate advocates striving for change! Besides making the world a better place for cats, Dr. Globerman runs an all-feline animal hospital, Paws Whiskers & Claws, in Marietta, GA’

It’s good to see more non declawing vets speaking out at long last and joining the Paw Project in their practice cities to educate people about the cruel declawing of cats.

Veterinarians screw up declaw operation
Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra
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Would that one day the scenario in the poster would come true and every vet who ever declawed a cat was tried and sentenced. The evidence of the cruelty and the dreadful consequences to cats is building up, they would all be found guilty without a doubt!

Unfortunately it seems that studies of x-rays and the repair surgery on the mutilated paws of cats are being done on cats in Rescue Shelters, or like Tina’s Mollie now with a home, but once adopted from a Shelter.

How could anyone ever trace the vet who performed the declawing in the first place? It must be almost impossible, because despite declawing vets saying the surgery keeps cats in their homes, it doesn’t! Many people have given up on their cats and relinquished them to a Shelter or turned then out when the physical and/or mental problems from the declawing have manifested.

We now have this shocking truth from Paw Project Utah too, they say: ‘We have some preliminary study data and the results are SHOCKING!!!

  • Out of 29 declawed cats analyzed in Utah shelters, 66% have left over P3 fragments from declaws being performed improperly!
  • 33% of these 29 cats have more than 5 fragments!
  • 45% of these 29 cats have at least one fragment that is more than 5mm!
  • 28% of these 29 cats have a declaw that was performed 100% improperly meaning that a large 5mm fragment remains on all declawed toes!’

So, how many more cats have been improperly declawed? How many cats have suffered pain all their lives and died without anyone knowing? Will some ‘owners’ (I say owners not caretakers because caretakers do not pay someone to mutilate their cat) who had a cat declawed, step forward and have their cats paws x-rayed and the findings showing bone fragments, sue the vet who did the surgery?

They should, because if a surgeon had botched surgery on the feet of those people they would soon be talking about suing for malpractice!

There IS no way to declaw a cat ‘properly’ but it seems many vets have attempted to anyway and failed, thus causing pain and distress to thousands of cats because of botched surgery which should never ever have been performed at all!

Ruth aka Kattaddorra

43 thoughts on “Judgement Day For Declawing Vets”

  1. Ruth so shocking and so so sad it breaks my heart when I think of all those darling cats suffering in silence in utter agony, God I hate people who do that both vets and owners. Bu after reading Dr Doubs interview is it no wonder when there isn’t any training for this in Vets school? those awful cutters, pliers whatever they are they certainly aren’t for declawing because they are for clipping nails not cutting toes!!! Its so barbaric and cruel!!

    I just thank God for The Paw Project and the vets we are hearing about who are making a stand. Things are changing and for the better!!!

    • Kylee, that is my gorgeous foster kitten Tanuki. Murdered about a year ago, along with her 4 siblings by a selfish old fashioned shelter for ear mites – of which one kitten didn’t even have. It was likely just debris, not ear mites at all. I miss them so much. 🙁

  2. Great article and poster, Ruth. The evidence provided is very interesting, and I would encourage the Paw Project to share their evidence with as many vet clinics nationwide as possible. Scientific evidence, if gathered and tested properly, is undeniable. If more vets knew about these statistics and findings, perhaps they would be more inclined to cease, or decrease, declawing?

  3. Ruthie – There’s ecstasy at this end.

    You’ve outdone yourself in your latest poster & text – a combo of the Nevada Salt Flats and Krakatoa. (Not to wander off on a tangent, but did I ever tell you I heard the explosion of Mt. St. Helens? Seattle is a fair distance from where it is (where it WAS, that is – though they say magma is building up inside it again). Anyhow, it didn’t go ka-BOOOOOOM!!!!, as one might reasonably expect. It went ‘Whump.’ No exclamation mark at the end. Mr. Truman and his dozen cats, who lived at its base, were instantly buried, though someday, perhaps, they’ll find him and his cats as well preserved as the stony corpses of Vesuvius.

    Be that as it may, your latest was a fireball. Can’t you almost foresee the end? When some of the vets, themselves, are stepping up to the plate – and they’re brave to do it: can you imagine the death ray looks they’re fated to receive from their sinister colleagues? – then how can the latter last much longer? And is the incidence that high of splintered bone fragments? Wish there were some way to lavish the decent-minded vets with encouragement; they deserve the admiration of every civilized, halfway sensate person on the planet.

    Don’t know if you’ve ever had a bone splinter in a joint – and how much more painful it would be if were inside a bunch of toes. But I have a bone-chip floating around inside my knee, and it huts like heck.

    One can but hope the end will arrive before long, and the fiends will be hauled into court.

    p.s. Couldn’t help it — ghastly but encouraging as your submittal was – but I broke up over the facial expressions of the jury. Loved the old lady with the chin, and the cross-eyed specimen. The green gown was a winner, too.

    I may imagine something that isn’t so, but thought you said once you meant to cartwheel in the altogether throughout the streets of your town the day the sadists are loaded into the paddy wagon. If that’s your intent, wish I could be there to cheer you on. Thank you for all your fine efforts in shedding light on this cruelty.

    • Howdy Sylvia and thanks for your compliments. I love it when people can see the funny side but also the serious message in my posters, I spent hours searching my graphic CDs for my jury, to lighten up the horror of what those cruel vets do.
      Not sure I could still turn a cartwheel nowadays but damn sure I’ll try when declawing is banned, maybe not in the altogether as it wouldn’t be a pretty sight, but I’ll get Babz to video it for me because it will be such a HAPPY day 🙂

  4. wow Ruth love love love your postsers it really points the messege out there. I really hope the vetst that declaw cats get some sort of punishment or start to realise what they do hurts soceity of cats. The harm that it causes runs deep. xx

    • Thanks Kylee, I’d love the declawing vets to be punished as in my poster but even if not, at least this latest news from the Paw Project vets must eventually stop them from mutilating any more cats once everyone knows the truth. It will take time I know but one day we will have won our battle, I’m just very impatient now for it to happen.


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