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Judging a Cat’s Age — 2 Comments

  1. I honestly wouldn’t know what to tell ya, my cat is at least 12 yrs old and hasn’t had any noticeable changes in behavior or appearance in the 7+ yrs i’ve had her. And the one i owned for 10 yrs was 14 yrs old when she died when our house burnt down 11 yrs ago and she never looked older than the day we got her and she was always more active than my current cat, so as you can tell from my personal experiences with cats i can’t give you any advice except to say that they’re only as old as they think they are

    • Nice comment. I am looking after a sick cat at the moment and she looks about 3 years old but I am told she is about 12 years old. It can be a bit tricky judging a cat’s age.

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