Judy, sweet San Antonio FeLV + Rescue Kitty, looking for a home!

Judy, sweet San Antonio FeLV + Rescue Kitty, looking for a home!

by Homes For Pets
(Schertz, TX)

Sweet, beautiful Judy!

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Sweet, beautiful Judy!

Judy is a sweet little girl, born 3/30/2010, who has tested positive for Feline Leukemia twice after being taken into a foster home for Homes For Pets, a no-kill 501 (c)(3) rescue group located near San Antonio.

Judy is a active, healthy, playful kitten with no signs of illness. However, FeLV can be contagious to other cats, so Judy needs to be adopted to a home where she would be the only cat, or else to a home with another FeLV cat.

Judy loves to drink from the faucet and play hide and seek. We play with her and she loves to ambush us but uses no claws. She loves to play and be with people. She enjoys sleeping with and playing with her foster parents and would be great for a single kitty home. She loves strings and balls with bells. She loves to play and be with people.

Judy was pulled from an animal control facility at 8 weeks of age, and tested positive when she was to be spayed. We waited to retest her and the test came back positive a second time.

Judy has had her shots and is spayed, she is litterbox trained and a wonderful kitty.

We cannot guess at how long she will live. Sadly, there is no cure for FeLV. At this time she has no signs of the illness. Her foster mom has been told that the average lifespan of a cat with FeLV is 5 years but all cats react differently and we have no idea of when she will show signs of illness. She has heard stories of some FeLV cats living to the age of 8 and 12 years old. Judy needs a home that will love her for however much time she has and she has plenty of love to give in return.

So if you are willing to take this sweet kitty and give Judy a good life and enjoy her love, please fill out a application for her and meet her. Please visit our Homes For Pets website at www.homesforpets.org to fill out an online Adoption Application, or else send an e-mail to info@homesforpets.org if you have questions.

Thank you for considering Judy!

Homes For Pets

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