Julian Assange Adopts A Ten-Week-Old Kitten

Julian Assange has spent almost 4 years holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy. He is avoiding extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations which he denies. He fears that if he is extradited to Sweden he will then be extradited to the USA were he could end up being convicted and incarcerated for a very long time.

Julian and his kitten companion
Julian and his kitten companion
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The Wikileaks founder has been given a 10-week-old kitten by his children, yesterday. He needs the company. We know that the domestic cat is great company and I’m sure that his new kitten will be a great distraction for him as well. Of course, the kitten will be a full-time indoor cat, not by choice but by necessity. I hope that Julian Assange takes on board the extra responsibility that this brings in terms of having to provide entertainment and exercise et cetera.

Kitten snuggles up
Kitten snuggles up

The public have been invited to name his new kitten companion. The press has been discussing whether there is a cat flap at the Ecuadorian embassy. No catflap is visible! Of course.

People should not criticise Julian Assange for having to keep his cat indoors because there are millions of people who satisfactory look after their cat companion in America while living in apartments. It may not be ideal but there is no possibility that this kitten can be let outside because where Julian Assange is holed up is a very busy area of central London next to Harrods department store. It would be unimaginable to let a cat wander around in that area.

Julian Assange sleeps in a converted ladies’ lavatory. During the day he is confined to a small room with a frosted glass window which, we are told, cannot be opened. He walked into the embassy in June 2012 to seek political asylum after the Supreme Court in the UK rejected the last of his appeals against extradition to Sweden.

I wish this kitten the very best of luck and I hope that Julian Assange looks after her/him well. I am one of those people who supports Mr Assange. He polarises opinion. The establishment hate him. People who challenge the status quo like him.

Source: The Times Newspaper

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4 thoughts on “Julian Assange Adopts A Ten-Week-Old Kitten”

  1. I’d like to think in the positive.
    This is a beautiful tiny tabby, and who wouldn’t love him/her? His children must have had some knowledge that he would like or they wouldn’t have brought to him. That this baby must be indoors is irrelevant. I’m sure that he has nothing but time to keep both of them entertained.

    1. I tend to agree with you but I have a gut feeling that Assange is not quite the right type to look after a cat for the long term.

    1. Me too. I have doubts that this will work out for various reasons one of which his children acquired the kitten for him we are told. I don’t see great commitment from Mr Assange. And this predicament is precarious.

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