Julian Assange’s embassy cat ended up with his fiancée

Assange with fiancee and cat with fiancee
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Assange with fiancée Stella Morris and cat with fiancée. The cat picture is a screenshot from Daily Mail video and the main photo is by Joseph Farrell. Ms Morris is holding a photo of one of the children.

Several years ago there was a barrage of news about a kitten given to Assange who was in self-imposed imprisonment at the embassy of Ecuador to escape extradition to the USA. His children gave him the kitten to ease his life which was unhealthy. It was alleged that he did a poor job in looking after the cat who was named Michy. The diplomats with whom he lived all day didn’t like it and demanded the cats removal. We were told that she was given to his ‘family’. It was very vague.

We now know that Assange secretly fathered two children during his near 7 year incarceration at the embassy. They are Max and Gabriel, aged one and three respectively. The mother? She is Stella Morris, his fiancée. She is a Swedish citizen born in South Arica with a Cuban heritage who changed her name from Sara Gonzalez Devant to maintain a low profile.

Stella Morris hugs Michy at her home with her 2 children fathered by Assange

Stella Morris hugs Michy at her home with her 2 children fathered by Assange. Screenshot from video.

At the time it was a mystery where Michy ended up. Now we know it is Ms Morris who was given the cat because Michy is seen in a video made by Ms Morris in which she talks about her relationship and Assange’s now genuine incarceration at Bellmarsh high security prison in Woolwich, Southeast London, UK. She is frightened that he will catch coronavirus and die because he is in poor health due to 23.5 hour solitary confinement. Assange is there on remand as I understand it awaiting the outcome of extradition proceedings as he is considered a flight risk.

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Mentally, I do not think he will survive further enforced isolation…

Michy is a grey-and-white tabby. Ms Morris tells us her story in detail in the Daily Mail video.

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