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Julianne Moore donated 10,000 meals to TNR programs

NEWS/OPINION – I believe that Julianne Moore likes cats. She must (I say boldly) because she appears to live with a super looking ginger tabby whose looks male and, in any case, in 2015 she donated 10,000 meals to feral cats on Long Island. I can’t confirm that the picture below is of her with her cat at her home. It looks like it.

Julianne Moore and cat

She was given the right to chose a charity to receive 1 to 1.2 tons of cat food worth $5,100, which was donated by Halo for Pets who were working in partnership with and on this charitable project. Halo for Pets is co-owned by Ellen DeGeneris, incidentally.

Julianne Moore selected Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) of the Hamptons and they distributed the food to 20 volunteers who are caring from feral cat colonies from the Town of Brookhaven to Montauk Point. The volunteers operate TNR programs called ‘Operation Cat Program’.

This is a big endorsement for TNR by a well know actress who has won an Oscar for the lead role in Still Alice. She says that she loves work with animals.

This is not news! No way, but I like to know who the celebs are who like cats. Celebs can do a lot to further cat welfare.

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