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Julianne Westberry case – South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) Investigation — 12 Comments

  1. Anderson County P.A.W.S shelter in South Carolina is going to kill all of these cats on Monday if they are not adopted by Monday July 7. Please people, go there and adopt these cats!!! Save them!!!!!!!

  2. That picture makes me feel so mad & angry and upset. As that kitty looks a lot like Jasmine. The look on that poor kitty’s face,Of Sadness and Anger and disappointment tells it all. How could anyone do this to this animal?? I believe the person at the farm, the bf SHOULD BE CHARGED, as well. Just like when someone gets charged as a accessory after the fact. I cuddle my cats thankful that this sort of thing not happening over here. It really makes you appreciate your cats more.

  3. About this person not getting charged isn’t right for the animal’s !!! No matter what the so called reason !!! So never ever have another animal period !!!never never never !!! Makes me sad & sick !! Do not let them have any animal’. Poor kitty”s !!!

  4. How in the HELL can a cat look like this and the person not be charged! I hope KARMA pays you a visit REAL soon!

  5. Michael can you make a quick correction? Total cats and kittens combined is around 800. Want this to be correct.

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