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Julianne Westberry: Cats from the farm ready to begin a new life — 20 Comments

  1. Aww thats certainly alot of cats and kittens. Wish i could come out and pet them ill have to pet from afar. As im in New Zealand. Heres a photo I Made of the Cat i decided to call Bright Eyes my Favourite that i fell in love with. I resized it.

  2. Thank you Elisa for the article and thank you to EVERYONE who has helped us make this dream a reality!! Right now we have 24 adults and 11 kittens (3 days – 1.5 weeks old) in our facility. We have 7 more adults arriving Wednesday,with the possibility of that number going up depending on if animal control trapped any additional cats Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. So far everyone is doing well. We have 3 nursing moms and (we believe) 12 pregnant females, 3 of which are about ready to give birth any day… 1 we think will have had her kittens by Wednesday morning. We have several other females who are not pregnant. We have4 altered males and several unaltered males.

    We do have a few sick cats (including one or two expecting mommas) but mostly it is just minor upper respiratory issues… no major sickness to report. Lots of skinny little malnourished kitties and many of the expected issues from cats who have been thrown out on a far…scratches, missing hair (probably from fighting, not ringworm), fleas (now taken care of, of course!), minor wounds, etc. Pretty much everyone needs to gain a little weight.

    We have a couple of cats that could be semi feral or just really scared. Almost everyone is super friendly though! We only have one “true feral” cat so far, and she is a little DMH black girl…who is pregnant, of course!

    We are happy to have anyone come out and take a look, play with the cats, or help out if they can!

  3. I can identify two of those kitties. One for sure. The grey and white female is Bella. I believe the grey male with the grey nose is Blue. This is some conflict in this but I am almost positive with the description given to me about him. They were both personal furbabies of mine until I became homeless approx 3 1/2 years ago. Julianne took them for me and assured me Bella had been adopted and lived in another state and was told nothing else about the rest. I have located one of the others that was mine and that is one of the calico’s in other pics also dumped on the “farm”. Her name is Mitzy. The other 3, I have not seen. I believe the ones that survived only did because they had been strays before I rescued them and they were taken very well care of until I became homeless. I have since gotten back on my feet and have been at the same job for 3 years and same home for the same amount of time. I would love to bring them home with me. I just need to know what to do.

    • I left Ash Truesdale a message so she can get back to her. I don’t know how long before she has time to answer. Her hands are full right now with the cats. Hopefully soon.

        • Sent you a new one. The one I promised. I’m headed to bed now. Exausting day. I’ll network the new one from my phone.

      • Yes I answered Amber back (with Roslyn’s help!) and she is welcome to come out and see the cats and the building and see if these 2 belong to her any time! Anyone is welcome to come out! We are always going to need volunteers to clean, help us move donations around, organize things, and just simply give the cats some attention 🙂

  4. So pleased those precious kitties are safe. Although really sad for those kitties Pregnant. I am so thankful the black kitty that I was so worried about. Is safe and with a foster mother. I really was so worried about her. Just with her eyes and the angry look on her face it said it all. I will donate to one of the above causes. Just so thankful to all involved,I really hope this women gets charged with the Full highest Law possible. As all the extra work she has caused and the bad name its given a lot of rescues. xx

    • Oh Kylee, your fav kitty IS the foster mama to a litter. It’s believed it may even be her own litter since one looks just like her. With all the pregnant moms and kittens it’s possible her kittens found a surrogate mom until they were reunited.

      We sure have some awesome women in this area who are behind this project. I don’t know where the men are. LOL. Of you notice women seem to rule the shelter urgent pages as well.

      I was just so tired reporting all the bad news. I’m still very upset about Doris. She’s lost half her weight it looks like since mid May. Look at her shelter photo then the one Suzy made when she got her home Monday.

      That poor kitty had a 300 mile ride. She has to be tired. And to think the man who surrendered the cats hasn’t been charged with cruelty.

      • Yea thank you so much I just felt a special connection to her. My heart is just so thankful she made it. It sucks majorly that he wont be charged with cruelty he SHOULD BE JOINTLY Charged. The same way if any other person is charged like an Accessory. That what would happen over here. Thats sad she got kitties. Poor Girl. Yea I wish i could of been there all along. I know i cant do a lot,and I’m not over there, but its meant a lot knowing there are wonderful Women. Shame no men could help. Thanks for keeping us all in the Loop its good to know they are safe and out of her Claws. I feel so saddened that this has even happened.

        • Our first cat Lola had a surrogate mom. Lola just wandered up when she was about a month oold and a mama cat with kittens took her in. No one knew where she came from. The mama cat lived in the country about 20 miles from us and a girl at a store told us she had some kittens.

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