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Julianne Westberry charged with felony fraud for missing funds — 36 Comments

  1. The woman taped live, frightened cats in cabinets with no food or water. She left nursing moms with babies in their carriers to starve and suffer. I don’t count on the legal system for much these days, but someone must make sure she can no longer have animals or pets.

    I am still so saddened and traumatized by this. I rarely donate to rescuers anymore; I want to trust, but I can not take the chance that someone is abusing the animals. Act locally, think globally.

  2. So she didn’t get charged hard enough. After all that Mess she caused and many of harm caused to Cats. One things for sure the Law needs to be Changed worldwide its just not fair.

  3. However, I will also add that I also blame the people who gave Julianne the cats w/out checking out her place first or following up on her. They enabled her w/ her sickness.

  4. Can’t the Humane Society file a civil suit since she claimed to volunteer with them, which was fraudulent? She gave them a bad name & now it’s costing them adoptions & donations. I agree w/ everyone that she is worse than a hoarder. While I am not a doctor, I think hoarders take on too many animals because they think they love them, but fail to see that they cause suffering. They have a mental illness and can’t see beyond the things or animals they collect. This JW didn’t love or claim to live the cats. She just took the money, threw the cats in the house, and left. She really didn’t care at all. Who knows? I do think prison is a good place for her. While her PayPal shows a certain amount, who knows how much cash others gave her. If she wasn’t using cats to con people, she may use other means to con people.

  5. Too bad she can’t be tried under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).

    Hopefully, more charges will be forthcoming. She is guilty of grand theft, misrepresentation (impersonating someone she’s not), interstate crimes (or worse if she received money from outside the country), all on top of the cruelty charges.
    At least one of the above are federal offenses.
    She could, possibly, be convicted and serve prison time for her state crimes and, then, go to a federal penitentiary for her federal convictions.

    I’m most always disillusioned by our courts when it comes to animal abuse. But, in her case, I believe that she will serve some time because defrauding in a charitable way sits very poorly with most courts.

  6. I’ve asked Ash to update the number of cats. The Independent Mail didn’t take into account the number of dead found under the house a few days later. I believe that number was between 20-25.

    • You can’t call what she did hoarding. Hoarders aren’t in it for the money. Hoarders don’t use deception the way she did.
      The number of dead found in the house far exceeds the published reports.
      And for someone ,in one of the stories , to say 70 healthy cats were found at the farm leads me to believe that person couldn’t have seen any of the cats from the farm. Although the farm cats appeared healthier than those at the house , they still suffered a multitude of illnesses.

      • Michael added the first sentence calling her a hoarder. It will get the article picked up for better exposure on the internet. Personally, I’d have used “monster.”

          • It wasn’t a mistake but I like the redo. To get the article noticed it had to fall under the hoarding category. I’m not sure it would have gotten top ranking to call her a monster. I’ll just never get it out of my head how she could leave cats in their carriers and walk away, knowing they’d die a slow death.

          • Michael I do not think she is a hoarder that gives her a out with a mental condition of fear of loss of things! She is a ANIMAL ABUSER and a CON ARTIST! You can’t imagine the people who have been hurt by this woman the shelter volunteers, the financial donators, the foster homes, the people who transported to her, she betrayed the animals and the people who trusted her with them! She used the money donated to the animals that she told people she would SAVE from KILL SHELTERS for herself or her boyfriend Marshall who knows. She sure didn’t use it for food and medical for those poor animals. There death would have been much easier if the were PTS just one shot at the shelters she pulled them from. Not weeks of starvation and organ failure which is VERY painful! I was told she did not even give them litter boxes (I do not know if that is true) which shows she never intended to even try to find those cats homes! I feel she was worse than a back yard breeder at least they feed something to the animals until they sell them and getting them to a new home is their profit motivator not take the MONEY FIRST to do the good deed! She is even worse than the people called CLASS B DEALERS who get cats off Craig’s list FREE TO GOOD HOME pretending to be rescues or a adopter and sell to labs for research!

      • She’s no more a hoarder than a serial killer is who kills his victims & then stores their bodies underneath his house. A hoarder is someone who takes in a lot of animals but is in no way paid for them. This woman only took in these animals for their pledges and then she starved to them to death intentionally.

    • It did not indicate the number of the number of shelters nor the number of cats taken, nor the horrific conditions and that the cats were barely survived, the ones that made it, and where the hundreds missing are from like 16 shelters. The paypal everyone knows and not a secret. It’s everywhere. And the receipts from the Humane Society are puplic, although fabricated. Let’s not pretend they don’t know about this. She was giving out receipts from the clinic and her paypal was mass marketed. We all know what that was so in the media articles they DO know.

      • Larissa, thanks for the comment. You write:

        The paypal everyone knows and not a secret. It’s everywhere.

        Are you saying that the majority of cat rescue individuals practice fraud of some sort or another? If so do have some nice examples?

        • Thanks for noting that. I think it’s important. She DID volunteer. She was on the premises at the spay neuter clinic. She returned phone calls to schedule appointments and much more.

      • Someone told me it was up to 800 so where are the rest. And it wasn’t just shelter cats she was taking with a donation but personal pets as well!

        • She did. I know of one instance for sure. She wanted help to get an owner’s pets to her who was moving. She took money. My friend kept them in Charlotte then I brought them to her. 🙁 It was a mama with babies and to this day I have no idea if…..the mama found….It’s like I have PTSD over it.

    • Elisa I did not know that maybe that’s where our Pursian Mom and Babies were that we could not locate. Their papers were in that house. A little justice for sweet ManDela (lost her eye) and Braxton (survived liver failure from not food and water) who survived their 3 weeks at the JW house of horrors both who are in wonderful homes now! Thank You Elisa for all you have done! Can’t wait for the trial! Justice for you sweet ManDela!

        • Yes ManDela fought for her rights and freedom first from the backyard breeder who turned her and her brother into the Cabarrus Animal Control with 20 other half siblings. Then she was imprisoned again by JW but fought to live! She is a fighter!

        • Our special girl has a new home! Sweet Mandela, one of our kitties recovered for the horrible Julianne Westberry situation in South Carolina found her forever home with the Harrel family. Mandela survived unspeakable horror, nearly starved to death and ultimately losing an eye to severe infection, but it NEVER changed the way she loved people. A testament to the forgiving nature of animals. This girl meant a great deal to all of us as we fought to bring her back from the brink of starvation and illness and watched her turn in to the plucky girl she is today. Her new family understood just how special this girl is and promises us lots of updates on how she is doing. Have a wonderful life precious angel

  7. If convicted she can be sentenced to 10 years in prison. I think she’ll get the max just because of the cats being left to die.

    • She starved hundreds of cats to death & she is only being charged with the mistreatment of one cat? How can that be? The prosecutor in this case has either dropped the ball or just doesn’t care much for the cats to prove more animal cruelty charges. Most of the cats starved to death, if this doesn’t show a common thread among all the cats & that all were starved by her, then what will?

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