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Julianne Westberry Court Appearance — 6 Comments

  1. Previous articles about JW had anywhere from 1.1K Facebook likes to 2.6K Facebook likes. This article hasn’t even hit 200 yet. Same goes with Kristen Lindsey. Each update gets fewer and fewer. It’s a bad way to judge things but it’s fairly accurate.

  2. I’ll repeat what I said on Facebook last week… Justice would be a public hanging.. Save our tax dollars and remove this POS from existence. The end.

  3. This monster should serve many years considering how many innocent cats suffered because of her! Cats have helped heal and comfort many lives, and are very valuable to humanity!!! Please make her pay for all the pain she has caused!!!

  4. Those innocents… they feel so deeply, either loved or heartlessly betrayed. We need a new word or phrase for cruelty to animals, especially domestic cats. I can’t think of anything strong enough.

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