JULIANNE WESTBERRY – the disturbing continuing story (more dead than living cats)

A lot has happened in the week since Julianne Westberry of Belton, South Carolina was arrested after being found with 37 dead cats and 32 live cats in her home (based on what the police have said). Please click on this link to see the last article on this tragedy, which links to the first one (the link opens a new window/tab). This will be a long article, simply because it must be.

cat rescued died later

The only survivors from the house

Please take the time to watch this five-minute slideshow I worked very hard to put together. The photos were made by myself, Ash Truesdale and the staff at Anderson County PAWS.

You can see a photo collage of the surviving cats on this page (opens a new window/tab). As far as I am aware at this time 28th June 2014 they need a new home. Interested?

The cats in this slideshow are the only survivors from the house. The problem is, there’s no way of knowing whether Julianne ever bagged the dead and tossed them out like so much garbage. Had it not been for the person who reported the odor and flies after stopping to look at patio furniture, would Julianne have disposed of the dead cats in her home and no one been the wiser?

I call this a tragedy because none of those who worked in saving lives on the ‘urgents lists’, especially those at Greenville County Animal Care Services, realized this was going on. It seems everyone who knew her is now on a mission to make things right; to find the whereabouts of each and everyone we can of the more than 450 cats Julianne pulled over the past year.

Ash Truesdale is making progress on the cat photo album Dead or Alive. Ash and I both had the pleasure of meeting staff on Thursday at Anderson County P.A.W.S, the county shelter where the cats are being held. I say cats, but many are kittens, only a few months old now.

Most of the kittens handed over to Julianne are presumed dead. Almost every cat at PAWS is sick, emaciated and some have injuries. From my experience of being around many sick shelter cats, I feel these are going to make it. There are no white cats, no ginger cats or Persian cats. A few black cats and several tabbies are safe. So are a few Siamese and calicos.

At least the situation here won’t be holding the cat’s hostage like they have in the Golden S Ranch case, where Anderson County PAWS has had to keep more than 100 dogs until the case goes to trial. Many were in foster care until being turned over to Julianne to find what was supposed to be a loving forever home. The shelter staff is working just as hard as those in rescue to identify the cats in their care and get them to the person who loved them most before this nightmare began.

Diana Watson, evening anchor with Fox Carolina News, also made a trip to Anderson on Thursday. She spoke with the Anderson County Humane Society, who gave a statement about not realizing Julianne was using their 501c3 status and representing their organization to take cats from shelters in NC, SC, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Diana also spoke with Julianne via Facebook. Julianne is now saying she doesn’t know what made her ‘snap’ and allow so many cats to suffer. She calls her own behavior inexcusable. Hearing from people who have known Julianne for years, it’s come to light this isn’t something new. She may have been doing this for a few years now.

In the first article I wrote for PoC on Julianne, her former landlady tells of the damage to that home. They had to scrape up what may have been the remains of a dead cat from the floor. It’s just a shame no one caught her behavior in time. Julianne would meet people at other places many times to trade out cats. Her previous landlords say she would put them off at inspection time, giving Julianne time to have all of the cats out of the house.

Information has now surfaced that when moving out of her prior home, Julianne and friends were observed wearing heavy duty gloves and loading black garbage bags. Whatever was inside, it left a bad odor in the area they were removed from. This is disturbing, because if true, not only are there more victims, there are also others who knew Julianne for what she was and helped her rid her last residence of any possible evidence.

A plea is still out there for anyone who adopted or is fostering any of Julianne’s ‘rescues’ to please come forward, just so we can mark any cats who survived off of the list and quit searching for them. You’re not in any trouble, we just need some good news that some of the cats did survive. Many have already been found at a farm in the area, where Julianne dumped them. Those were the lucky ones.

Big Boy, a snow white beauty, is now dead. The baby kittens are all presumed dead. Venus and Milly, along with their kittens, are confirmed dead. Cottontina, turned into the Greenville shelter twice and last rescued by Julianne, is still missing.

At present, Julianne was charged with one count of ill treatment to animals. The community is outraged and believes she should face one count for each cat. Listed below are some phone numbers you can call to express your opinion.

  • Belton Police Department (864)338-8448
  • Anderson County Solicitor’s Office (864)260-4046
  • Internet Fraud
  • Mail Fraud http://ehome.uspis.gov/fcsexternal/
  • Anderson County government http://www.andersoncountysc.org


As to the matter of Julianne taking funds using the good name of Anderson County Humane Society, that could turn out being the most serious offense. Several people have come forward who wanted to donate straight to ACHS, but Julianne asked for the money instead. That’s fraud. If anyone mailed Julianne donations using the USPS system, that’s mail fraud. PayPal has its own safeguards put in place. PayPal is hard to reach but does have an online resolution center where anyone who donated using PayPal can file a report. I’m not sure how PayPal will handle the situation, since no ‘merchandise’ was passed, or the time limit a complaint would have to have been filed in.

Julianne is home. After being released on $1,000 bond (meaning $100 got her out) and supposedly checking into and now out of treatment. Meanwhile, there are many of us trying to pick up the pieces of the mess she created.


External Link: EducatorLabs.org

Note: sources for news articles are carefully selected but the news is often not independently verified.

Elisa Black-Taylor

Elisa is an experienced cat caretaker and rescuer. She lives in the US. As well as being a professional photographer, Elisa has been a regular contributor to PoC for nine years. See her Facebook page.

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187 Responses

  1. Oonie says:

    Itโ€™s 2021 and for everyone but those poor cats it seems to be like this never happened. She has had cats and dogs since. Sheโ€™s constantly around children. No justice was served. She paid $100. The only people who remember are the ones who have been in that house.

  2. terri wolfe says:

    almost 2 yrs later , we are dealing with tamara and terry, hundreds missing, shelter only admitting 80 i think 9 alive out of all of them, petitions, fraud, same ole charges, and watch and see these 2 will get off scott free too. N C does not enforce the law when the charges are animal cruelty, abandonment, fraud, , they do not care and do not enforce the law. and the SPCA, ASPCA, Humane Soc. or any of the rest which collect hundreds of thousands each year to enforce animal law will not even answer request for help. be careful where you send your charitable donations. Terri Wolfe

  3. LC says:

    I just saw a change.org petition about this case. However, I have been unable to find an update. Any chance I can get up-to-date status of this case here? Thanks

  4. somer says:

    I know now why Julianne has kept the girls away from there blood family!!! I knew she had something she was hiding And DSS just allowed her to take them away from us and put them in a worse place all while we missed out on there childhood!!!! And she still has my little cousin why??????

  5. Elisa says:

    Update on the farm cats rescued. Get ready to cry when you watch the video I made. http://www.examiner.com/article/anderson-feline-survivors-a-story-of-hope

  6. Elisa says:

    First farm rescues adoption event is today. This will really help since there are 4 mama cats and 13 more pregnant. The more adults that can be placed the better.

  7. Quinn says:

    If the cats can’t tell their story the humans she adopted should get to tell theirs… And talk about how they lived with this woman. I’m a good friend of Ashley Bowen which is her eldest adopted daughter. When she moved out she couldn’t wait. What was she running from? Contact her via Facebook she may or may not respond. You could find out this has been going on longer than a year..

  8. Elisa says:

    An update on some. Whisker’s isn’t doing well.The rescue has to pay the vet up front and needs help. Thanks to JW, people aren’t pledging to save cats in the high-kill shelters like they did. That’s why I list vet info. A lot of people will call a vet direct to help out. http://www.examiner.com/article/saving-southern-kitties-needs-funds-to-care-for-survivors-from-sc-torture-case

  9. Martha Sue Wright says:

    Sue is her mother… She admits that Julianne has had mental issues for years. They may be hereditary… Sue seems to be defending her which is CRAZY! I hear they are both hiding out in a small town in Southeast GA w/ a family member. I also hear Julianne has 3 more cats in her possession since the arrest!

    • Thanks Martha. She has mental issues but as you say she can’t hide behind that. Also the justice system doesn’t seem to be working that well. She shouldn’t be allowed to keep cats pending her trial.

      • kylee says:

        This is just disgusting Michael. Why should she be allowed cats still, after all that she has caused?? I Have a mental illness too, but do you see me doing that?? Its cruelty Just looking at Slideshows, and the many Cats rescued from the farm and all the work that such wonderful women have done to look after the Animals that have come from her home. Also that she is still allowed cats after all that she has caused. Just so wrong. Very dissappointed.

  10. Elisa says:

    If you look at my wall we managed to match up more survivors from the house. Its at http://www.facebook.com/elisascats. Also Saving Southern Kitties has new photos of the survivors they have in their care.

  11. Elisa says:

    Died over the weekend. The top photo was her shelter photo. The bottom made last Thursday when I visited the cats who were rescued.

  12. Elisa says:

    Dead gray kitten on the left

  13. Melanne Hoeflicker says:

    Please find tis woman guilty. cruelty to animals is now a felony in all fifty states. Her action certainly should be regarded as animal cruelty. I hope that she is charged with cruelty to animals and fraud and anything else that she can be charged with. I am hopeful that she will be found guilty in a court of law. Her actions are right up there with what Micheal Vick did if not worse.

  14. Nancy Morgan says:

    If you are her mother how could you not know what your daughter was doing? I donated more than once and I am personally going after her for fraud. I am also making calls to get justice for the animals. If you knew, and I don’t see how you couldn’t know, then you are as guilty as she is. She should be in jail.

  15. Elisa says:

    Torture has been added to the charge

    • kylee says:

      This has really changed Everything Elisa. After seeing so many photos of the Cats and the Video which I’ve watched many times which I chose to do. It hurt me to watch them, but for those innocent animals and such sad looking eyes and looking Very depressed I can cope as im strong at heart for those animals. It is good to know she has been charged with what she has been charged with, I hope stronger Penaltys will come to light. She must be made to pay for what she has done if that be in a mental Hospital. She mustn’t be allowed any animals at all, that’s just what I think. If you cant care adquately for a animal and even a teenager you cant care for lots of animals.

    • Good. Let’s see her get convicted and a decent sentence.

  16. Sandra says:

    I am hurt to my very soul by reading this. These poor animals did nothing other than be at the mercy of humans and this is what they got. What does this say about our humanity? I will be haunted by the site of these poor babies for a long time. It is how we treat the humblest among us which determines the fate of our souls. Wonder where she will be for eternity?

  17. Catnip says:

    Sorry- Julianne supporters- locking cats in cupboards and under the house to starve to death is the sign of a psychotic killer. Regardless if she went off the deep end there are laws about psychopathic murderers. The problem is SC doesnt give a crap about animals or else this POS murderer would be behind bars awaiting trial for what she did instead of being coddled by her enablers- who should also be arrested as accessories.
    I hope she burns in hell- and SC your legislators and law enforcement and judges SUCK big time.
    This hurts all of us in rescue and 501c3- this is the fodder for PeTA to fight no kill and hurts all the animals we are trying to save
    – and I for one want to see her go down.

    • locking cats in cupboards and under the house to starve to death is the sign of a psychotic killer

      It is a form of sociopathic behavior and evil.

      • Quinn says:

        Lock her in a damn cabinet. This is so depressing. I just.. I can’t imagine these poor kitties thoughts. “What did I do wrong?”

  18. Elisa says:

    Would anyone who supports Julianne like to comment on how this was an accident when duct tape was found on the outside of cabinets sealing the cats in those cabinets? The police report says officers found claw marks on the inside where the cats had struggled to get out. Not that anything better was waiting on the outside…http://www.change.org/petitions/belton-sc-police-dept-864-260-4046-charge-julianne-westberry-with-class-one-felonies-of-animal-cruelty-for-every-cat-dead-or-alive-in-her-home-and-for-each-donation-received-fraudulently?share_id=tFIcUTXkkj&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=share_petition

  19. Gail Arthur says:

    There is absolutely no reason why this woman/murderer should walk away scott free for killing so many defenseless creatures that were left in her care. She should rot in prison for what she has done. Burn in hell.

  20. Elisa says:

    Buddy is now safe with a reputable rescue after surviving the farm. He’s only half the size or less than he was when taken out of the shelter. His mate is still missing.

  21. Elisa says:

    I have walked a mile in her shoes. In 2012 we had 27 cats. Other than a few who wouldn’t get over URI’s and a few we had to fatten up we had no issues ecxept having too many. We worked with the shelter and area rescues who helped us find homes for almost 2 dozen. Then we helped the shelter as a foster and assessed the type home a foster would need. I know several who were on the brink of disaster and yes they have mental issues. We all got the cats to a better situation before something like this happened. Julianne was on my close friends list. Never met her but we stayed in touch of Facebook.

  22. Rayanne says:

    Since Sue Westberry is Julianne’s mother, maybe she can get some of the answers everyone is asking… since Julianne is under her roof. Then again you can’t reason with the unreasonable, so maybe she can’t. This whole situation has me sick and heartbroken. One question she can start with is what happened to Cash and Max, Gina Hewett Stanley’s 2 kitties. 17 year old Pearl is accounted for, but not Max and Cash. She wants her cats…or at least the answers to what became of them. It’s the least Julianne can do.

    • Thank you for telling us that Sue is Julianne’s mother. I wasn’t sure. It isn’t just the cat abuse that is bad. Is she allowed to be involved with cats still? It seems that she is. There should be an injunction on her preventing any dealings with cats.

      • Rayanne says:

        You’re welcome. Sue said that she was Julianne’s mother. I am not acquainted with either on any level, so I don’t know the specifics. Lord I hope she will be forbidden from having any dealing with animals…especially cats.

        • DJ says:

          Sue is Julianne’s mother. I can verify that. I have known her family for many years. I believe Sue will do all she can do to get Julianne the help she needs. I really feel bad for her mother. This is a lot to have to deal with after the loss of her husband. I have said this in previous posts. I knew Julianne more than 15 years ago and I really believe she would never have hurt a cat for any reason (at that time) and am in shock that this has all happened. I believe this is a true mental illness. Having not spent time with her in a long time, I am not sure when her mental health began to decline. I am not justifying what she did. It is horrific….but please remember, she is somebody’s daughter.

      • kylee says:

        If you have a look under one of my comments Sue said she was her daughter above in one of the comments. I think she must feel overresponisble. Still no excuse for it esp if its happened a long time before her father passed.

  23. Don Stephens says:

    I only pray that she gets jail time and that the other inmates in jail kill her. If she doesn’t get jail time, I pray that her house goes up in flames, and she burns to death.

  24. judith malone says:

    I saw one comment that Julianna’s given name is Sue (do not know if true) and there are comments here from Sue Westberry. Is this you Julianna? Are you able to give any further info as to where some of the missing kitties might be? Were some adopted out into other homes? It would really be appreciated if you are able to help locate them, just so we will all be reassured about their wellbeing. Thank you.

  25. Elisa says:

    May not make it due to liver damage caused by starvation. Now in a home environment and out of the shelter.

  26. Elisa says:

    Home with people to love and care for. Its nice to see a few have been able to leave the shelter

  27. Elisa says:

    As far as I know SC has no law against not owning animals in the future. We had a puppy mill guy who got out on bond and was back selling dogs the next day. It’s unreal. We’re trying to get tougher laws.

    • That sounds bad to me. In the UK (and I not blowing the UK trumpet) animal abusers are often banned from any involvement with animals for many years, usually around 10.

      • Chall says:

        I truly do believe Julianne is still doing it and using family alias names, There is a Juli person on YouTube who is big noting in Christian channels how her and her family have a couple of properties and are rescuing cats and some are pregnant and I’m concerned it might be the same person , well I hope it’s not but sounds very very familiar

    • joan rutstein says:

      Folks in SC need to rally around these cats as we did in Maassachusetts with Puppy Doe. Because of the vigils and MSPCA, Attorney General etc involved we got tougher laws passed. The worst thing that can happen is if this is forgotten and the death and suffering of these felines is all for nothing. We are their voices and we MUST speak up to the media…celebrities….politicians…general public. Target those who have influence and love cats!We cannot give up…….Don;t rely on facebook since they limit who can see our posts as well.

  28. Sommer Hammett says:

    This is a painful read, but the information must be circulated and fully understood. Thanks to my friend (CC) who sent me to the website.


    • kylee says:

      thats very helpful really that lady should never have access to any animal. If she cant care for herself how on earth can she care for animals

  29. Elisa says:

    This is an update. The long haired cat shown first on the YouTube video has so much liver damage from starvation they don’t expect it to pull thru.

    • Desperately sad. Westberry should be banned from keeping animals for anything from 10 years to life. Can you update us on her criminal charge? Do USA sentences include being banned from keeping animals? She appears to be allowed to keep pets while out on bail! Have I missed something?

    • kylee says:

      Was that the tortie one??
      thats so horrible i feel even more broken now.

      • Elisa says:

        Tortie is safe and in a home in NC. I have a photo in a new story I just sent Michael. The long haired shown first in the video is the one with severe liver damage from starvation.She’s fighting to live and on fluids.

        • kylee says:

          Elisa its so hard isn’t it. Have you been able to get any rest? I guess not. I’ll have another look..

          • Elisa says:

            Michael hasn’t published the new on yet. Not resting much at all since this happened. I’ll be dying of heatstroke later this week so I’ll rest then.

            • kylee says:

              Yea your all doing an amazing job. It’s really so hard to understand it all. It’s so hard to watch that video, but I feel I owe it to them to be strong and watch it. I touch the screen over each cat and kitty and hope the good ones find forever homes that are safe forever.

  30. Elisa says:


  31. kylee says:

    She was charged with 1,000 bond and managed to get out with 100 elisa said. Really sad should of been much,much more

    • terri says:

      Julianne’s bond was set at $1000.00. If a bail bondsmen was used then she would have payed the bail bondsmen 10% of the $1000.00 bond….hence the $100.00. Also when a bond is set as slow as this one at $1000.00, a judge many times will release the person arrested “on their on recognizant”(sp?). which very well may have happened. since she is a long time resident with ties to the community and many friends and family in the area. I am a friend of Julianne’s and am completely sick and very saddened by what has happened. I met Julianne when i adopted a female tabby from “the farm”. Julianne saved my life when she brought me Baby after my beloved Jack died. I still believe that she was depressed and so overwhelmed (and, yes she should have asked for help).
      Severe depression causes drastic and life altering chemical changes in the brain that most don’t even realize what is happening to them and they simply give up and many times block out anything bad, sad,or stressful. I do not believe that Julianne intentionally set out to hurt any of those sweet babies. And until any of us can see inside her brain or walk in her shoes for just one day, I personally will not try and convict her in the court of public opinion (which is called facebook)! None of us like what happened and we are all so saddened by it……..but although none of us may have fell into the depths that Julianne did, I say “Let those without sin cast the first stone!” Thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest.

      • Thanks Terri for update on the criminal charge side of the story. But this means she can go on keeping cats, which seems bizarre to me. In other words she is free to do more animal abuse (more alleged crimes). Why doesn’t the judge set bail conditions: no pets allowed at all pending the trial. Perhaps that has happened.

      • kylee says:

        Oh i agree terry i have clincial Depression myself, but to do that to so many innocent animals is just so wrong. To have that many animals is too much too. I dont know how anyone could have that many animals.

        • joan rutstein says:

          Reminder,,,,,she checked herself out of hospital and feels she does not need help! Also, her family and close friends knew this was an issue for years and looked the other way. It does not help anyone to be surrounded by enablers. Many prisons are filled with people who had a “mental lapse” why is she any different? Confine her to a facility where she cannot just check out….let her get help and order her not to have any possession of or contact with any animal now and in the future. This should also include those that were her accomplices in hiding bodies which proves people knew and did nothing to prevent this horror….please stop making excuses for what has happened!

          • kylee says:

            I wasn’t making excuses Joan was just saying in my situation. I dont even know the lady. I just hope a lesson can be learnt from this, from all people who are caretakers or rescue animals to Cat Hoarders. This is just so horrible for all animals whether cats or dogs. Stronger Penalty’s as abuse is abuse.

          • Quinn says:

            Sure… Yeah….. It was only a year…….

    • Sue Westberry says:

      She was not charged anything, was released to me of her own will. She is my daughter and I am so sorry this has happened. If I had listened to the Lord two weeks ago, I could have prevented this. She had told me to leave her alone since her dad died and I was trying to do what she said, but the Lord had told me to go to her and I did not.

      • joan rutstein says:

        I understand your pain but we all know, including you, that this was going on way before her father passed…..we all worked so hard across this country to save these cats and they did not deserve this!

        • Jan says:

          I am sorry that her mother and adopted children have to suffer but she was not depressed she was emailing talking to and facebooking everyone trying to get more cats!

          • Carol says:

            I do not believe SUE WESTBERRY is writing these comments. She is a older mature woman I do not believe anyone of her age would be writing this type of stuff or as a good Christian condoning her daughters actions. I think Jullianne may be writing this herself and using her mothers name trying to convince us she is “ill” and it was because of her father who had been ill for a long time and died in hospice It was not a surprise to anyone when he passed away. Yes I believe she has issues too, sociopathic issues. No one would go to a house and walk past 100 starving cats crying and scratching to get out of the closets and cupboards they were locked and taped in and feed ONE cat she was “pet sitting” and was expected to return in the bathroom, the only cat that had food and water we were told!

      • kylee says:

        I’m sorry for you to have to deal with this after losing your husband and now have to cope with this. It’s not an easy situation to go though. You shouldn’t have to feel responsible either. We all make choices in life i believe, i just hope she can learn from this and get the right help available.

      • Hope says:

        All this did not come about in 2 weeks time! Has been going on for a long time, she was doing a very good job of elluding those that would notice by moving and there are those that knew or saw the evidence and did nothing about it! There is a differance in casting stones and sinning and down right cruelty and torture and needless suffering inflicted on living, breathing creatures! No amount of Scriptures thrown out there or Bible thumping, excuses what she did to some of God’s precious, innocent creatures that were put in her care thinking they were safe now!

        • There is a differance in casting stones and sinning and down right cruelty and torture and needless suffering inflicted on living, breathing creatures!

          Absolutely. All we want is to stop it happening again. But it will happen again. Thanks for sharing, Hope. Your future comments will be published immediately without moderation.

      • Melinda Cox says:

        In watching and researching “hoarding” cases (and please correct me if I am incorrect), but it is my understanding that often a “deal” is made with the hoarder (or rescue-hoarder). This deal is often that if the cats (or dogs) are surrendered, then animal cruelty charges will not be sought. This deal is struck for a few reasons, including to get the “hoarder’s” cats adopted or into reputable rescues, asap, and also to spare the overwhelming amount of space required to hold on to a “hoarder’s” cats for often a long period of time. If a county is holding on to cats for a criminal trial, this will come at great financial expense, and will divert money and SPACE from the care and sheltering of the area’s strays and owner surrenders (leading to their deaths) … for this reason, a hoarder or fake (evil!) rescue may actually not be charged with animal cruelty or may face less charges. **For Sue Westberry to say that Julianne Westberry was not charged with anything, well, that may not reflect on the realities of what has occurred. There can be various reasons why she has not YET been charged with anything.

        And please leave God out of this! I am also a Christian (saved by the grace of God) and it is downright embarrassing to keep seeing so many women calling themselves Christians and with scriptures on their Facebook walls, and then being caught up in just craziness and cruelty. God must surely be so pained by these women calling out His name, and surely He will say “I never knew you”. The lives of the women caught up in such neglect and abuse DO NOT reflect back a heart that belongs to God. Sorry, but I had to get that said. Just because a person claims God, does not mean that God claims that person.

        • Melinda. I apologise but I have quoted her in an article and she does quote God quite a lot so it is difficult to leave God out of it.

          I am not saying that people who are Christians are callous in their treatment of animals – of course not – but there is a noticeable conflict between Christian beliefs and a Christian’s behavior in this case and in other cases.

          I don’t think she is a true Christian. She uses Christianity as means to make herself feel better. She lives in the bible belt doesn’t she?

          If she is not charged at all with an animal abuse crime it will reflect very badly on USA justice in the state where she lives.

          • Melinda Cox says:

            In response to Michael Broad:
            I am not upset with your authoring of comments. My frustrations lie with both Julianne and her mother, Sue, as well as other unrelated but similar stories of bad animal “rescuers” … it all too common to see these people claiming to have a huge heart for unwanted shelter pets, as well as a heart for Christianity. My frustrations are with those people, posting their scriptures and stating how the Lord has led them (as Sam Westberry. They need to leave God out of their sordid lives and claims of loving animals. It is insulting to read their Christian claims, as they do not reflect my faith and I hate that they soil a faith by adding their scriptures with their animal abuse.

            • Well said. They do need to leave God out of it. They are abusing God if it is not blasphemous to say that. They are using God as a shield for their bad behavior.

              • Elisa says:

                Leave God in it. lets TALK God. She’s broken several commandments with the cats. Thou shalt not steal, though shalt not kill, Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother. Thoul shall have no other Gods before me (money is considered a God. And perhaps thou shalt not covet. So let her talk God…she’ll need him in jail because I don’t believe her cellmates will take kindly to her torturing animals.

        • Elisa says:

          I think Sue means she wasn’t charged a red cent to walk out of jail.She walked out free and didn’t have to put up 10%

  32. Sue Westberry says:

    She is getting mental.help and spent a week on 8 th floor at AnMed. She is sick and needs help not judgements. If anyone is without sin let them throw first stone.

    • Hi Sue. Thanks for visiting and sharing. Yes I agree we should not prejudge and be too harsh but a lot of these comments (and on other pages of this story) indicate she knew what she was doing (i.e. callous disregard for the health of the cats). I don’t think a person can avoid all “blame” citing mental health issues.

    • Elisa says:

      I’ve done so much reporting on this case to keep it from ever happening again. Everyone in this area would have helped Julianne. Julianne knows I write for Examiner of every cat and dog at the shelter. I could have done an article on any animal that needed to be rehomed. She didn’t have to leave them in their cages to die. She didn’t need to close the door under her home so the other 20 cats could get out. Big Boy almost survived. He fell over as soon as he was free. That’s what most of us don’t understand. It’s not love when you can’t even put down water for a pet. I have friends who saw that house with all the dead partially eaten cats. They’ll likely need far more therapy than Julianne. I’m going to do another article where people Julianne helped can comment. If I can just find a few more cats who lived. How can you say someone rescued them when so many are dead. I used to be against euthanasia, but it would have been kinder than what they went through.

      • Heather says:

        Thank you for all of your hard work, taking time to take all the pictures, and for making the video. You have done far more good for these cats in a very short time than this woman did in a year. While I don’t know her, I try to think that this was a classic case of rescue hoarding, a rescuer becoming overwhelmed, or a person who professes to love cats repeating a hoarding pattern. Like I said before, it’s one of the dangers of rescue. I cannot imagine how exhausted & haunted you must feel right now. Those cats must sense your passion for them though.

        My friend & I cleaned up a rescue hoarding condition of 48 cats & kittens a year ago. We had to euthanize some & many, just as Big Boy did, collapsed the first weekend we had them. It’s almost as if they’re hanging on until they’re free, and then they can let go. Many of the cats were so sick. We also spent thousands of our own $ & countless hours vetting & transporting the adoptable cats to new homes & adoption events.
        When we looked back, my friend and I wished we would’ve let animal control take the cats. We decided they could’ve euthanized the ones who needed it & the woman could’ve gotten help or even jail time. She never even offered to help us in return. She just dumped them on us & ran.
        Do you know what I saw a week after we cleaned up this woman’s cat mess? I saw the woman driving w/ her cat traps!
        More serious consequences need to be put into effect for hoarders.

        I especially agree w/ your comment on euthanasia. It is kinder to cross the rainbow bridge peacefully than walk through the valleys of the shadows of death as these cats did.

    • Elisa says:

      8th floor isn’t the best place. Patrick Harris would be much better. My cousin spent around a month there and he did great for a long time after until his mom finally ran him crazy and he killed himself.

  33. Lu Anne says:

    She’s home? Just exactly what home is she staying at?? Now there’s worry for that house as well as the cats her daughter in law has and won’t release to the real owners?? Piss me off!!

    • Ja says:

      Not passed yet, sorry, I should have read this alone instead of reading with kids all over me. I am trying to find the laws that involved what happened. Still researching.

    • You have done some nice research. The big question is what will she be charged with if anything?

      • ja says:

        It appears there is much she can be charged on. I wish we could get a group together who will research SC law, as well as the state laws where she transported the cats from. I am sure the citizens can find more offenses and petition the state and federal government to bring more charges. There might be more charges coming, just have to wait and see.

        • A T says:

          —Is there a university law program nearby where you could get some law students into action researching this?
          —Also, and I know this is more work for those of you already working so hard, but I would suggest 2 things 1) formatting a form letter with the key points or charges that should go against her, so that the rest of us can easily copy, paste, add our contact details, and mass email it to 2) a list of local politicians, legal representatives, press/media and any others that you can put together.
          —Mass communication from the public is the quickest way to put pressure on the case and to keep it in the news for a length of time, and you have support not only nationally but internationally.

          • Good idea. It is just the time etc. A big help would be to know what crime she is charged with. I’d like to know the exact charge – statute name and sections etc. because then we’d be tapping into the knowledge of the local prosecutor.

          • joan rutstein says:

            I think organizations like Legal defense Fund for Animals, Humane Society, Alley Cat Allies should have jumped right on this as soon as they were notified (many of us posted and sent messages to them). They have resources etc to make an impact…..shame on all of them!

  34. MaryAnn Coe says:

    I watched this video of all the cats & it brought me to tears. How in the world was this woman allowed to obtain so many cats??? Then to allow what those Innocent cats to discarded like last weeks trash; tears at my soul. I am so ANGRY that I would really like to see JUSTICE done to her & her accomplices.

  35. Cindy Shepard says:

    My God, this woman is a monster.

  36. Dee (Florida) says:

    “Julianne and friends were observed”…
    Not friends, but accomplices.

    The video moved me to tears.

  37. melanie says:

    I find it so hard to believe that “friends” knew & did nothing. If you’re helping clean up a mess that was reported at that HP house then you know there’s a problem. Her mother posted on FB the day she was arrested to please pray for my daughter she’s been troubled for years ( it was removed rather quickly ). A boyfriend that allows 100’s of cats dumped on his property. I was told neighbors called in to complain about this. Other people were aware & did nothing . Not even an anonymous tip called in. I think there was the perception that she was a great deal more involved with the ACHS than she actually was which gave her a greater credibility. I personally never even thought twice when I left my kitten with the hurt leg with her. He was only there 6 days but sadly it appears he did not survive. She had asked me to watch 3 litters of kittens while she was in Atlanta & I agreed. When I texted her I had an adopter for the kitten & to make arrangements for getting the kittens I never heard back. I thought she had found someone else. What an emotional roller coaster this past week has been especially for the many rescues that worked closely with her.

  38. Marleen Jenkins says:

    I am more grateful than my words can ever express for the dedicated individuals who have worked night and day to help all of us in locating the survivors of this tragedy. If it were not for you we would never have found the living and would not have had the ability to touch them again. So many of us are so far away but you brought us to these survivors through electronic media. Thank you does not seem adequate for all the hours and sleepless nights you have put into helping these cats.

  39. Elisa says:

    I wanted to pet every one of them at the shelter but couldn’t. They were still sick. I’m having trouble shutting my brain down each day between this case and all the urgent lists I write on. What really upsets me is how little time she spent with many of the cats. Dump them at the house and only visit them for a short time then leave. Thank God she dumped so many at the farm to fend for themselves. Turns out they were better off than the ones she kept at home. Hard to believe coyotes and wild animals were a safer option than living indoors.

    • kylee says:

      Yea it been so traumatic for everyone involved as your just keep seeing images it would be so hard to sleep. Just as well they were better at the farm they look very sad and depressed. I hope some good honest People can be found that will take care of them forever. Ones that will truely be trustworthy. Thats my hope.

  40. The video is so sad. The cat is the victim of human behavior too often for my liking. There is too much of it. We need to do better in our care and respect of the domestic cat.

    • kylee says:

      It was horrible Micheal i sat there in tears watching it. I agree totally there needs to be more done in the defense of domestic cat. Esp when people are rescuing these lovely animals. Maybe people need to be Police checked if working with rescues. Its been so sad reading of the many stories. I’m just gutted at the amount of animals hurt.

  41. Linda Jayne Svarvari says:

    Given the tragic circumstances of this case, the in-depth reports and obvious time, dedication and emotion that you have put into this story are commendable. It must be heart wrenching. Thank you for caring.

  42. Elisa says:

    A new set of photos can be seen here. These cats were living at the farm, where Julianne released them to survive on their own. https://www.facebook.com/Heyyoashley/media_set?set=a.10154346630450014.1073741837.508440013&type=3

    • Thanks Elisa. Good work.

      • Elisa says:

        I’m doing my best. Been typing for 12 hours now.

        • kylee says:

          You do an Amazing Job, im sure we all thank you so much for your insight. Especially for us way Overseas it gives us an insight. I really cant believe what this Lady has done. Its made me very sad especially seeing photos and the Video was very emotional. Its so hard to imagine as dont see much of this Over here in New Zealand.

          • Elisa says:

            She dropped me from her Facebook friends :(. And yes, I’ve been typing for almost 13 hours today. Ash is working just as hard matching up cats. I don’t think any of us involved in this is getting much sleep. I plan to set at my desk until I either fall over or get sick of typing.

            • kylee says:

              Aww well that’s sad, but i guess she prob doesn’t think she has any friends now. Sometimes you got to do the hard job when no-one else will. Hang in there you guys are all doing an amazing job, and its not an easy thing to do when it involves cruelty to cats. I would struggle with it myself. Its great we have a site here to come to and all come together to support each each though this horrible situition.

            • Kathleen says:

              I dropped her from my friends! Elisa, take care of yourself please – get sleep. You guys are amazing.

            • Anon. says:

              You should talk to the three girls she adopted they will know something! They are on FB! I was friends with one her name is Ashley Bowen now

        • joan rutstein says:

          Her “friends” who helped dispose of bodies must also be held accountable…they are accessories after the fact if not worse. Does anyone have any names or can verify who they might be?

          • A lot of visitors agree with you.

            • Gini Agnew Keep that thought girl….we love you and want you back…big hugs and lots of loving thoughts!”

              She has some fans.

              • Elisa says:

                Look at the date. That was made when a lot of people thought it was just some horrible misunderstanding. Her friends have been dropping like flies since more of the story came out.

                • Good, a relative of Julianne’s has posted a comment. I think her Christian name is Sue. She is supportive of her saying she is mentally ill and receiving treatment.

              • Elisa says:

                Gina has since unfriended Julianne. I think a lot of people have dropped her now.

          • Sue Westberry says:

            Her friends may be Marshall Shaw and his daughter Amanda and her boyfriend Jeff. I know of no one else who helped her move.

            • DJ says:

              Mrs. Sue, I’m praying for you!!!! I’ve been thinking of you during all of this. Please take care of yourself. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, (From a friend from the past)

              • Sue Westberry says:

                You all need to know that her family did not know about this situation. She has never to our knowledge harmed any animals but was overwhelmed with trying to care for so many and we have been paying bills for her for years. She has distanced herself from us since being involved with Marshall Shaw. It has been like she is a different person. She was upset when her dad died but had not been very often to even see him.

              • Jan says:

                That is a total fabrication that the family did not know made by Sue Westberry she has been doing this for MANY years and her adopted children have suffered horrible! I do not understand why DSS did not step in years ago!

            • Carol says:

              Who should be charged as accomplices.

          • Jan says:

            I agree 100%! What about the boyfriend who kept the cats in trailers on his property unfed. What about those friends who moved her from one house to the other? What about the property owners who she left to deal with the remains why aren’t they pressing charges?
            Where are the rest of the nearly 500 cats? Where are all the transporters and fosters who helped transport to her, what about the donators who sent her money to “vet” the cats that were never spayed or neutered? you all need to open your mouths or you are enablers of this crime. What about the people who say they saw her kids suffering over the years and complaints from the schools! Speak up or live with it. She needs to pay for what she did and she also needs help so does her remaining adopted child which neither thing will happen if you all keep silent!

            • I bet the whole thing fizzles out and within a year she’ll be back doing something similar.

              • Jan says:

                I agree Michael I can’t believe the attitude of the authorities in the area! Some people are talking about staging a protest at the lack of charges. Others a class action law suit. Some eve are talking about calling PETA.

                • It all seems so slack and lax. The woman should be clearly charged and prevented in the meantime from caring for cats and other animals. The trouble is rescue cats are devalued by the mass euthanasia in shelters so killing them through neglect is hardly a crime. After all, 4 million are killed in the US annually legally.

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