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June is Adopt-a-Cat Month: How will you celebrate it? — 14 Comments

  1. Just love the picture of EAP and his momma and poppa. We would love to adopt a kitten and there is one little orange boy in Long Island I would love to adopt. Our situation here is that we now live in an apartment and we have 7 cats already. The youngest is 11 years old and they are all females. They are very set in their ways and VERY cranky with other cats and each other. Adopting a cat or kitten is so rewarding. Hopefully we will soon have a real home and maybe then, with more space, can adopt. Thanks for this story. Loved it.

  2. i’m at my limit for cats – just concentrating on keeping all of them healthy. the oldest 3 will be 14 in september. i will just continue to encourage people to adopt, especially senior cats.

    • What is your cat limit?
      Sorry, this is a test to see if any responses are invested to continue a dialog or only to support the author.
      Sorry Jo. Fascinated.

      • Dee, another crucial question. I think that limits should be set by the amount of time, energy and finances to be able to care for cats really well. My personal limit is 3 kitties. But when I had two special needs kitties that required a lot of extra care and the vet bills were very high, my limit was absolutely 2. While it can be tempting to adopt an adorable kitten, one never knows what is going on with the kitten even with a perfectly healthy medical report. Those reports are often not accurate because they lack blood work and urine tests to really be able to see what is going on with the a kitten or cat up for adoption or for sale for that matter.

        • Setting limits is the hardest thing that I have to do. My heart is broken almost every day.
          I’m not the only one having an association with a rescue group that have people show up at our doors begging to have mama cats with litters taken in. It happens about twice a week from kitten season until now. I beg not to be shown, lest I just throw myself under a train from grief.
          My rule has always been… “If you can’t care for your cats as they should be cared for, then you can’t have them.”
          My limit is, actually, pretty high but I give my all to them.

  3. I am in love with Sir Edger, Jo. Black kitties are my favorite. However surprising, the majority of my cats (indoor, indoor/outdoor, outdoor, and feral)are orange tabbies.
    June’s Adopt-A-Cat is so important here. And, I always post everywhere to adopt from kill shelters before any other shelter. Those kill shelter babies are on death row and need immediate attention. Others can wait since they aren’t being killed TODAY.

  4. Oh Poe you lucky boy !
    Cats do make wonderful pets. At the same time I always have issues with adoption events that let someone take the pet home on the spot. Many require more paperwork and a hold but I still see events that allow on the spot possession. Unfortunately that can lead to feel good adoptions with little to no thought to the long term.
    As always I am a rabid promoter of spay and neuter and keeping your kitty in the house.

    • M E King,

      I had a very long interview with the shelter manager before she allowed us to adopt Poe. She asked me very compelling questions that would definitely indicate one’s knowledge, experience and commitment to a kitty. The problem is with many shelters that are bursting at the seams with cats, is that they must make room for others, so many of them can’t go into deep adoption questions and checking up in advance. It is very sad. If everyone neutered and spayed their cats perhaps the population of unwanted kitties might be reduced.

  5. If so many things weren’t going wrong in my life right now, I’d certainly want to adopt! We lost our mancat, Sammi, back in November and we’ve felt the loss of male feline influence ever since. But our eldest is 19 and very fragile, so, along with having to deal with myriad personal crises, the time isn’t right now. How I wish it was.

    • I’m so sorry that you lost your Sammi. What is the name of your eldest 19 y/o and any others? My oldest cat lived to be over 21 y/o, so I understand fragile, poorly groomed, and “outside the box”. But, I loved and accepted her to the end.
      Personal crises throw a wrench into my life too often than I can handle sometimes. I understand. Take care.

  6. This photo was taken the day we adopted Edgar Allen Poe. While it was not in the month of June, adopting a kitty is just amazingly wonderful. I hope you will consider celebrating this month and helping out a needy kitty.

    • You, Marty and Sir Edgar Allen Poe look great together in the photo. Well done in promoting the domestic cat so nicely. Let’s hope it is good month for cat adoptions.

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