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June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month: The Purrfect Time for a New Feline Friend — 6 Comments

  1. What a great article! June is the perfect month for this too. So many kittens and adult cats needing a home. Lots of great ideas and tips for a first time owner. We are at capacity here. Our cats are all seniors and they frown on fuzzy kittens invading their lives although, a friend has a kitten right now that is pulling on my heart strings. Luckily they already have a home lined up for him. Get the word out…time to adopt. 🙂

  2. Hi, hope many people adopt a shelter cat. I wish I could, but I’m at my Quota. I just hope many cats will be taken into loving and forever homes.

  3. Thanks for making folks aware of the PAWsome concept! All seven of our kitties are adopted whether from the vet or a shelter or off the streets. Our latest, an 18 year old ginger/white female came to us May 2nd when the owner learned that he was being transferred back overseas for his work. While he had brought the cat overseas before and back stateside again whenever his job moved him, he felt that a 22 hour plane ride was not good for an 18 year old kitty. So, John and I welcomed her into our home. With 7 cats and three dogs it will be a looooong time before we are able to open our home again. 🙂

  4. Wonderful article, Jo — many thanks for advoCATing for shelter cats, in June and every month of the year! And thank you for pointing out that cats are essentially “…a sociable animal” which indeed they are, my small family of six being proof. Everyone can do something every day to help cats: besides caring for one’s own feline family, adopting, fostering, and/or donating, one can also share for cats in ACCs and shelters online! It’s easy, fun, and it helps SAVE PRECIOUS LIVES! You can do this for your local ACC or any ACC you choose, on social media.

  5. Yes a good idea. Anything which encourages adoptions at shelters must be praised.

    Also, like you, I hope there is a complete rejection of the concept of declawing at all shelters.

    Shelter staff have a great opportunity to run courses and educate people on why declawing is not good.

    They must meet a lot of cat owners and potential cat owners. An opportunity to educate.

  6. What a good idea, a National adopt a Shelter cat month!
    I hope cat lovers will go and visit their local shelter and see all the beautiful cats and kittens needing homes.
    I also hope all Shelters refuse to adopt an cat out to anyone who plans to declaw them. If someone wants a declawed cat they should give a home to one already disabled, not cause yet another cat to suffer because of their inability to understand that cats need their claws.
    What a good time for Shelters to educate on the Paw Project findings that all declawed cats suffer in some way and some more than others.

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