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Just euthanize him. I don’t want him any more — 11 Comments

  1. As so many of your stories, this reminds me of a similar experience. At a Veterinary Emergency Hospital I saw a lady bring her dog in and said the same thing. She was most ugly about it, but had no good reason for demanding that her dog companion be killed. Her grown daughter was with her trying to talk her out of it, but she didn’t care. I was horrified, and when they left I asked the vet if I could save the dog TO WHICH HE SAID NO, and the only reason he said was that they don’t do adoptions. Again, horrified… I am SO glad this handsome cat found a good home AND that the vet did the right thing.

    • I don’t understand why the vet didn’t just relinquish the dog to a rescue whereby you could’ve adopted the dog. I assume he did kill the dog? He should be reported to the proper authorities. That in and of itself is animal cruelty IMHO. I’d bet the general public would be in an uproar if they were made aware of that situation.

  2. So happy for Sully to find a true forever guardian and companion. How can a person just throw away an animal soul, especially after raising one from kittenhood? So many people have hearts of stone.

    • That’s because this ‘alleged’ person is soulless and should be herself thrown out. Heartless jerk in my mind. Thanks to Nikki for giving Sully the loving home he so richly deserves and loads of thanks to the Michigan Cat Rescue! Bubbly all around!

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