Just makes you happy every time you watch it

Not about cats but the video makes you looks twice (hairless cat? – no!). It is the sound of the hooves that gives the game away.

I don’t have the answers to any questions about this video but someone, I reckon, has rescued a newborn goat. Cute. Love it. I love goats. Cat lovers should love goats.

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14 thoughts on “Just makes you happy every time you watch it”

  1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Lovely video.
    This is a couple of years back at Kays Hill, I love goats and sheep and cows and …well…. all animals…..who can say they are not all loving? If we show love to them, they return it and more ….

  2. Our neighbors had goats when I was a kid. I was a little intimidated by them. I can’t say I ever warmed up to their goats. The goats had a great place to live. Their enclosure ran along behind the motel my neighbors owned, long and narrow and bordered by Lake Delton. The goats ran around on the steep sandstone cliffs. They navigated the terrain much more easily than clumsy humans. Goats are not really permitted in town like that, but nobody ever said anything. There was a ram that was kind of aggressive. He would butt into you. I didn’t go in the fenced in area without the neighbor kids who owned the goats being in there with me. A tourist hopped the fence once despite my telling him about the ram. I hoped it knocked him right into the lake. I never saw what happened.

      1. You would love the little strip of land they had for the goats that is next to the lake. It has mostly pine trees, sandy soil and sand stone boulders next to sections of layered Potsdam Sandstone (found only in that small part of Wisconsin and in Germany.) You would have hated the water ski show on the lake. Ugh. I still hate it. Now the ski show owns all the land on both sides of that bay. But at least they will leave it natural because the beauty forms a great back drop for their performances. Had they not bought it, ugly condominiums would probably already have been built all over that side. People come to see the beauty, but there isn’t much left, as the locals keep building over it trying to get the tourist dollars.

        1. We have the same struggle in the UK about building on beautiful land. With an ever increasing population it is inevitable that the landscape will be messed up. I wish population growth would stop. The UK and USA are similar in terms of a rapidly increasing population.

      2. They also had a couple sheep, that aggressive ram, two or three goats, two or three cats, and two of the biggest dogs I have ever seen. They had long, thick white fur like they were bred to live in the arctic, huge paws and their heads were just massive. They were named Bucko and Bear. Bucko’s name sounded better in Polish (the family was originally from Poland) but I don’t know how to spell that version. When they would bark it would just echo over the lake. In the winter those big dogs would be hitched to a sleigh and pull the family across the frozen surface of Lake Delton. Instead of a one horse open sleigh it was a two dog open sleigh. I’ve never seen anything like that in my life before or since. I have no idea what kind of dogs they were. Not your typical sled dog. They were each as big as a small pony.
        Thanks for letting me reminisce, Michael. I think our childhood memories involving animals are some of the most powerful. If you were to take the animals out of our experiences, what would be left would just be bland and probably not remembered as clearly.

  3. This video is super loving and heart touching. Though the site PoC.org is all about cats I may say that cats are considered as wild, but goats are not wild. They are just animals which the human beings require special technical care and a small vet service.

    Similar is the case with cows and I may say horses or some birds that not fly up up in the air.

    This video is perfect to its end that shows the affiliation between human and animal. What can I say that;

    It is “love and care” that we all require from the birth till our END????

    Love every creature, you will be paid fully off after that. Love can conquer our hearts, we don’t need any other weapon to conquer the creatures of Allah Subhanahu.

    Please pray for me too Thank you poster 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  4. So adorable!
    I love all animals (well, maybe not my son’s snake). But, when they’re babies, they’re irresistable.

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