Just Stop Oil protesters storm 18th green at Travelers Golf Championship (72nd hole)

Travelers Championship PGA Tour 18th green protest (72nd hole)
Travelers Championship PGA Tour 18th green protest (72nd hole)
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This is a first: a big protest during a professional golf tournament. It is quite startling to see as professional golf is normally played under very controlled and quiet conditions. Etiquette is strictly adhered to by the golfers themselves and the organisers in controlling the spectators. When spectators suddenly surge out of the crowd onto the 18th green (the final hole of the competition) and start spraying paint and chucking smoke grenades it looks amazing for some and horrendous for others. I had no idea that Just Stop Oil was in the US. I thought that they were exclusively in the UK where they have caused considerable disruption and garnered a lot of news media coverage.

The golfers on that green at the time – the leaders of the tournament Scheffler and Kim – were bemused and waited. They continued and eventually played off for the title which was won by Scheffler; his sixth title this year. A record since Arnold Palmer did the same before July in 1962.

What has this got to do with cats! 😻😹 Everything. Warmed planet spells disaster for us all; animals and humans alike.

So, what do you think? Are you for them or against them? They certainly know how to protest effectively.

Protestors were seen sporting shirts with the slogan: “No golf on a dead planet.”

If you believe in global warming – and you should do as all the scientists say it is happening – it is hard not to agree with that statement.

Here we have multi-millionaire golfers walking around a beautifully manicured ‘field’ (a golf course) hitting a small white ball for lots of money. A ton of water is used to maintain these courses. It all seems so shallow and frivolous when the planet is being gradually destroyed by humankind.

I think we need to seriously address global warming – save the planet – before we have fun. There is work to do. We need to work before we play.

The argument by Just Stop Oil is that we should be focusing on curbing global warming as a matter of urgency before we mess around on golf courses. And I like golf. I played to a good standard for many years (2 handicap).

A lot of people literally hate Just Stop Oil. They detest them as they disturb normal life but that is the reason for the protests; to tell the blind world what is really going on: the destruction of the planet and it is the generations to come who’ll pay the heavy – perhaps unbearable – price.

I support Just Stop Oil. Now you might hate me. But it would not bother me.

Just Stop Oil is a relatively new group on the scene, emerging in February of 2022 [Wikipedia Just Stop Oil]. Their focus is on pushing the British government to immediately halt all new licenses and production of fossil fuels.

Origins and Structure:

  • Seen as a successor to the Insulate Britain group, Just Stop Oil is a coalition of various groups [Big Issue Just Stop Oil].
  • There’s no formal leadership, and they operate in autonomous groups [Time Just Stop Oil].
  • Roger Hallam, a co-founder and advisor, is also linked to Extinction Rebellion [Big Issue Just Stop Oil].

Protests and Tactics:

  • Their approach is civil disobedience and direct action, which has included:
    • Blocking traffic and bridges [Wikipedia Just Stop Oil].
    • Disrupting Premier League soccer matches [Big Issue Just Stop Oil].
    • High-profile stunts like throwing soup on a Van Gogh painting (though it wasn’t damaged) [Time Just Stop Oil].

Criticism and Impact:

  • Their methods have drawn criticism for being disruptive and even causing damage [Wikipedia Just Stop Oil].
  • However, they have garnered significant attention to their cause and the urgency of climate action [Time Just Stop Oil].

Just Stop Oil has become known for their disruptive tactics to raise awareness about climate change. Here are some of their most notable protests:

  • Disrupting Major Events: They’ve targeted high-profile events to grab headlines. This includes storming the track at the British Grand Prix, interrupting the BAFTAs red carpet, and halting a performance of Les Misérables [Big Issue Just Stop Oil, Time Just Stop Oil].
  • Targeting Oil Infrastructure: They’ve attempted to disrupt oil supplies through protests. Blocking critical oil facilities and climbing onto tankers are some examples [Wikipedia Just Stop Oil].
  • Art Attacks (with Controversy): Their most debated actions involve famous artworks. They’ve glued themselves to paintings by Van Gogh and Constable, sparking discussions about appropriate protest methods [The Art Newspaper, Time Just Stop Oil].
  • London Blockades: Just Stop Oil has staged multiple, lengthy protests blocking bridges and roads in central London, causing traffic disruptions [Wikipedia Just Stop Oil].

These are just a few of their most notable actions. It’s important to note that their tactics can be divisive, with some finding them effective and others criticizing the disruption they cause.

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  1. I support Just Stop Oil. There’s climate change which is very damaging and it will get worse for generations to come. The politicians are not taking it seriously enough. These protestors are very brave as they end up in jail.


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