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Just What the Australian Authorities Are Looking for: Injectable Contraception for Feral Cats! — 10 Comments

  1. How ridiculous! If you can catch a cat and inject it with a chemical that will eventually wear off, why not spay/neuter it? That is at least permanent.

    My Office Manager, Rex, my Office Assistant in Training, Cleopatra, and I have come to the conclusion that “Aussies Rule” is definitely none other than the infamous “Woody” who needs to find a better hobby. Too bad he isn’t like teeth; ignore them and they will go away.

    Having been around outside cats for over 50 years, my experience supports the fact that anti-cat people’s theoretical viewpoint is completely unfounded. Very few cats are successful in killing birds and other wildlife, especially when well-fed, proving these fanatics just want to ruffle cat-fanciers’ feathers.

    What about the dogs that have destroyed wildlife, including the dodo birds? What about the feral hogs that destroy everything, plants and wildlife? I don’t hear anyone screaming about them. Maybe they need to get jobs and stay off internet sites that have anything to do with animals?

    • They’re not screaming about the feral hogs and feral dogs because they are all shot to death — same as all stray cats in rural areas are dealt with (collared or not, still legal).

      all the remainder deleted by Michael because it was written that well-known sh*t: Woody. Bye Bye.

  2. Let us all applaud Jim/Woody for, yet, another puzzle as to whether he is psychotic, sociopathic, or both.
    My diagnosis is an overloading consumption of bird droppings.

    • You need to start shuffling your little cat-slippers over to the grounds of Dade Miami Zoo and stop them from killing all the cats. That should keep you busy. 🙂 Next they’ll take care of your hoards of illegal cats too. Perhaps you’ll be thrown in prison for killing Florida Panthers with your cats’ diseases, or from all the Manatee that you’ve killed with them. At least you’ll have a home worthy of you.

  3. I don’t see any difference between TNR and an injectable contraceptive.
    If the cats are trapped, spay/neutering and injection have the same outcome. One involves surgery, the other involves chemicals.
    I think that the crazy Aussies just want to exterminate, a very temporary fix. They just want the numbers down immediately with no thought of reality.

  4. One other little flaw to your psychotic conjecture — cats cannot be trapped faster than they breed. This is why trap & kill failed, as well as TNR being an even bigger failure — even in your own country.

  5. And just how does this stop the 20 million cats there from making tortured play-toys out of all the rare and near-extinct native wildlife?

    And just how does this stop the 20 million cats there from killing all the marsupials there with cats’ Toxoplasma gondii parasites? Zoos all over the world (the most recent being Miami Zoo) are now destroying all free-roaming cats on their properties and in all surrounding communities because the presence of your cats are killing all the marsupials in all zoos around the world.

    Will you ever escape from your cat-shat Toxoplasma gondii brain-damage psychoses?

    I hear there is no cure, it is a permanent lifetime parasite that has now taken control of your own mind, parasitic worms riddling your brain are now making your choices for you — so the answer to that would be “no”. There is no escape nor hope for you. Some women find-out there there is only one way out — suicide. It causes women to commit suicide when they find out their brains have been taken-over by a parasitic worm from their cats’ asses.

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