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  1. Blacks 13% of the population 90% of the problem. If you have not lived in the inner city outnumbered by blacks you don’t have a word to say. Three teen blacks raped and beat our 76 year old grandfather and left him for dead. Two teen blacks attacked and stomped our 8 year olds head behind our house. They expose themselves to our 11 year old. They poisoned our dog. Robbed our house two times ect. We fear the blacks so I guess we are racist.

    • Oh I have plenty to say. 2 black teens shot my grandfather as he walked the railroad tracks from his house into town. He was 79. They robbed him for a quarter but the joke was on them. He was known as a mean man, and he grabbed them and butted their heads together and waited for police to take them to jail.

      I watch the local news every night and realize that if you didn’t report on crimes committed by blacks the news anchors would be done in 5 minutes. So if that makes me a racist I guess I am.

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    • Perhaps a lot of this is due to genetic memories. Scients are studying how the memories of our ancestors may be passed to us through our DNA. This explains a lot about deja vu.

  3. Something has gone completely wrong with parenting today that allows children to believe that this act is anywhere near acceptable.
    I blame the governments that have stripped parents and teachers of authority.
    Near the age of these young “criminals” they have already developed a concept of right and wrong. No therapy will turn them around.
    I agree with Linda. They will grow to be more and more sadistic. Jeffrey Dahmers ate the paperboy, for god’s sake!

  4. Aside from the obvious sorrow at what this poor creature endured, the most important issue here is that there is resounding evidence that children who commit these acts are virtually guaranteed to grow into adults who treat humans the same way.

    For whatever reason, they do not value life or empathize with the pain of others. Kids of all ages (and ethnicity) need to know that actions have consequences. Unless they are profoundly intellectually limited , any child past early toddler knows that they are hurting others when they assault, and these kids knew what they were doing. Intensive supervision and more importantly, long term psychiatric treatment is essential if these kids are to be diverted from a path to increasingly destructive behavior.

    The consequences imposed are not about “punishment” but are appropriate intervention that should be the norm when young children are involved in situations like this. Sadly, most of the time these incidents receive little or no response because of adult tendency to deny the serious implications for the child’s future and the practical fact that the resources required are costly. Even when the parents are fully concerned (because these children have often had a pattern of violent acting out long before they do something that comes to the attention of outsiders), access to the psychiatric help and intense supervision cannot be accessed unless it is court mandated.

    Mental health and supervision services are a low priority for funding and only a high-profile case like this gets services. There are many more out there for whom no intervention is provided until they go into the prison system, causing much suffering along the way. Our country has buckets of money for guns, bombs and tanks that the military doesn’t even want, but virtually nothing to help make our communities a peaceful place. So, this isn’t a race issue or “just about a cat”. RIP Quatro–your suffering might have been the only way to help these kids get the help they need to have a chance at a better life.

    • Thank you Penelope. Excellent comment with some very valuable information. I believe that in the UK and probably other countries there are many mentally ill young men and women in prison who should not be there. They slipped through the net if there is a net. It is a bit depressing to be honest.

  5. I’ve been doing research into animal cruelty for over 4 years now just to report on these cases to raise awareness. Most of the cases involving children involve WHITE children. Yet we don’t see groups out there trying to get the white children off with no punishment.

    If the NAACP throws the race card out. there on cases like this, I can see why prisons in the U.S. are comprised of more than 60%+ black inmates. This is fact, yet the NAACP calls it racism. Right now we have a small war going on in Ferguson that’s turned rather ugly where blacks are looting and burning businesses of other blacks in the name of justice. I wonder how many cats there are suffering.

    Right now we have a war going in Ferguson

  6. It’s a sense of satisfaction that some step has been taken towards the innocent animals.The social media is giving a big support for this cause.Great work done.

  7. “Disciplined”???!!! You call THAT discipline? The problem is that people are stupid enought to think that touchy-feely psychobable will actually work. It won’t, it never does. All those little mongrels will do is laugh at you. They did it for fun and they did it to cause pain. Why? Because they did not beat a brick to death with bricks, or a tree, or a toy, or a wall, or a rock – they beat a living being to death and they knew what they were doing when they did it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. And an animal abuser.

    • I must say I understand your argument. The kids probably won’t change. They’re probably beyond change and therefore all you can do is punish them.

      I suppose, though, that a judge has to put therapy in with the sentence and it may a legal requirement.

      • Very few black children go on to be serial killers. The majority of those are white. But the concept of getting away with a crime combined with bad role models who haven’t kept control over these kids would be more likely to lead to charges involving drugs or theft. It’s a matter of respect not being taught and enforced.

        • That is interesting Elisa. Do we know if more white kids abuse cats or animals than black kids? Are there stats for that? It seems that if a black kid goes wrong he goes to drugs and drug crime while the outcome for whites is different. That is rather loose and vague.

          • I don’t think we’ll ever know true stats because animal abuse may be done in private with the kids never telling their parents or the parents not caring enough if told to do something about it.

            I’ve sat in on Anderson County General Sessions Court with my then 10-year-old stepson just to show him how the wheels of justice turn. They turn, all right. The judge gives probation and a fine and sends everyone right back out onto the streets. This happens over and over until the person finally commits manslaughter or murder. And you also have to take into account that local jails are full of both races for not paying child support. I have many black friends, and white too, who have multiple children and each child has a different daddy or they don’t even know who the daddy is, fathered by black men. I guess they’re raised differently, maybe someone can answer that.

        • I don’t care who goes on to be a serial killer, as much I am concerned with the fact that they think they got away with it and they will do it again. To another cat, to a dog, to anything that can’t fight back, probably even some other kid in their school or their neighborhood. It is all violence and it is accepted and expected and condoned and taught in the “black community” – all you have to do is look around.

        • That is an urban myth. The fact is that most serial murderers are black. A serial murderer is defined as two or more victims in two or more events. And since at least 1990, blacks have significantly surpassed whites in serial murder. There is a comprehensive study by Mike Aamodt at Radnor University in pdf format online. This shouldn’t surprise as blacks have long committed over half of all murders in America according to FBI statistics. What I’ve been trying to find is good data on whether animal torture is seen as a strong predictor in the black population as it is in white populations. Anecdotally, black kids with whom I grew up set a cat on fire (they were unpunished for this) and tortured other animals, but I lost touch with them and don’t know their life outcome. Has anyone seen data on this?

    • When you’re used to seeing no discipline at all I’d call that discipline. But you’re right. There’s no way those mini-thugs didn’t know what they were doing, and they obviously liked to inflict pain. Wait til they start beating up their girlfriends in a few years just to hear her scream and maybe the law will do something different. Most animal abusers get off with no jail time and a very small fine. If I had to punish them, I’d throw them in a child program and not let them out til they’re 18. I’ll bet if there were any way to follow the children they’ll continue to stay in trouble the rest of their lives.

  8. Parents, if you don’t like the way the county is dealing with your kids, then start supervising them properly. If you can’t do it, get someone who can.

    There are no excuses. Because if you don’t do your job, the county eventually will. Good luck with that,

  9. Why people don’t understand that children who injure and kill animals are the future Jeffrey Dahmers and Ted Bundys is beyond me. Statistics show almost all serial killers were cruel to animals as children and it’s all in the name of control. The outcry to protect these children is condoning the travesty and to make it a racial issue is ludicrous. Cruelty to animals or humans holds no racial bounds. The point of standing for justice in this case is about Quantro, not the race of the children.

    • I hate to say this but when kids do this sort of thing they are already lost souls. They’ll never be good. They may learn and modify their behavior but they’ll never be as good as they could have been with excellent parenting.

      The introduction of racial issues is revealing. The organisation wanted to limit the damage done to the image of black kids but in doing so they appear to come across as devious which damages themselves.

  10. It’s great to hear of animal abuse being taken seriously by the authorities. Especially when you consider the amount of pressure put upon them by the NAACP.

    Age is no barrier to being cruel or sadistic. Had this case against these boys been dropped, they may have continued down the same path as the two 10 year olds who tortured and murdered 2 year old James Bulger. There are scary similarities between those two cases in that both Quatro and James Bulger were tortured and battered with bricks.

  11. I love the pressure cat lovers and justice seekers place on organisations who want to hide the truth and prevent justice, to get things done. Wonderful to see.

    I feel that social media is becoming more powerful and effective in obtaining justice in all areas.

    Great story Elisa. Although it is very sad and disturbing it is also uplifting to see justice done on behalf of a cat.

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