Justice For Sage: Collar worn by Sage to be DNA tested

Should the investigators disclose the name of the suspect in the Sage the Cat torture and killing?

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This is the message on the Justice For Sage Facebook page. It is short and sweet.

SAGE INVESTIGATION UPDATE: This news excites us! We’ve increased the fund drive. We have gotten permission to get the collar DNA tested that the family found Sage wearing the morning he returned home. The collar did not belong to the family and it has been widely speculated that the collar was used to control him while being tortured.

I like this too. The statement hints that the collar on Sage at the time that he was found tortured and badly injured was placed on him by the perpetrator of the crime or an accomplice. If there are human traces of DNA on it it may match someone on a police database. Let’s hope.

The private investigation had gone quiet for a while. This is a hopeful development. My thanks to the lady who notified me of this. The criticism I have is why this test was not done at the beginning of the first investigation? What happened to the police’s commitment to find the perpetrator?

Click this link to see the full series of posts on this desperate case of cat cruelty.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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27 Responses

  1. joanne says:

    sorry I made a typo under Utah law polygraphs are not admitted into court as evidence.

    I also read that she claims her sister found sage. per the post and video I saw, now its her sister in law.

    the pi says the owner wouldn’t of have hurt sage cause they didn’t fit the type and loved him.

    so the bottom line is this, when one chases bs… usually ends up in a dead end.

  2. joanne says:

    today, read a few posts not from facebook about justice for sage. the local fox station is going to air another story on him nov 9.. however, I feel like I have been validated from what I read. It said that the Gomez household had more than one or two cats. So the cats that were tortured after sage, turned up to be strays>>> give me a break. no one came for them.. and now I read those incidents are not related to sage. Please how stupid do you think we are. More Gomezs are popping up claiming to want this case resolved. So why don’t they continue to ham it up.

    now we are back to the stupid story about how sage was found in the house. Have they forgot about the story they told inside edition to finding him in the front yard. And I read a post from way back from a vet tech that was great. This person said that urine etc from sage will be left behind. None of them even bothered to learn about cat behavior or check out scratches or bites. Sage sounds like he was a dominant cat. He wouldn’t have gone down without a fight unless of course he was slammed into a wall and his brain was compromised. Oh yes, I sure didn’t want to forget the mystery man and the polygraph text… You know those test under Utah law are admitted into a court here. So how many lies can she tell and how many lies will the pi chase. As you can see, nothing is coming out from the vets.. I sure would like to know if they believe the cat walked home on his own power since his brain was compromised.

    anyway, there will be a live stream of the story again. just thought you might want to know. Yep, we can watch her play act etc..

  3. joanne says:

    I do understand what you are saying. However, I found that his investigation continues to go in the wrong direction. First her crap story how sage made it home on his own power. Then there is some man living in the house… then she tells inside edition he was found in the front yard. Then her taking pictures of sage with the collar on. Then her taking all the horrible pictures of sage. if he had been my cat, I would have him at the er not taking pictures.

    Now we have this Jensen guy defending them. Now we have him leading this investigation as saying juveniles. I am frustrated with him. The truth could be staring him in the face, and he wouldn’t deal with it. This is one of the main reasons I cant stand reading what he goes on about.

  4. joanne says:

    you are so correct. so many lies.. so many dead ends. many of us agree about who did this.

    even now, there are times when I see sages pictures and I just loose it and cry. I live in Utah. The laws here reflect the mental majority of the people of this state. I took a cat in who was being neglected and abused. I realized nothing was going to change. So I just took the cat. After 1000.00 or so, the cat is doing much better. our vet xrayed his lungs because he has asthma. Well to our surprise, he has a prior injury where he was kicked in the chest. yes its healed, but surgery will do him in.

    Many of us our very sensitive and it just hurts. I have reached the point, that I quit reading the posts on facebook. And I am sadden to say they got away with murder.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Joanne, I understand about not reading stories of cat abuse. It hurts us and can damage us psychologically. The same for videos and photos. In fact they are even worse. This story is depressing and there are so many like it. Cats abusers are rarely caught and prosecuted.

  5. Michele Massa says:

    The worst case of animal abuse ever seen in that state but they still wouldn’t get it tested, why would they not want to get this very sick, vile demon offthethe street? China was making a lot of noise about this collar on social media in the early days on the Sage FB page that she had a friend who is an expert told her that the collar material will not hold the DNA, highly suspicious to me to begin with, you just so happen to have a friend like that, yeah right. So the owner of the murdered pet in fact probably gave the police an excuse not to spend the money on testing. Now the investigator is hoping the rest of us will pay for it on gofundme. Not sure of his motives either,

    • M. E. King says:

      If this would have been treated as a real crime and a real investigation done at the very beginning it would likely be solved.

  6. Michele Massa says:

    Jensen never says who had the collar just laying around for seven months. Why would they not test it right away? Why does he use the word “allowed”? This really angers me. I feel that Clearfield police have done everything they possibly could to make this case go away instead of getting an arrest. Why? Because Utah has the second lowest rate of animal abuse convictions in the nation. It is a cultural problem. And Sage’s family never fought for him ever. If it was me I would have made myself such a pain in the ass for them that they would do it to get rid of me. They are despicable and I still believe they do not fight for Sage because they want it to go away too because they know who did it.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Totally agree with you Michele. It is extraordinary that this item was not tested immediately when the initial investigation by the police started. The police are disinterested, in complete contrast to cat advocates on the internet.

      • M. E. King says:

        Evidence often waits at labs to be tested but the collar should have been sent long ago. I hope Sage got in a few licks and there is some blood evidence. Of course if the person isn’t in the system it won’t help but may eventually as more and more states are collecting DNA of anyone arrested.
        Again human beings do not act in a vacuum. Whoever did this has likely done the same if not worse to other animals or human beings. The level of violence still suggests someone in the household. Strangers unless there is a serial killer out there seldom go to this extent to make a point.

        • Michael Broad says:

          I wonder if they have the DNA tests of the people in the house at the time Sage was found? They should have but won’t have.

          • M. E. King says:

            You would think but this wasn’t treated as a real crime. It’s dumb luck the collar is even around to test. I expect any DNA that turns up will be disputed if the collar was in the house.
            When the owners of abused murdered pets don’t step up it’s hard to get the general public behind investigating the crime.

    • M. E. King says:

      Sage’s guardians didn’t fight for him because they either know or are afraid of the sadistic beast that did this.

  7. Albert Schepis says:

    I think cruelty to cats is especially dire because it has become expected and society is somewhat desensitized to it. I just can’t read about the details anymore because I feel what they call compassion fatigue and get so depressed… I tear up just thinking that it happens at all. Poor Sage…

  8. Tiffany says:

    ARRR anyone that has done animal abuse you are a sick sick person, you have NO HEART! I’m a animal lover and I hate anyone who has abused any sort of animal! These animals don’t deserve to be in this cruel world. And I hope the person who did this get the same pain who did this to Sage.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Well said Tiffany. Millions of people would endorse what you have said. It would make me very happy to see the perpetrator caught and severely punished.

    • Michael Broad says:

      Tiffany, I see you have subscribed to PoC. Thanks for that. But could you tell me through what channel or method you subscribed? This might sound like a stupid question but it is not clear to me. This is not a trick question. It’s about managing the site.

      • Tiffany says:

        Thanks for asking, but I don’t really know lol, I just hit “Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts” box when I comment on PoC. And my comment seems to be links with my gAvartar account which is integrated with wordpress platform.

        • Michael Broad says:

          Thanks Tiffany. I understand now. As the Administrator I don’t see these words when logged in so I never see them 😉 Cheers and many thanks. You are automatically made a subscriber. If you want to unsubscribe just email me. You’ll see how to in the RH column where there is a link.

  9. Robin Kurtz Clack says:

    God, please let this show something. This will haunt me (along with others) until the day I die…

  10. Frances A Danna says:

    If something turns up on the DNA testing, the police had better acknowledge the evidence. My heart aches and my blood literally boils thinking of the incomprehensible suffering that Sage endured. It brings me to tears. This case will not be forgotten or swept under the rug.

    • KarlaSD says:

      I absolutely agree. I found this story so disturbing it’s beyond comprehension that we have predators among us. The reward was in the $60,000’s and no one had any idea or didn’t hear poor sage? The heartless monster that did this must be so evil no one will come forward even if they have information.
      From what I read the owner, China Rose and her boyfriend know who did this.

    • Michael Broad says:

      I have the same feelings. We should not raise our expectations because this investigation – both police and private investigator – has been disappointing.

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