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Justice for Strushie: Miami Beach hotel clerk charged with animal cruelty and tampering with evidence — 11 Comments

  1. I hope the people responsible for killing the charming mascot of this hotel get what they deserve: huge fines, jail time, and a total boycott of the hotel which is now the site of a sick and sad crime, committed by a bunch of empty, evil-mined slobs.

  2. I thought I also read that the perp was here illegally. Well, needless to say what I hope happens to this piece of trash taking up space. I hope they nail him with arrows and leave them in for life. Better yet…………..

  3. Yes, these comments seem to stick themselves in wherever they want to. They don’t always go to reply to the person they’re answering.

  4. i HATE when THIS stuff happens!!! someone shouldve adopted this poor guy & given him a safe home away from a-holes like the guy that shot him! if hed been inside a loving caring home hed still b alive. i hope that poor kitty gets SOME justice!

    • Why can’t bastards like you understand that animals are part of the earth? If you will do this kind of horse shit to a cat, there must be plenty of skeletons in your closet. I pray you will have flash backs every day of you killing this very precious cat. If you had been human, you would have adopted it. The cat was already going through hell by not having a home where someone have protected him.
      I hope you get jail time and you be up there with the “big boys.”

      Note from administration: this is not a response to Ed Young’s comment, but a freestanding comment. This note is to inform Ed Young of that fact in order to avoid a misunderstanding that he is being criticised.

  5. Thank you for this article Elisa. I have prayed for justice for Strushie. Even though this will not bring poor Strushie back to us it is a major breakthrough in an animal cruelty case. Strushie was loved by many in Miami Beach. I hope that Georgios confesses the whole story. Of course, if true, these hotel owners will never really get what they deserve here on earth. The way that the legal system works is very sad and very “wrong.” Karma will catch up with all involved eventually. We love you Strushie. Your life matters.

    • I wonder whether the hotel owner has been interviewed by the police. I would have thought that that would have been the very first step to make in investigating this crime further.

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