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A meeting, called a “grand jury”, is to be held in Austin Texas to determine whether criminal charges should be brought against Kristen Lindsey, the now notorious cat killer who is a qualified veterinarian.  A grand jury is composed of 12-23 people.

This will be welcome news for many who want justice for Tiger, the cat she allegedly killed with an arrow through the head at close range.

Advocates for Tiger are requesting that supporters attend the meeting and voice their demands for justice. I don’t know if these hearings are public or not. I believe they are public but the public have to keep quiet.


1 E. Main, Bellville, TX 77418
Third floor courtroom.

Update! It appears from the Justic for Tiger FB page that the grand jury hearing is not going to take place as hoped. This is a quote from the FB webpage:

I just spoke to a gentleman at the DA’s office, and he said the Kristen Lindsey case is NOT going to be part of the agenda and that “all we can discuss at this point” is that the DA “is looking into it” and that they appreciate our interest.

If you are in the area, SHOW UP REGARDLESS! Bring a sign and make Tiger’s voice known. Even if they really don’t address it, it’ll give force to the movement and pressure the DA into REALLY “looking into” it.

Advocates are asking that people ‘weigh in’ and pester the DA’s office to ensure that justice is done. They want to keep up the pressure on the prosecutors.

This case has got cat advocates fired up and Lindsey has become a hate figure and a person who represents all thoughtless cat abusers.

At present 34 have plans to attend the hearing. This does not mean it’ll happen but the intention is there.

They are asked to video tape the hearing. I expect these requests will change as things develop. Is it allowed to video grand juries?

Perhaps the pressure applied may force the authorities to change the agenda and have a proper hearing as soon as possible.

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7 thoughts on “Justice for Tiger: Austin County Grand Jury meeting”

  1. All this because Elisa is so truthful and honest. LOL False animal-cruelty reports. False legal hearing times and dates. It never ends with her. LOL

    (Making several bags of popcorn to watch the show when the proverbial excrement hits the fan on all cat-lovers’ sites. 🙂 )

  2. Knowing this cruelty case has made international headlines, I’m hoping the authorities won’t mistakenly think this will just go away if they delay things long enough.

  3. Our supporters are getting fired up due to no progress,they feel that the DA is dragging his/her feet,I’ve been on the Grand Jury before and the defendant was always there and we were allowed to ask the defendant questions so will KL be there as well,rumor has it she is in hiding,out of the country or staying with her parents,I really wish I could be a fly the wall when the Jury meeting happens!


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