Justin Bieber has a new furry friend – a purebred cat

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have adopted a kitten, Sushi, to add to their puppy, Oscar, they adopted in December 2018.

“Iā€™m getting a cat tomorrow and The name will be sushi šŸ£ !!!….I can call her sooosh Magooosh and Iā€™m very happy about it.”

Justin Bieber's new cat
Bieber’s new cat. Photo: Instagram page of Justin Bieber.
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I have searched his Instagram account for a picture of the kitten without success. There is a drawing of a cat but not THE cat on his Instagram account.

Image accompanying Bieber's post about his new cat
Image accompanying Bieber’s post about his new cat

People.com have a picture of Sushi and I have to say that she looks like a Savannah cat. I would almost bet on it. This kitten has dark spots against a yellowish background – classic serval markings. Of course if I am wrong please tell me in a comment but also please tell me the breed of this cat. I have decided that the kitten is purebred based on (1) appearance (2) the amount of money available (they are expensive) and (c) celebrities like feline appearance and purebreds are often more attractive or refined or interesting.

Update: On Oct 1st, reports are coming out that Bieber splashed out $35,000 on two Savannah cats. Sushi is one and I wrote about them both (the other is Tuna) in a later post. So I was right! The price of $17.5k per cat indicates to me that the cats are high filial such as F1 or F2. I beleive he bought two F1 Savannahs from African Exotics Savannahs in Illinois. Their F1s cost around $17,500. So Sushi and Tuna are a couple of F1s.

Sushi and Tuna F1 Savannah cats
Sushi and Tuna – Young Savannah cats probably first filial costing $17,500 each.

If I am correct in that as well, these young cats will grow to be big adult cats and need a lot of input from Bieber and his girlfriend. They are the kind of cats I’d expect him to buy. He is a bit blingy, isn’t he? One of the world’s largest domestic cats at the time was an F2 Savannah, Motzie. And the world’s tallest domestic cat at one time was Magic, a female F1 bred by A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma.

It would have been nice if he had adopted a standard rescue cat from a local shelter. I think that would have been the better story but there is not a lot of bling in rescue cats. Morally it would have been much better but less good for his Instagram page šŸ˜‰ .

Interestingly there is a fuzz of hair runnning down the kitten’s spine. This is a hint at baby cheetahs but this is not a baby cheetah. The kitten may be a high filial (2nd or 3rd filial – generations from the wild) Savannah cat. Savannah cats are serval/domestic cat hybrids.

Hailey is fully on board with the adoption. Bieber former bodyguard suggested “Garfield Bieber” as a name.


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