Justin Hawkins

Justin Hawkins and Bengal cat on lap

Justin Hawkins, former frontman for the band ‘Darkness’, lives with three Bengal cats. We know that Bengal cats have plenty of “bling” and this is once again demonstrated by the number of celebs that live with one.

He used to be addicted to cocaine and reportedly once spent a fortune every year buying cocaine. He is know addicted to something far more healthy, Bengal cats.

When Justin came out of the Priory in London, he found the perfect cure for his addiction – cats. We all know that they are great for your health and this proves it.

He calls them Barnaby, Troy and Cully after characters in Midsomer Murders. Lighheartedly, he says that they their upkeep cost more than the cost of his cocaine that he used to take.

Rather bizarrely (but each to their own) when he had the two boys fixed (neutered) he kept the pieces of anatomy in jars and takes the jars on stage (and hides them in his guitar amps) to give him the will to win.

He was born on March 17, 1975. He is an English musician and songwriter. He is best known for being the former lead singer and lead guitarist of The Darkness, noted for his falsetto voice and his charismatic persona.

In August 2006 it was reported (and later confirmed by the management The Darkness) that he had been admitted to a rehabilitation clinic (the Priory as mentioned above). Hawkins declared spending £150,000 in three years on cocaine after cracking the charts in 2003 with their single I Believe in a Thing Called Love. He realized that he was no longer in control because of drugs and drink and took action.



Another person, a visitor and contributor to this site who is not so famous and who lives in America found his salvation and self esteem in working with animals.

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