Justin Moore had a fake cat allergy for years to avoid a family cat

Justin Moore's daughter with newly adopted kitten
Justin Moore’s daughter with newly adopted kitten
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The American country music singer and songwriter who has released five studio albums, Justin Moore, told a white lie to his family for years to avoid the family adopting a cat. He said that he was allergic to cats.

He said the lie worked for ages but eventually the family – and I think his kids were the main force behind getting kittens – overcame his attempts to avoid getting cats and the lie came out.

You’ll see his daughter saying that he lied about being allergic to cats on TV and that made him admit to his fake allergy. It was all taken in good spirits and light-heartedly.

He also admits that he is a dog person. I guess the children have first say. They are the ones who decide ultimately.

I wonder how often the ‘man of the house’ (and they tend to prefer dogs) uses the cat allergy card to prevent the wife adopting a cat?

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