K9 JETS remove the worry of flying with your dog or cat

Inaugural flight of K9 JETS
Inaugural flight of K9 JETS. Picture: K9 JETS.
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A dog reluctantly boards a plane during ‘the inaugural flight of K9 Jets, a private jet charter company…founded in response to both a growing desire among pet owners to travel with their animals and mounting frustration at the increasingly challenging process of flying with them. On standard commercial airlines like Delta, United, and others, animals have been lost, injured, traumatized, and killed in the cargo hold, so more families opt for private carriers like K9 Jets, where animals get their own seats in the main cabin with their human family.”- Nathan Winograd

K9 JETS. Image: K9 JETS.

Pet owning Americans with sufficient funds who are concerned about the risks associated with flying pets on standard airlines can now fly by private jet with K9 JETS.

Winograd apparently sees this business building on the perceived risks to cats and dogs of flying in the hold and checking in pets in carriers.

There have been some distressing stories. I’ve reported on some on this website of cats getting lost at airports. The classic for cats is that they escape a carrier which might have been defective or was mishandled and broke open.

How Molly’s cat Milo got lost at Dulles International Airport

The cat ends up wandering around the scary airport for days while staff search frantically for her. She ends up in the ceiling space where she feels safe. It is all very distressing for the caregiver.

There are also issues with flying in the hold. For instance, as I recall, some airlines won’t fly flat-faced Persians because of their breathing problems. There have been some fatalities in the hold with this inherently unhealthy breed.

The airlines don’t want the risk either. The 64,000-dollar question with flying on a private K9 Gulfstream heavy jet is how much is it going to cost?

You’ve got to be one of the rich it seems with the price to London, UK at $8,925. But they allow the owner to be with their pet in the cabin of a luxury private jet.

You can visit their website and register your interest. Some points that K9 Jets make are:

  • No cages required for dogs
  • Dogs can sit on your lap or by your side in the cabin
  • Cats must be in their carriers
  • No queues for customs or security
  • Complimentary bar and refreshments
  • Secure site to upload passport and pet documentation
  • 20 kg luggage & carry-on per passenger
  • Maximum of two pets under 50lb or one pet 51lb and over per seat booked (Included in the seat cost)

Cat escapes carrier at Brisbane airport and staff put empty carrier on plane to Cairns

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