KACAK Maine Coon 10 Months Old

KACAK Maine Coon 10 Months Old

by Ancak
(Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia)



Kacak its name. Every Sunday, always walking out with my family...


Hi Ancak: Thanks for showing us a picture of Kacak. I am very interested to know what people think of purebred cats in Malaysia. Does he go out with you on a lead?

Are there cat shows? Is the Maine Coon popular in Malaysia. I don't know about other people but I have very little knowledge about what Malaysian people think about purebred cats.

Are cats more popular than dogs in Malaysia for example? I have a lot of questions. If you can please tell us about the cat companion in Malaysia. The map tells us where you are:

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Thanks a lot for showing us Kacak. I am very pleased that you have shared with us.

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KACAK Maine Coon 10 Months Old

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Feb 11, 2012 Kacak looks alot like my cat...
by: Anonymous

I got my cat Greystone when he was a kitten. The owner, a neighbor of mine, told me he was the kitten of a pure-bred Persian who had gotten out, and got pregnant (i.e. 50% Persian, 50% other). Now, other than being proportionately LONGER than Greystone, your cat looks alot like mine, including the shiny silver fur, and the shape of the cat's face. (Greystone did not have the pressed-in nose that is typical of persian cats). So, I have to wonder if Greystone was part Maine Coon, or could yours have some Persian stock...or what? In any case...he's a gorgeous cat!!!

Dec 29, 2011 maine coon stud pls
by: clonz

kacak owner or any maine coon owner pls email me for stud service.email to me southerncoast_air@yahoo.com

Oct 05, 2009 Not typical Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

To me your cat looks very attractive but not a typical Maine Coon by western standards.

Oct 05, 2009 KACAK Stud Service
by: Ancak - Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Update: Oct 2009 - KACAK is still in hots in Malaysia for mating. Every week many cat lover calls me to get KACAK service.

But I just take 1 female for 1 month. I only charged for ringgit Malaysia rm80 for 5 days.

Anyone in this site who has a female Maine Coon, I would like to adopted their cats. Most importantly can send to me in Malaysia.

Here is another picture of KACAK:

Malaysian Maine Coon Cat

Oct 05, 2009 Mainecoon in malay
by: ancak

Actually Maine Coon in Malaysia is still new. Many Malayasian cats lovers live with persian cats. I also live with one of them. I get this Maine Coon when I want to sell my rabbit lion head at the petshop.

When i see KACAK my head just said this cat belong to me. NOw KACAK is my lovely sons............

In Malaysia have the cats shows every years. They call judge from overseas who are very specialized in cats performed. But this show not likes in euro or U.S, in here just simple and the participant not many, just for hobby....

Sep 02, 2009 Kacak
by: Rudolph.A.Furtado

Beautiful cat.

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