Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat

by Mary
(Snohomish, WA)

Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat with  Kadin J. Ashar

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Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat with Kadin J. Ashar

This is my F3B Savannah male. The photo is of him at just over one year in my Grandson's arms. My Grandson is 8 and is 4' 10". Jerah is quite amazing for an F3, he is 16.5" from ground to shoulder and weighs 20 lbs in this photo. One of his playmates is a Mokave cat, mentioned on this site also.

Dakarai has his photo on the front page of Nora's site under 'Big Cats' and he currently weighs 22 lbs at a year and a half of age.

Update 28th Dec. 2009: Some fine photos of a spectacular cat....

He is 17" from floor to shoulder, at present, and is still growing... we...expect him to grow past the current world record in short time!! This kind of type & height is unheard of in an F3 gen. cat...Mary

Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat
Jerah 8 months old. A tall elegant boy cat.

Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat

Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat

Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat


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Kadiz Jerah F3B Savannah Cat

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Nov 20, 2009 Maggie
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Maggie!!! I am Blessed to have him for sure 🙂

Nov 20, 2009 Giant Jerah!
by: Maggie

Isn't Jerah a big boy?! I just love your Savannah, he's got the perfect spotting. And you've gotta love his big ears and strong Serval resemblance! Best lookin' SV I've ever seen!

Nov 20, 2009 Kathy
by: Anonymous

Hello Kathy 🙂 Congratulations on your new Savannah!! If she 'leans' toward the Serval side, she will establish a VERY strong bond with you once she sees you are her caretaker. She may always be shy with others, but I'd be willing to bet she comes around with at least you as you know how to handle kitten, obviously. I have a JC hybrid as well as having had domestic cats al my life, but is still wasn't prepared for the incredible bond that developed between myself and all three of my Savannahs (especially Jerah) within a few weeks of

Nov 19, 2009 great cat
by: kathy

I loved your picture as I am about to become the owner of an F6 Savannah Kitten. She doesnt seem too social and she was growling when I picked her up when we went to see her. The people Im getting her from I dont think knew that she should have been being handled from the time she was born. They said they were worried about stressing the mother out because she had lost one litter and two of my babies litter mates. I dont expect her to be real tame because of this. I raised Bengals for a while and I always held them from day one. I just reached in and held them in front of the mother so she knew i wouldnt hurt them. They normally hissed and threw little fits but they became used to being handled. It also helped me examine them to make sure the mother was doing her job. I have fallen in love with her in spite of her not being social. She is a beautiful cat and im sure shell come around maybe or maybe not, well see.

Nov 14, 2009 Jerah, F3B
by: Mary Heller

Hi Michael, The B means that both of his parents are SVs, which gives him stronger Serval traits. A 'c' following the generation would mean parents and grandparents were both SV x SV matings.
~As for his face, this photo is maybe not the best for that... I could add another that shows what he looks like standing up... Not at all a typical house cat, sorry, this boy looks like he walked right out of a jungle but is much more gentle and loving 😉

Nov 14, 2009 Not too extreme
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

What an amazing cat. He is indeed huge, but what I like the most is that he is not too extreme in any way.
Despite his size, athletic build and spotted fur, he still looks like a domestic cat. That face could be on any tabby moggie, right? That's what I call a real cat... 😉

Nov 14, 2009 He is enormous!
by: Michael

Hi Mary, thanks for sharing. Jerah is enormous. On my reckoning he is just over half an inch shorter than the Guinness World Record tallest domestic cat, MAGIC, who stands 17.1" to the shoulder. Magic is an F1 as you probably know

Tell me, what does the "B" stand for in F3B -- thanks again for showing us this handsome boy.

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