Kahn the Cat vs. Darth Vader

Kahn the Cat vs. Darth Vader

by Joe Tracy

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I have another clip of Kahn the Cat - my rescue Kitty that I've had now for about three weeks. Here's the pre-story to the video:

I own a Star Wars Darth Vader bank. When you put in money or press a button labeled "Star Wars" then Darth Vader comes to life. Music plays and you hear Darth Vader say "Impressive. Most Impressive. But You're Not a Jedi Yet." Vader then raises his Lightsaber, which lights up.

So Kahn was playing around the bank, which I had on the floor. He sat on the bank and his foot pressed down on the button, bringing Darth Vader to life and startling Kahn. He had a funny reaction to the whole thing as you will see.

On a side note, Kahn took a nasty fall the other day. He was playing upstairs and fell from our balcony (which has railings) to the lower floor. It was quite scary. For the longest time he laid still and would "snap" at you if you tried to touch him (like a wounded dog hit by a car that you try to help). Finally he started slowly moving. I took him to the animal hospital and the vets said he'll be fine, that he didn't break anything and likely just bruised himself up. They gave him some pain killer. Now he's back to normal, thank goodness.

Here's the video...


Hi Joe... thanks for coming back. I am fond of Kahn. He reminds me of Furby in fact. Cats fall well because of their self-righting techniques. But falls are not that uncommon so perhaps a barrier of some sort might be useful as it could happen again.

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Kahn the Cat vs. Darth Vader

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Jul 19, 2010
Poor little man
by: Tracey (England)

He's a tough little soldier your kahn; what with you roughing him up to falling off the balconey and encountering Darth Vader how many of his lives has he used?!

He's a darling though you just gotta love him!

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