Kaitlin Neal lied to Oliver’s owners by pretending he was still alive

Quick introduction by Admin for those new to this story: This account has not been verified but it is a first hand account by a person living in the area concerned. It has veracity therefore.

Oliver was an elderly cat who lived a lot outside. His owners were careless and neglectful towards him it seems. He was trapped (grabbed) by Kaitlin Neal and taken to a vets where he bit a technician and then quickly “euthanized” by the same veterinarian because of a fear that he had rabies (he didn’t). The whole process was badly managed and poor decisions were made. The veterinary hospital tried to justify the unnecessary killing of Oliver. Their argument was weak. Subsequently, Kaitlin Neal was reported upon by an observer, Miss Dee. This is her second follow up story on the activities of Kaitlin Neal.

Read the initial story here:

Domestic cat bit veterinary technician at clinic and was immediately “euthanized”

By Miss Dee

Here’s an update on the Oliver the cat situation. On Aug. 6 Kaitlin Neal was seen back in the Beechfield neighborhood where she got Oliver from to set up more cat traps. She was seen again in the morning on August 8 collecting the cats caught in the traps. Kathy Wright, who owned Oliver, was outside her house when she saw Kaitlin come to get a trap with a kitten in it. A woman who lives across the street told me that she was getting ready to leave for work when she saw Kathy scream at Kaitlin to get the kitten out of the trap because it belonged to her and told her to take the traps and not come back. Then she asked Kaitlin when she was bringing Oliver back, and Kaitlin said in a few days. I couldn’t believe it not only because Kathy didn’t know yet but because Kaitlin lied to her. Oliver has been dead since she took him about 7 or 8 days before then. Then Kaitlin said something to Kathy about calling animal control to come get the rest of the cats in the neighborhood.

Now none of the neighbors on the block or around the corner that I talk to say they have seen Kaitlin come back. And they said she never brought back any of the adult cats she trapped and said she was going to have them spayed and then bring them back. They don’t think she called Animal Control either because they would have already come out here since this all happened almost a week ago. Makes people wonder why Kaitlin just didn’t call Animal Control to handle the problem in the first place if she works at the dog shelter in Severn like she told people. I tried to find her Facebook account to see if she posted anything more, but it looks like she may have deleted it. She might have taken it down to cover her trail so people can’t find her and report her for what she did.

Now some people think she was totally doing wrong by those cats, not only because of the lies she told the neighbors about Oliver and what she was doing with the kittens and adult cats she caught. They told me they found out she set up an account on a crowdfunding site about her activities and bragging about the “hauls” of cats she was trapping in the neighborhood:

https://www.youcaring.com/kaitlinneal-886807 – it has raised $2,305 through 36 donors at this time.

The rough area where Oliver the cat was trapped
The rough area where Oliver the cat was trapped
Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

The cat in the big picture (see above) is one of the ones that used to be in the alley I described in my other post. Now why if she’s working with the dog shelter in Severn if she is fundraising under her own name where all the money pledged goes directly into her pocket? A bunch of suckers have already given her $2,300.

She writes on this crowdfunding page that it “all started with a call about some kittens near Spring Grove Hospital in Catonsville.” That’s another lie. This alley in this neighborhood where those kittens were is in southwest Baltimore city, not Catonsville in Baltimore county. Spring Grove hospital is about 3 miles away. She also said there are 70+ cats in this area. That’s not true. Wasn’t even 20 or 25 before she started trapping them.

Why would she tell these lies on the internet? To make money for herself, and she didn’t want to identify the exact place because she knows that other people who go around trapping cats will come here and do the same, then sell them to labs to get money. If she advertises that she’s doing these good works catching cats in Catonsville, maybe she figures people there will give her more money because 21228 is a much richer area than 21229. That’s another reason why she is a con artist and she doesn’t have the best interest of the cats at heart.

Maybe you can tame feral kittens while they still small, but it’s not the case with the adult feral cats she was catching. The only thing you can do with them is put them down or sell them to labs for experiments. There’s plenty of people who go around this city catching cats and doing just that to make money, and she’s likely one of them.

Second thing why people think she’s a con artist. She’s trying to raise money on the same crowdfunding site saying she’s a single mother and needs to start over with her baby Jaycee:


I had to laugh when I read that she’s “not one to ask for help” and “it really hurts her to ask her for help.” She got more than $1,000 from people off this request. Now why if you a single mother you not out working full time or looking for a job to support yourself and your child, and instead running 20 miles from Severn up to Baltimore to trap cats? With your baby in the car in a car seat while you are doing it in the morning, in the late afternoon, and sometimes in the evening. Because I allege that she is making a living from catching cats and selling them to labs. That’s what her full-time job is, and I guess its not providing her with enough cash. Who knows if she’s a single mother because the neighbors I talked to said sometimes when she came here she had the baby and a man in the car with her.

Somebody else told me they looked her up online and found out she’s been in some trouble with the police in Anne Arundel county for refusing to show a car registration document after getting pulled over. They gave me the site, and I looked it up here.

The whole thing is shameful–the lies, the cat trapping, and making money off all of it. Especially when she’s telling people she works at a shelter And it’s shameful that she using her child to lie and make money.

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  1. No defense to Kaitlin Neal but gathering animals to sell to class B animal dealers in a hostile neighborhood seems a good way to end up in trouble. Plus she took Oliver to the vet.
    I have seen the same attitudes in other places I’ve lived where there was a crack down on loose dogs in the area. People were instantly convinced the AC only motivation was to sell them to laboratories.
    The end lesson here is if you let your cats roam you put them in danger of dogs, cars and perhaps psychopathic class B animal dealers.


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