Kansas City, Missouri Pet Project working with community to find homes for 37 new cats

On Monday 37 new cats were transferred from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines to the Kansas City Pet Project in Missouri. They’re working with the community to find homes for the cats. It’s always good news to read a shelter isn’t the only option for a homeless cat.

photo courtesy of KC Pet Project
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The cats were transferred to the KC Pet Project who now has 12 locations in the Kansas City, Missouri area, including an adoption center at Petco and Zona Rosa stores.

Not only are the cats getting a chance at adoption centers, but Whiskers Cat Cafe also works with the shelter to adopt out cats.

KC Pet Project posted the good news on January 14 on their Facebook page stating

“We’re in the middle of a pretty extraordinary situation this winter at KC Pet Project. Because we have now 12 locations in the metro area to adopt out cats, we have a lot of open kennels and instead of them sitting empty, we wanted to fill them. We have been working with many of the local municipal shelters helping them with cats when we can and we have transported in dozens of cats from Joplin, MO. Today, 37 cats and kittens arrived from Animal Rescue League of Iowa in Des Moines, who typically has around 1,000 cats in their care.

The reason this is so extraordinary is because you typically don’t see an open admission shelter like ours bringing in animals, but because we want to build up our city and surrounding communities to help them save more lives (and because we have open kennels), we’re in a position to help. If you’d like to adopt any of these cats, we have many at our Zona Rosa location and others are going to our Petco Adoption Center as well as Petco Cat Habitats. If you can’t adopt but you’d like to donate to their care, you can do so on this post. We’re proud to be building a No Kill community and it’s thanks to our adopters, donors, and staff and volunteers who believe that as long as we have empty kennels, we can save more lives, that we’re able to do so!”

Spokeswoman Tori Fugate with KCPP said in an interview with Fox4KC

“KC Pet Project believes strongly that if there are open kennels in any of our locations, that we need to fill them to save lives in our community.”

Adoptable animals at KCPP can be viewed by clicking here.

Great job everyone! It’s nice to see a facility for the unwanted pets in a community go the extra mile to find good forever homes for the animals under their care. A list of awards KCPP has been honored with (including Best Place to Adopt a Pet by Pitch Magazine) can be viewed here.

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