Kansas couple fined for feeding and giving water to feral cats

A Kansas couple was found guilty of feeding and giving water to feral cats in Augusta and ordered to pay a fine of $150 each for every count on which the judge found them guilty.

Ray & Sue Jones
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Ray and Sue Jones care for a feral colony. The couple was charged with 21 counts, including nuisance, for not registering the cats and allowing them to run at large. They were convicted on four counts of violating city ordinance for feeding the cats.

John Johnson, their attorney, spoke with KWCH12 News where he stated

“I think it was pretty harsh. (But) I think the judge was very considerate. I mean, he looked at the evidence and took a very well-reasoned approach to his ruling, and it is what it is.”

The couple practices TNR, where they have them fixed outside the city then return them to the colony. Ray and Sue are unhappy with the ruling and will be taking a big risk if they continue to feed the cats. If police find them feeding the cats the courts may consider that as a probation violation and send them to jail.

Friends of Felines KS has started a YouCaring webpage to help Ray and Sue pay the $1340 in fines ordered by the court saying

“Friends of Felines KS, which provides Trap Neuter (+ Vaccinate) and Return services, has worked with Sue for years. All this couple wishes to do is to help as many cats as they can in their community – cats that now will not have to worry about reproducing, fighting, going hungry and finding shelter in the harsh winter months. However, these kindnesses and responsible, humane caregiving to these less-than-fortunate cats is illegal in the city of Augusta.”

Sue has been in trouble in the past for feeding feral cats. In 2015 she put down boxes for shelter outside her business.


11 thoughts on “Kansas couple fined for feeding and giving water to feral cats”

  1. All I can think of when I see things like this is to think of how many more cats the area would have if all of those cats had been allowed to breed. There would be dozens instead of 21.

  2. Cities that write these grotesque laws don’t suffer any consequences whether human-homeless cats live or suffer and die, so they only see an upside that they could collect fines like this to help balance the city budget. Any rationalization. They don’t think like people, or they’re people who hate cats and don’t care if they suffer. And what about these nice people who do care? It’s a sad society we live in, in so many ways.

      • The headline should read- Judge orders abandoned pets be allowed to starve and die of neglect. They were practicing TNR. If the cat population kept growing it’s because unprosecuted animal abusers were roaming free after dumping their pet on the street to starve and die of neglect.
        How about wanted posters with pictures especially of the strays asking for information on who dumped this cat.
        TNR will work if we rid everyone of the notion that cats can be tossed out and forgotten. 5 years would almost end feral cat populations and 10 years it would be absolute.
        I know and have spoken to people who are afraid of S/N programs because they might not be able to get their next cat So to ensure easy access they allow kittens to be brought into the world with no thought of what happens to the ones not wanted.


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