Karma and Cats — 6 Comments

  1. Karma, the law of cause and effect and “we reap what we sow”.
    I’m a true believer that the joy of my cats is a reward that I earned previously.
    I hope I keep earning each time around.

    I’m sure that the bad karma coming down on haters will be justified.

    Bad karma is really the “original sins” that christianity preaches. Christians just haven’t tripped to it. How else can they explain a newborn come into the world with sins and needing to be baptized?

  2. Our rescue of Sealy was fate. When I first saw his shelter photo all I wanted to do was to protect him. We’ve come a long way in less than 2 years. Sealy is a very strange cat. He loves to eat. He won’t look you in the eye. And I swear he tries to make himself invisible when he has to take medicine. There just aren’t enough words to describe our miracle survivor. He’s a tough little guy who has surprised me by turning into a lap cat.

    • Thanks Elisa. Sealy is a good example of Karma and cats. Perhaps it should be “achieving one’s own Karma through cats”.

      All the effort and optimism in saving him has brought a reward for you and Sealy.

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