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Karma befalls Australians on Kangaroo Island

Australians have been trying to exterminate feral cats on Kangaroo Island with 1080 poison ejected from an evil device. The purpose? To protect precious Australian native species such as the endangered southern brown bandicoot which lives in the ‘under storey’.

Now, bandicoot habitat has been destroyed by two fires which tore through the area close to the Western River on Kangaroo Island. The habitat of this small marsupial mammal has been decimated.

Whether their habitat is gone or they were killed directly by the fires makes little difference to the fact that their tenuous hold on survival has been further threatened by the summer’s bushfires of Australia which have rocked the country and befuddled the government.

[Bushfires’] long-term extinction effects could also be severe, because our planet has already lost half its forest cover due to humans. These fires are hitting shrunken biodiversity refuges that are simultaneously threatened by an anthropogenic cocktail of pollution, invasive feral species, and climate change. — Mike Lee, Professor in Evolutionary Biology (jointly appointed with South Australian Museum), Flinders University


The more cynical of us (and I am one of those) will say that karma has befallen Australia. Informally karma means good or bad luck resulting from one’s actions.

If you believe in global warming through manmade climate change you might know that Australia is a major exporter of coal to mainly China where it is burnt in power stations. This is the paradigm process of creating global warming and Australia contributes to it.

Australia’s cruel actions against the feral cat and their denial of global warming leading to inaction to curb it has resulted in karma hitting them where it hurts: a conservation disaster as bushfires kill more than 500 million wild animals, some precious endangered species. The species that they really wanted to protect from marauding feral cats.

Be cruel to feral cats and be lazy about burning coal and you create ‘bad luck’ or let’s say bad karma.

P.S. I conducted an interview with an Australian living on Kangaroo Island. The topic was the feral cats. She was for their extermination. You can hear the interview by clicking on this link.


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